Block ICICI Debit Card, How to Block ICICI ATM Card Instantly

Block ICICI Debit Card Instantly through iMobile, Customer Care, and Net Banking at…

The user of a debit or ATM card should take caution. If an ICICI customer loses their Debit or ATM card, they must block it immediately. Blocking Debit/ATM Cards secures your account and avoids fraudulent activity, like losing money.

Your ATM may be a victim of theft. Fraudsters may use your ATM to scam you. So never share your ATM’s data. If you notice unauthorized activity on your ATM or account, you may quickly cancel or block it using the iMobile mobile banking application.

Block ICICI ATM/Debit Card

ICICI Bank ATM Card Block

The Bank allows you to block/unblock your ATM/Debit card using online and offline methods. In this guide, we will provide available methods to stop issues after losing or forgetting.

How to Block ICICI Debit Card through Net Banking at

  1. First, go to the ICICI Net Banking website at
  2. Then, Continue to login by providing your credincials like “Username & Password“.
  3. In the dashboard on right top menu, we have “Customer Service” option, Click it.
  4. Select & proceed with “Service Request” then choose “Blocked Debit/ATM Card“.
  5. Choose the ATM Card Number from A list of Debit Cards in your account.
  6. Submit your Debit Card information, and proceed to “Block Temporary” or “Block Permenently“.
  7. It will instantly blocked the ICICI Debit Card.

If you have blocked temporary, you can unblock at any time as per the above same process. If you have selected “Peermenently Block” you have not been able to return it, and the bank will replace the card with a new one.

How to Block ICICI Debit Card by iMobile App

Mobile Banking facility is very useful to make instant transactions anywhere and any time. Registered users of ICICI Mobile banking can follow the steps to block debit cards instantly.

  1. Login in to the iMobile App using your MPIN or Biomatrics.
  2. Select the “Debit Card” on the screen, then choose “Card Block“.
  3. Now you need to select “Debit Card” , “Block/Unblock“, and Submit after entering remarks.
  4. Choose “Temparry” or “Permenently” and confirm.
  5. The Debit Card is blocked as per your request.

How to Block ICICI Debit Card by Calling to Customer Care

  1. To begin, dial the ICICI Customer Care Number 18601207777, the customer help is accessible 24/7.
  2. Verify the Debit/ATM Cardholder’s information, and verify cardholder details to the phone banking officer.
  3. You can ask to block the debit/ATM card clearly, then the support agent will block the ATM card instantly.
  4. Next, you will receive a confirmation message to the registered mobile number.

ICICI Bank ATM Card Block Number

Call the ICICI Bank 24/7 Customer Toll-Free helpline number 18601207777 to block services instantly. Customers of the bank can block by following IVRS instructions or discussing with the phone baking officer.

Block ICICI ATM Debit Card by Visiting Bank Branch

  1. Visit your anyl ICICI Bank Branch nearby you at any location.
  2. Contact the bank helpdesk officer ask to block the debit card.
  3. Once verified, the bank will complete your request, and they will block the ATM Card.

For more details please read Lost Card Liability, or contact any ICICI Branch nearby you.

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