How to Block HDFC Debit Card Instantly

Block your HDFC Bank Debit Card Instantly Incase of any loss or forgotten, Learn how to block the HDFC Debit Card Online through Net Banking, Mobile Banking, and Sending an SMS Facility…

As you know that sometimes it happens that we misplace, lost, or forget our debit card somewhere. In this case, we become susceptible that someone else might try to misuse it and you might lose your hard-earned money. In this case, we will try our level best to block the card so that no other person can misuse it.

There are many ways provided by HDFC Bank to block your debit card. There might be some other reason for which you want to disable/block the HDFC Debit card. Whatever be the reason, you can use these methods easily to block your HDFC Debit card instantly.

Block HDFC Debit Card Instantly

There are four methods available to block debit cards. You can choose any of these methods at your convenience.

  • Contacting Customer Care through a Call
  • Sending an SMS
  • Using Mobile Banking by HDFC Bank App
  • By Internet Banking Facility

How to Block HDFC Debit Card Instantly With the help of HDFC Customer Care

  • For this, you need to call the HDFC Bank’s customer care number in the concerned area. There is an official link of the HDFC Bank which helps to locate the HDFC Bank phone banking customer care number of the particular area.
  • Follow the link to find the customer care helpline number for a particular area, and then you can directly apply.
  • When we connect the call, we continuously get information about how to go further. There, you have to select the ‘Card Blocking’ option. There will be a particular number that you have to press to choose this option. Just follow all the instructions carefully.
  • A customer care person will then be connected with the call.
  • Provide the detail about the last six digits of your card number. Remember, do not provide secure and confidential information like CVV, Expiry date, etc.
  • If the information provided by you is verified successfully, instantly your card will be blocked.

How to block HDFC Debit Card by Sending SMS with the RMN (Registered Mobile Number)

  • 1. Whatever message app you use on your smartphone, open it.
  • 2. In the message typing area type  –
    • BLOCKCARD <last 6 digits of card no>
  • 3. Send this message on the number ‘9223150150’.
  • 4. Once your message reaches successfully, your card will be blocked instantly.

How to Block HDFC Debit Card by HDFC Mobile Banking App

For me, using the APP is the safest and easiest way. Follow the steps below to block HDFC Bank Debit card instantly: –

  • Download, install and open HDFC Bank’s Mobile App. Click here to download the App. 
  • log in to the App by either using the 4-digit quick access PIN or customer ID and password. Do it as per your choice selected at the time of registering the App with the Bank.
  • Now, on the home page, you will find the ‘Menu’ option. Click on that.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the option ‘PAY’.
  • A sub-menu will appear. Select the option ‘CARDS’.
  • You will be able to see all the cards of HDFC Bank that you possess. Select the card that you want to block.
  • You need to select some reason for which you need to block the card.
  • A remark can even be added if you wish.
  • After doing all this, click the tab ‘Block Card’, and instantly your card will get blocked. No transactions can be made once you are done with all this process and hit ‘Block Card’.

How to Block HDFC Debit Card through Internet Banking facility

For using this method, your internet banking service must be activated. You should be possessing the correct user ID/customer ID and password to use the internet banking service. Together with it, you must also be ready with your active registered mobile number on which you will receive the OTP. 

  • Open the internet banking website on any web browser of your choice. If you do not know the site address, click
  • On the screen, you will see an area on the left-hand side where you need to enter your User ID/Customer ID.
  • After entering User ID/Customer ID, you will be asked to enter the associated password. Enter your internet banking password and click on the secure access image attached to your account. Now, press the ‘Continue’ tab.
  • On the home screen, click the main menu. There you will find the option ‘Cards’. Click in that.
  • There will be two card options: Debit and Credit. Select the section ‘Debit Cards’.
  • On the left-hand side, you will see an option ‘Request’ under the debit cards. Click on that.
  • A sub-menu will then open. Search for the option ‘Debit Card Hotlisting’ over there, and click on that.
  • Now, if you have more than one debit card, you will see a list of all the debit cards. Select the card that you wish to block.
  • Select the reason for which you want to block the card. There is an automated response list to select your reason. Choose from it.
  • Press the ‘Confirm’ tab after that. This will instantly block your card.

Aren’t all the processes easy?

  • How Can I unblock my Hotlisted HDFC ATM card?

    Every Customer can unblock the HDFC Bank Debit Card through contacting customer care supporting agent by calling from your RMN

  • How can I block my HDFC debit card immediately?

    You can block your ATM card by using above methods easily, however contact phone banking officer through registered mobile phone number to get instant service facility to block your debit card.