How to Check HDFC Credit Card Balance

HDFC bank gives a broad selection of Credit card results that will be displayed to its customers. Many people prefer to get its reward points and frequently spend bonuses which helps users the most. If you have an HDFC credit card with you then you must know the methods to check the balance available to spend.

In this guide, we will show how to know available balances online without going to a bank branch.

HDFC Credit Card Balance Check

Here are the online & offline ways to know the available limit with other statements from the HDFC Bank Credit Card Account.

  • WhatsApp Banking.
  • Mobile Banking App.
  • Internet Banking Account.
  • Sending an SMS from RMN.
  • Ask EVA’ Chatbot.
  • at nearby HDFC Bank ATM.

How to Check HDFC Credit Card Balance by WhatsApp

  1. To begin, save the HDFC WhatsApp Banking number –70659 70659 – to your phone contacts list.
    • If you do not want to save a number, you may access it directly through the link –
    • To subscribe to WhatsApp banking services, type “SUBSCRIBE” and send this message.
    • You will get a notification that you have been added to HDFC WhatsApp Banking.
  2. To access the main menu, type “Hi.”
  3. From the main menu choose “Credit Card Services
  4. Choose “Credit Card Summary.”
  5. Following that, you will be asked to enter your credit card’s last four numbers.
  6. By entering and sending the last four numbers, you will get a notification about your credit card’s available balance, current balance, and total limit.

How to Check Credit Card Balance through HDFC Bank Mobile App

  1. Login into the HDFC Mobile Banking App, using MPIN or Biometrics.
  2. From the Menu options of the Account, Select the PAY option.
  3. Select CARDS from the PAY sub-menu.
  4. You may now see your credit card information on the screen.
    • If the card is not shown, select the “Register Credit Card” option.
    • To attach your credit card, enter the card number, expiration date, and PIN.
  5. You can see the balance of your credit card on the screen.

How to Check Credit Card Balance through HDFC Net Banking

  1. Login into your net banking account at
  2. Go to the CARDS section from the main page.
  3. Then proceed to see the Summary option from the left menu, under CREDIT CARDS.
  4. You may now check the amount and outstanding balance on your HDFC credit card.

How to get HDFC Credit Card Balance by sending an SMS

Create a new SMS message and send it to 5676712 with the subject CCBAL<Last four digits of credit card number>.

Instantly you will get a reply SMS with the Available balance with the limit and the current outstanding balance.

Through ATM

  1. You may walk to the HDFC Bank ATM that is nearest to you.
  2. To check your balance, insert your card, enter your PIN, and click on the option Balance Enquiry.

By ‘Ask EVA’ Chatbot

  1. At the bottom of the HDFC Bank webpage, click on the ‘Ask EVA’ chatbot.
  2. You have a number of ‘Credit Cards’ options from which to choose.
  3. After that, click ‘Account Statements.
  4. It will request your registered mobile number.
  5. Once you have entered it, it will provide you with the needed information.

HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Missed Call Number

  1. From your registered mobile number, dial the toll-free number 1800-270-3311.
  2. After a few rings, your call will be disconnected automatically.
  3. You will instantly get an SMS with the balance of your HDFC credit card.

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