How to Check & Redeem Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Rewards

Walmart MoneyCard offers a valuable cashback reward scheme on every purchase, bill payment or spent by using MoneyCard. You will earn Cash Back rewards every time you complete purchases is the best feature provided by this prepaid Walmart Money Card.

Eligible customers who have earned cashback rewards can track their rewards in real-time through the rewards tab online or mobile app. Redeeming cashback rewards are also accessible online with a single click or in-store at Walmart for all eligible cashback offers.

Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Rewards

  1. Walmart Money Card offers to earn cashback rewards on purchases at stores and online.
  2. For various purchases, spending money in restaurants or paying bills or buying anything, you will earn cashback rewards using a moneycard.
  3. Cash Back Rewards are based on the money card account membership plan, purchased item, paid bill amount, terms & conditions etc.
  4. Walmart Money Card rewards redemption possibilities may involve cashback rewards, incentives on further purchases, special offers, or unique cashback rewards related to particular activities or seasonal promotions.
  5. The reward points aim to give customers extra benefits and discounts, improving their purchasing experiences.
Redeem Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Rewards
Redeem Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Rewards
  • 1% on qualifying purchases at Walmart stores in the U.S. and grocery delivery and pickup purchases made on or the Walmart App.
  • 2% at Walmart-branded fuel stations.
  • 3% on qualifying non-grocery purchases made on or the Walmart App.
  • 2% APY on savings​ (Earn 2% interest rate on your savings}.

How to Check Walmart MoneyCard Rewards

You may check Walmart moneycard rewards online by following the steps provided below.

  1. Access your MoneyCard Account Online at, or Mobile App.
  2. Check for the “Rewards” option by following the Menu options.
  3. You may check your present cashback rewards balance with eligible rewards to redeem.
  4. If you have eligible cashback rewards to redeem, you can quickly redeem them.

How to Redeem Walmart MoneyCard Rewards

The Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Rewards can redeem online or in-store purchases quickly when you have eligible. Customers of the Money Card can follow the steps to redeem their cashback rewards.

  1. Login into your Money Card account online or via the Mobile App.
  2. Follow the Menu options and locate the ‘Rewards‘ Section.
  3. Check earned ‘Cash Back Rewards‘ and eligible rewards to redeem.
  4. If you have eligible cashback rewards, proceed with the Redeem option.
  5. Instantly the Cashback rewards add to your account balance.

Now you can check your account balance with available funds and trace transaction history to know how much was added by redeeming cashback rewards.

How to Redeem Walmart MoneyCard Rewards through Customer Support

Any customer of MoneyCard who has not been able to redeem their cashback rewards or has faced trouble on redeeming their rewards can contact the support team by phone, email, chat and other ways by the listed.

The Walmart MoneyCard helpline supports you in redeeming your cashback quickly by phone, chat or emailing.

Redeem your Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Rewards by Phone Support

  • Dial the Walmart MoneyCard customer support service at 1-877-422-6800.
  • Connect to a customer care expert and share the information about your Walmart Money Card.
  • The Support team explains everything about available cashback rewards along with how to redeem them.

Redeem your Walmart MoneyCard Rewards via Char or Email Support

In case you have trouble redeeming your cashback rewards, you will get help through Chat or Email Support to resolve your issue. By following the steps guide to reach the Chat or Email section of Walmart Money Card.

  • You can log in to the WalMart MoneyCard website, which can be found at
  • Click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Choose ‘Chat with Us‘ or ‘Email Support.’
  • Discuss on your cashback rewards and how to redeem them with the Support team.
  • They will help you to solve any issue found.

Redeem your Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Rewards – Offline

Visit the nearby Walmart Money Card Support helpline centre or Walmart Store and inquire about redeeming your cashback rewards. The helpdesk team will guide you to redeem your rewards quickly.

How may I view my Walmart Money Card Reward Balance?

  1. Go to your account at or in the Walmart Money Card app.
  2. Here you can find a ‘Rewards‘ or ‘Cash Back‘ option.
  3. Your actual Walmart Rewards amount and overall earnings will be shown in the Rewards Centre.
  1. How am I able to keep track of my Walmart MoneyCard Rewards?

    Log in to your Walmart Money Card account online or via the smartphone app to view your rewards. Your earned cashback rewards should be shown in your account overview or rewards area.

  2. Are Walmart MoneyCard Rewards restricted by any limits or limitations?

    Yes, some restrictions or conditions may apply to collecting and redeeming rewards. Expiry dates, required redemption amounts, or exceptionally qualified purchases might all be included. It is necessary to read the scheme's terms and conditions for complete information.

  3. What is the value of one Walmart Reward Point?

    Using and the Walmart app, both grocery pickup and delivery, you receive a similar rewards rate with no time restriction. In any situation, each point is worth $0.01.

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