Bharat Bank Balance Check Number, Bharat Bank Balance Enquiry Missed Call Number

Bharat Bank Balance Check Number Announced for Missed Call Banking & SMS Banking. Bharat Co-operative Bank Customers can make balance inquiries online & offline and Net Banking at…

Bharat cooperative bank, also known as Bharat Bank, was established In 1977. The Bank offered all banking services online & offline along with multi banking services to make anywhere banking to their customers. Bharat Bank Balance Enquiry is also accessible through Phone Banking and anywhere banking like missed call banking, SMS Banking, Visiting any branch of the Bharat Bank. Bharat Bank always makes a considerable contribution to those in need.

Customers of the bak can access all banking facilities instantly by using mobile banking facilities and all other sources like Passbook Printing, Missed Call, SMS, Mobile Banking App, and USSD Code, etc. In this guide, every customer of the Bank can learn how to check the bharat bank balance instantly without visiting their branch.

Bharat Bank Balance Check
Bharat Bank Balance Check 

Bharat Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Bharat Bank also introduced a unique contact number to make balance enquiries. Customers can use the enquiry number for Multiple questions along with customer support. Like other, All Bank Missed Call Numbers, the Bharat Bank also served balance statements instantly, simply giving a missed call from the registered mobile number of the account.

Who liked their mobile phone number with bharat bank account number can access the balance enquiry anytime (24/7) anywhere using any primary model phone. Here is the Bharat Bank Balance Enquiry Number for Phone Banking.

  • Balance Check Number: 09223009999.
  • SMS Banking Number: 09223009999.
  • Balance Check USSD Code: *99#.
  • WhatsApp Banking Number: N/A.

Bharat Bank Balance Check

The Bank provides several ways to know account balance to its customers. Every customer who has an account in the Bharat bank can check their current balance in the listed methods.

  • Passbook Printing.
  • ATM Center.
  • SMS Banking.
  • Missed Call Banking.
  • WhatsApp Banking.
  • USSD Service.
  • Customer Care.
  • Nexa Mobile App.
  • UPI-Apps
  • Net Banking.
  • WhatsApp Banking
  • Emailing to the Bank.

Bharat Bank Missed Call Number

The customer must first check that Bharat Cooperative Bank has registered their mobile number. Apart from that, the customer must initiate service activation. It may be performed by calling or texting Bharat Cooperative Bank’s customer care section to activate the service. Once it’s resolved, the customer only has to make a missed call to +91 9223009999.

Bharat Bank Missed Call Number is 9223009999. Customers can call the bank helpline number to make balance inquiries by using appropriate IVR’S options and call one of these numbers 022 6189 0061 / 0062 / 0063.

How to Check Bharat Bank Balance by Missed Call?

Just give a missed call as per the steps to know the current available balance of the account, similarly to all other banks.

  1. Open the phone dialer and give Missed Call to 9223009999.
  2. Wait for an automated disconnect. After 2 to 3 rings, it will usually disconnect.
  3. Within a few seconds of ending the call, the bank servers verified the assosiated account details and sent an SMS message with your account balance information.
    • If the mobile number is linked with multiple accounts, you will get primary account balance on first missed call.
    • Give the missed call again with a less time to get another account balance linked with the phone number.

How to do Bharat Bank Balance Check by SMS?

SMS Banking is an alternative way to make balance enquiries by texting from the registered mobile number. Bharat Bank’s account balance may be retrieved by sending an SMS to your registered mobile number in the following format:

  • Send the letter ‘BAL‘ to the short code ‘9223009999‘.
  • An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number with your account balance information in a matter of minutes.
  • SMS should be sent in the following manner if you have numerous mobile phone accounts linked to the same mobile number.
  • Type BAL<space><Last 4-digit Account No> and send it to 9223009999.

How to do Balance Enquiry through Bharat Bank Net Banking?

Internet banking facilities is the ultimate destination to make self banking services online. Customer who has registered in net banking facilities for savings & current account can follow the steps to know the available balance through retail & corporate banking at

  1. Navigate to the Bharat Cooperative Bank’s online banking website at
  2. Login as retail or corporate banking by entering your username and password.
  3. Once successfully logined, you will reached into the dashboard.
  4. Have a look on ‘My Account, and click quick view to display the balance of your account.

How to Check Bank Balance by Nexa Bharat Bank Mobile App?

To access the facilities, the customer must register for mobile banking facilities, self and branch complete registration available from the Bank. Who registered the Nexa mobile banking services can install the Bharat Bank App and activate it to access balance enquiry.

  • Download and install the Bharat bank Nexa mobile application on your Android or iOS.
  1. Login into the Bharat Bank Mobile Banking App by ‘MPIN’ or ‘ Biomatrics’.
  2. Now you have reacehed into the dashboard of the account.
  3. Select to tap on ‘My Account‘ on the dashboard, the balance of your Bharat Cooperative Bank account will be shown.

How to Check Bharat Cooperative Bank Account Balance by Passbook Updating?

Bharat Cooperative Bank serves about 5.50 lakh customers. Not every consumer has a smartphone. Those who prefer a face-to-face balance query may visit their local Bharat cooperative bank branch. They will get complete support in gathering the essential information from the Bank’s team of experienced officers.

Customers may update their passbooks by visiting their local Bharat Cooperative Bank branch to check the amount of their account. The Bharat Cooperative Bank passbook maintains detailed account holder’s debit and credit transactions.

How to do Bharat Bank Balance Enquiry by ATM?

  1. Visit nearest ATM in your area and swipe your debit card.
  2. Enter your PIN to proceed.
  3. When you choose the balance inquiry option, the system will automatically update the screen with the account balance information.

Bharat Cooperative Bank Balance Check through Customer Care

Bharat Cooperative Bank customer care has also supported to account balance check. Customers may inquire about their bank account balances by dialling 022 6189 0061 / 0062 / 0063.

Everyone can know their accounts available balance by following IVRS menu options or connecting to the phone banking officer under the customer care helpline support. Get All Bank Customer Care Helpline Numbers here.

How to Check Bharat Cooperative Bank Account Balance by Email?

To know your account balance, you can directly write an email request for the balance checking service from your registered email id to

How to Know Bharat Bank Balance through UPI?

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a real-time quick payment system designed by India’s National Payments Corporation to facilitate interbank transactions. The Reserve Bank of India regulates the interfaces by quickly moving money between two bank accounts through a mobile app. UPI is a technology that enables the unification of several bank accounts into a single mobile application (of any participating bank), combining different banking services, smooth money transfer, and merchant payments under one shell. Additionally, it supports “Peer to Peer” collection requests that may be scheduled and paid at the user’s pleasure.

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a real-time interbank payment system that enables money to be sent or requested using the following methods:

  1. Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or Universal Payments Interface (UPI) ID: Send or request money from/to a VPA-mapped bank account.
  2. Send or request money using your mobile number from/to the bank account associated with your mobile number.
  3. Transfer funds to the bank account by account number and IFSC code
  4. Send money using a QR code that contains your VPA, account number, and IFSC or mobile number.

How to Check Bharat Cooperative Bank Account Balance by USSD?

This method is not accessible now, if it is introduced by Bharat Cooperative Bank in further follow the steps.

  1. Dial the USSD code *99# of the following bank and enter your User ID
  2. From the list of alternatives click ‘Option 1’ and then choose from ‘balance enquiry’
  3. Enter your MPIN and submit
  • For addtional information like USSD Code and etc, please contcat the Bharat Bank Branch nearby you.

Balance Check by Bharat Bank WhatsApp Banking

This method is not accessible. However, Bharat Cooperative Bank Balance Check by WhatsApp Banking has not been introduced by the Bank. If it is available in future, follow the procedures below.

Join the Bharat Cooperative Bank Banking through WhatsApp from a bank or Conserve the WhatApp Banking ID to enter your Bank’s WhatsApp number.

  1. Then open WhatsApp and send a ‘Hi‘ message.
  2. The bank will respond with a selection of menu alternatives.
  3. Select and respond with the appropriate choice for the balance inquiry.
  4. Then, through a WhatsApp message, you may choose your account’s available balance.

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