Bharat Dal : Where We Can Buy Bharat Dal at 60 Rupees

It has been reported that to ease the burden of high prices on the common man, the central government is selling chana dal under the name of Bharat Dal at Rs. 60 per kg. This pulse has become very popular and is being sold at a rate of 45 thousand tons per month, making it the highest selling brand in the country.

The government is providing this chana dal at a subsidized rate to provide relief to the common people, as the prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing. In comparison, a kilo of chana dal in the open market is above Rs. 90 at present. The Bharat Dal brand was made available in October 2023 last year to ease the burden of these prices.

While they are charging Rs. 60 for one kg, the same bank is offering Rs. 55 per kg for 30 kg. The centre has disclosed that Bharat brand dal has become the highest-selling brand in the country due to huge sales. If you want to buy Bharat Dal, you can find it in various stores and outlets.

Whare to Buy Bharat Dal
Whare to Buy Bharat Dal

Bharat Dal at Rupees 60 Where we Can buy?

The central government is making Bharat Dal available for sale at Rs. 60k per kg through NAFED, NCCF, Kendriya Bhandar and Safal retail outlets. This chana dal is also available on many e-commerce platforms, making it easy for people to purchase it from home.

Due to the positive response from the public, state governments are making it accessible to more people through cooperative societies and corporations in their respective states. The central government keeps a buffer stock of pulses, chana dal, fenugreek, and Kandi dal to control the prices of essential commodities.

It releases the respective stock into the markets strategically to control the prices. The Center has lifted import duties on pulses and pulses until March 31, 2024, to further reduce the prices. Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh recently shared that the Bharat Dal label has gained popularity in a short time among people.

It has captured a quarter of the market share within four months of its launch. The response to the branded Chana Dal is significant as well. Before the scheme was introduced, the country used to consume 1.8 lakh tonnes of chana dal per month, but now it has reached about 2.28 lakh tonnes. When Bharat Dal was first launched, 100 retail points were set up.

Currently, it is available for sale through 13 thousand mobile and fixed retail outlets in 139 cities across 21 states in the country. The decision taken by the government has helped curb the price increase of pulses to a large extent. Using buffer stock to fix prices affects other pulses as well.

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