How to Activate Walmart MoneyCard (New & Replacement)

Walmart Money Card Activation is very easy and it is the first step for easier and safer banking. When you’re a new user looking to get started or require a replacement for your existing Walmart Money Card, the activation methods provided in this post will help you through every step of the process.

Activation of MoneyCard is accessible online and at Walmart Stores by providing the necessary information about the account information. Both newly issued or replacement cardholders also have the same process to activate money cards quickly.

When you activate your Walmart Money Card, you have a link to numerous features and rewards. With simple online shopping to monitor the money you have, our card allows you to handle your money securely.

Activate Walmart MoneyCard
Activate Walmart MoneyCard

How to Activate New Walmart MoneyCard

To activate your new Walmart moneycard, please follow the steps provided below.

  1. Visit the Walmart MoenyCard official portal at
    • Before that, please take out any linked documents ready to be available with the Walmart MoneyCard package you have received.
  2. Proceed with the ‘Activate Your Card‘ option at the online portal by following the menu.
  3. You may be asked to submit particular details such as your money card 16-digit number, expiration date, and CVV number, along with personal information like your name, address, and Social Security number may be provided.
  4. You can choose a four-digit PIN for your Walmart Money Card when performing the activation procedure. This passcode can be used during ATM withdrawals and other safe transactions.
  5. Verify the validity of the details that you’ve entered. Complete your activation request after you are sure all the data are right.
  6. Now, you are waiting for verification that your Walmart Money Card is activated properly after sending your activation request.
  7. The confirmation message may be shown on the registered email or mobile number.
  8. After verification, your new or replacement Walmart money card was activated successfully.

How to Activate Replacement Walmart MoneyCard

  • According to the reports, there is no different activation process to activate replacement cards.
  • If any customer has a replacement card for a lost, stolen, or damaged, card can activate it online in the same way.
  • Every customer will get the activation guide through replacement card documentation.
  • Those who have received their replacement MoneyCard can activate it by providing the necessary details as per the above steps.

How to Activate New or Replacement Walmart Moneycard by Customer Support

Customer Support helplines are supported to activate your MoneyCard if you have a new or replacement card. Everyone can activate their MoneyCard online quickly. Incase of any issues with online activation, you may contact the support team anytime.

Walmart Moneycard Activate by Phone Support

  1. Dial 1-866-946-2510 from your registered mobile number to the MoneyCard Helpline.
  2. Request for Card Activation and inform New or Replacement Card.
  3. Share the Account information such as 16-digit card number, date of expiration, CVV number, SSN, etc.
  4. The support team of Walmart Money Card will be activated after your identification has been verified onwards.

Walmart MoneyCard Activativation Offline for New or Replacement

Visit a nearby Walmart Store or MoneyCard support centre to activate your card offline. They will activate your card by sharing simple details about the account and etc.

  1. How can I activate my Walmart MoneyCard without a Social Security Number?

    A Walmart Money Card cannot be activated without a Social Security Number. The simplest thing you to call Walmart's Moneycard helpline number and tell them you are without a Social Security number. They will let you accept the card as a gift card while already using the money on it.

  2. Is it possible to activate my Walmart MoneyCard online?

    You may activate your Walmart MoneyCard online or by calling to support center. They will guide you through the activation process in different ways.

  3. How can I get my Walmart MoneyCard to work?

    Go to to activate the Walmart Money Card activation, or call (866) 946-2510. After proper activation, begin utilizing your Walmart Money Card.

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