How to Increase ICICI Credit Card limit Online & Offline

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The ICICI Credit Card limit is based on the bank, the user limit set on the card. That is, the maximum amount you may spend on your Credit Card. You cannot use your Credit Card to make purchases or transactions above the limit set by your bank or credit card provider. The credit limit changes depending on card type and eligibility.

ICICI Credit Card Limit Increase

Most of the banks will automatically boost your credit limit if you pay your credit card payments on time every month. You can always request the bank for more credit. Many banks may increase your credit limit depending on your reasons and your repayment history. Banks will increase your credit limit if you use your credit card regularly and have a low credit usage percentage (under 30%). Apply for a new credit card with a higher credit limit than your present card.

Increase ICICI Credit Card limit

After confirming your eligibility, you may either use the ‘Limit Increase‘ option on your current card or change to another ICICI credit card using the ‘Card Upgrade‘ feature. If you want to confirm your card’s credit limit, you can provide ICICI Bank with further information. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your credit score and repay your payments on schedule.

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card limit by Internet Banking

  1. First, go to ICICI Internet Banking, and Login by Username & Password.
  2. Then, select ‘My Accounts’, and Choose the ‘Credit Card‘ option.
  3. Click on ‘Manage Credit Limit‘ and click ‘Go’.
  4. The existing Credit Limits and Maximum Credit Limits are shown.
  5. Enter ‘Desired Credit Limit‘, and verify with OTP.
  6. Then click ‘Submit‘.

You will be informed of the credit limit increase in a few seconds.

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card limit through iMobile App

  1. First, open the iMobile app and choose ‘Cards, Loans, and Forex‘.
  2. The user must then choose the card number and click ‘Manage Cards‘.
  3. Next, choose ‘Manage Credit Limit‘ from the ‘More Options‘ menu.
  4. The cardholder must then choose ‘Desired Credit Limit‘ and ‘Submit‘ to finish the transaction.
  5. The cardholder’s registered mobile number will be notified of the successful transaction and the increased credit limit may be used immediately.

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card limit by SMS

Increasing your credit card limit by SMS is simple and fast. Cardholders must send the following SMS Format to 5676766 using their registered mobile number.

CRLIM <Last 4 digits of the credit card> and send to 5676766

The bank will increase the eligible customer’s credit card limit to the maximum.

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card limit by Calling to Customer Care

The ICICI Bank Customer Care Helpline Service will increase the Credit Card limit by discussing with the phone banking officer to calling 1860-120-7777/ 1800-103-8181. The helpline support numbers is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including on Sundays and Bank holidays.

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit by Sending an Email

Request to write a email from your registered mail id to the customer service email address of Now, type a limit increase request message with your details.

After sending this email, you will get your Service Reference Number, and the bank will replyed to asking for your proof of income. Send them your payslips or ITRs documents.

Officials at the bank will check your documents and issue you the limit increase. You will be notified through email when your request has been approved or not. A confirmation SMS will be sent to you if your credit card limit is increased.

If you’re not qualified, you’ll get an email saying “please try again in 6 months”, for more information please visit the page.

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