DOHE CSSS 2024, Central Sector Scholarship Scheme 2024 at

The Central Sector Scheme of Scholarships for Colleges and University Students is also known as the National Scholarship Scheme. The scholarship program aims to provide financial aid to academically meritorious students from economically challenged families. Launched by the Department of Higher Education (DOHE) of the Government of India. DOHE CSSS The Central Sector Scholarship Scheme (CSSS) is a government-funded initiative designed

Is there a Blue Tint on Your TV Screen? Fix by the Tip

Adjusting the way your TV displays colors. Most modern smart TVs come with a number of setup color options from which to choose. Your TV may have unexpectedly turned to one of these settings, causing the image to appear blue. These options are commonly referred to as ‘Cinematic Mode,’ ‘Game Mode’, or ‘Image Mode.’ Search through them all until you identify one