How to Add Nominee in ICICI Bank Online & Offline

Add Nominee in ICICI Bank Online through iMobile App, Net Banking at…

Anyone who has an ICICI Bank account can add a nominee. Choosing someone means that person will get all profits and money once the account holder dies. The nominee is a trusted person who acts as the account holder’s legal heir.

Nominee in ICICI Bank Account

A single nomination is allowed per account, more than one nominee is not allowed. A person with many accounts can nominate separate or similar candidates for each account. A person may open a bank account on or jointly. If he/she opens an account individually, it is best to add a nominee so that the account profits may be transferred smoothly following the account holder’s death.

Add Nominee in ICICI Bank

Joint account holders can also add nominees. Account-holders can make nominees by filling the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules 1985 Form. You should carefully choose a nominee who will be able to manage your property’s cash or property in the case after your death. Nowadays, most banks require you to make a nominee when you open a new bank account.

They also remind senior customers (who opened accounts early) to add a nominee if their accounts do not have one. Adding a nominee to your bank account is a must when opening a new account. If you die without choosing a beneficiary, your family may be upset. It is simple to add a nominee if you have an ICICI bank account. Find out how to add a nominee at ICICI Bank online with this article.

How to Add Nominee in ICICI Bank Account through Net Banking

  1. Go to your online banking website at
  2. Login to your personal account using your user name and password.
  3. Check the list of options on the main menu.
  4. If you have a nominee feature, enter in the nominee’s name, relationship, and address.
  5. Verify that the nominee’s name and address are spelled correctly.
  6. Click on Submit, the page will open you can get a notification “the form is submitted”.

Your bank will respond, and process your request.

How to Add Nominee in ICICI Bank Account through iMobile App

  • Download the banking mobile app, if you’re not on your mobile.
  • If you are not registered, then you can register the app.
  • Open banking mobile app, and login.
  • Check the list of available options, and select “Account Servicess“.
  • Select “Add Nominee” and fill the form with their name, relationship, and address.
    • Check that the nominee’s name and address are spelled/written properly.
  • Click on Submit, A page will open you when the form is submitted.

Then Your bank will respond and add your nominee as per your service request.

Add Nominee in ICICI Bank Account by Visiting Your Bank Branch

  1. Visit your nearest ICICI Bank’s main branch (Whare is your acount operated).
  2. Ask an executive for a bank nomination form DA1.
  3. Complete the application by fullfil complete information of nominee like name, relationship, and etc.
  4. The application asks for account information, which must be entered correctly.
  5. Submit the completed application to the executive and Adhar and PAN cards details also.

The bank will continue to review your application and ID, and the nominee will be added in two to three working days.

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