How to Check Bank Balance by Missed Call

Bank Balance Check by Missed Call is the simplest way. Missed Call Banking Services helps you know available funds in your account instantly by giving a Missed Call…

Missed Call Banking is a very good method to get available funds in the bank account, it helps to know bank balance instantly simple by giving a missed call. Every Public Sector and Private sector bank is provided with the facilities under the phone banking section, they provide the services to access balance enquiries without internet facility anywhere and any time in the country.

Customers of the bank must register or linked their mobile phone number with their account number, who have successfully linked their phone number are eligible to access phone banking facilities to check bank balance simply by giving a missed call.

Bank Balance Check by Missed Call

Balance enquiry with a missed call is a very simple matter, a customer who has a basic model phone also accesses the facility. The banking industry has designed the service for customer who has no basic knowledge and also can get available funds in their account. Below steps helps to make balance enquiry through missed call banking.

Bank Balance Check by Missed Call
Bank Balance Check by Missed Call

Registration for Missed Call Banking

  • Each bank customer must verify whether their mobile number is associated or not, with the mobile linking services available at your bank.
  • Customers who have getting SMS from their bank regularly are linked to their mobile number, otherwise verify once from your bank.
  • Some banks are introduced the Missed call Banking Services registration by sending an SMS or Simply giving a missed call from their phone.
  • Those who have successfully linked their mobile number can follow the steps to make a Balance Enquiry through Missed Call banking.

How to do Balance Enquiry by Missed Call

  1. Dial the Balance Enquiry Number by Missed Call introduced by the bank.
  2. Once the call is connected automatically terminated after just one or two rings.
  3. Then the bank servers are verified the phone number along with the associated account number.
  4. Similarly available funds information was also collected and generated the balance statement.
  5. Bank Systems are sent the balance statement through SMS to the associated mobile number.
  6. The process will take just a minute or less.
  • Who has linked multiple bank accounts with the same mobile number and also can access balance enquiry by giving multiple missed calls?
  • Balance Enquiry is a free service without limits from any network from anywhere in the country.
  • Before making a missed call customer check their mobile balance to make calls because mobile networks are allowed to call with a suffisent balance only.
  • For any additional information please contact your bank branch or contact the customer care helpline number.

Here are the easiest ways to make a balance enquiry.

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