How to Disable/Enable International Transactions on Kotak Debit Card

Disable or Enable international transactions on Kotak Debit Card by sending an SMS, 811 Mobile Banking App, and Net Banking at…

You want to use your Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM/Debit card abroad, then read on to learn how to instantly activate or deactivate your Kotak Debit Card for international use. If you are travelling abroad or shopping on international e-commerce websites, check sure you have activated your Kotak debit card. Debit/Credit card international transactions are disabled by default.

Making transactions internationally requires manual activation by internet banking/mobile banking or SMS from your registered mobile number. Understand how to allow international transactions on Kotak debit cards, and your ATM Card may be used for international transactions. Basic on a Virtual Debit card is international use.

Disable/Enable International transaction on Kotak Debit Card

Disable/Enable International Transactions on Kotak Debit Card

You may also specify a daily international ATM, POS, and ECOM transaction limit. In the Kotak Mobile Banking App or on the Kotak Net Banking website, choose ‘Limit Management/Controls’. Note: In order to use your debit card abroad, it must be active.

How to Enable Kotak Bank Debit Card International transaction by Net Banking

  1. Open the Kotak Bank website
  2. Log in with your CRN/Mobile Number/Password
  3. From the dashboard, choose the “Services” option, then select “Cards” from the left menu.
  4. Then choose the ‘Debit Card‘ option, then proceed with “Click here to view/modify your Debit Card Limit” from the list of options.
  5. You can Disable/Enable International Transactions from this section, modify and click “Save“.

How to Disable/Enable International transaction Through Kotak 811 Mobile App

  1. Open the Kotak 811 App and Login in through MPIN or Biomatric authentication.
  2. Select Service Requests from the bottom menu.
  3. Select Debit Card from the options.
  4. Now choose Card Controls from the menu.
  5. Enable Ecom/POS/ATM options under International Controls.
  6. Tap Confirm to get OTP on your registered mobile number.
  7. Enter the OTP and click Continue.

How to Disable/Enable Kotak Bank Debit Card International transaction by SMS

A simple SMS sent from your registered mobile number can also enable or disable the international use of your debit card.

Type the SMS, SMS DCENB XXXX (last four digits of your debit card number) send to this number 5676788 OR 9971056767.

After SMS is delivered successfully, Then you can activate or deactivate your debit card for international use. Know more by following the page.

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