How to Add Beneficiary in ICICI Bank Account

Easy to add Beneficiary in ICICI Bank Account through iMobile App, and Net Banking at…

Fund transfers are made easy by adding beneficiary accounts to our bank account send money via IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS. ICICI Bank customers can add the beneficiary account through the iMobile App and Net Banking facility.

Here we have given a simple guide to add beneficiaries into your ICICI Bank account in a simple manner.

Way’s Add Beneficiary or Payee in ICICI Bank Account.

  1. Mobile Banking – iMobile App.
  2. Internet Banking.

Add Beneficiary in ICICI Bank Account

How to Add Beneficiary in ICICI Bank Account through Net Banking

Internet Banking facility gives you all options of the bank account, you can make any change through netbanking along with adding or removing a beneficiary. Follow the steps to add a beneficiary account into your ICICI Bank account easily.

  1. Open ICICI Internet Banking Website at
  2. Log in using your User ID and Password.
  3. Select Fund Transfer “Payments & Transfer” option from the net banking dashboard.
  4. Then Choose “Manage Payees“, the Payment management offers multiple options like below.
    1. Add Payee.
      1. ICICI Bank Payee.
      2. Other Bank Payee.
      3. Cardledd Cash Withdrawal Payee.
    2. My Payees.
      1. Confirm Payee for Fund Transfer.
      2. My Registered Payees.
      3. Confirm Cardless Cash Withdrawal Payee.
  5. To add an ICICI bank payee to your account, click the “Add Now” button under ICICI bank Payee.
  6. If your payee is not an ICICI bank customer and has accounts outside, choose “Other Banks Payee“.
  7. Enter the Beneficiary details to add payee/biller like below.
    1. Payee’s Account Name.
    2. Account number.
    3. Bank Name.
    4. Nickname.
    5. IFSC code. (In case the payee has accounts outside).
  8. Then confirm to add the beneficiary as per the steps.

How to Confirm Payee/Biller/Beneficiary in ICICI Net Banking.

Once successfully added a Payee/Biller you need to confirm the beneficiary as per the simple steps.

  1. Login by using Username & Password on ICICI Bank Net Banking portal at
  2. Go to the “ Manage Payees”, them choose “My Payees“, and confirm payee.
  3. A pending beneficiary registration notification will display.
  4. Now you have seedn a list of payeed in your account, Select “Confirm Payee“.
  5. Now you have recived an URN, verify with the OTP/URN along with Grid Numbers (Printed beside ATM Card).
  6. Finally you have seen “Request has been apporved Successfully“.

Now you can transfer funds to the account after the cooling period of 30 minutes by choosing Payment & Transfer through IMPS, NEFT, RTGS.

How to Add Beneficiary/Payee for ICICI Bank through Net Banking

  1. Open the iMobile App. And to use Easy PIN or Fingerprint Authentication.
  2. The “My Saving Account” card is placed at the top of the app. Otherwise, swipe left or right and centre the savings account card.
  3. Select the “Fund Transfer” option from under the Transact option.
  4. On the new page, choose “Add/Manage Payee“.
  5. On the new page, choose ICICI OR Other Bank as the beneficiary (I choose another bank account).
  6. Change your old account number with your new account number and choose your account type as Savings or Current on the same page.
  7. You may even add a nickname for the payee.
  8. After entering all necessary data, click the Proceed button.
  9. On the new page, double-check your entries and click Submit.
  10. Receive an OTP to your registered mobile number now.
  11. Enter this OTP and press Submit.

Done,  Your Payee is now a beneficiary list.

iMobile is the best way to make payments and also provided all banking facilities like ICICI Credit Card Activation.

To know more please download the Manage Payee guide from the ICICI Bank Here.

  1. How many Payees/Billers we can add to my ICICI Bank Account?

    According to the information, there are no limits to adding beneficiary's, you can add payees or billers as per your requirements.

  2. Can I Add Payee/Biller through IMobile App?

    Yes, ICICI Bank I Mobile App provide all banking facilities through their mobile app.

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