How to Recover PC Financial Username if You Forgot

PC Financial is a well-known banking company that provides multiple services related to banking, such as Internet banking. This is important to have a personal and identifiable username to maintain the safety of your PC Financial account. But there will probably be situations in which you must reset your PC Financial login for a number of reasons, like missing it or modifying it for safety reasons.

Restoring your PC Financial login Username is a simple process that can be done via their official website or mobile application. Reset/Recovery of your PC Financial login username requires a few methods that can be performed using their website or mobile application.

PC Financial Forgot Username

It is possible for someone to forget their PC Financial online banking username. When you’ve lost your PC Financial Username gives an easy method for recovering you are forgotten username and recovering the use of your online banking account.

Visit the PC Financial website on your favourite web browser to begin the recovery method. Check for a link that says ‘Recover Username‘ or ‘Forgot Username‘. Once you press on it, you’re going to be directed to a website where you may begin the recovery process. Once you have lost your PC Financial login, there are methods you are able to perform to recover it and restore access to your online banking account.

PC Financial Forgot Username
PC Financial Forgot Username

How to Recover PC Financial Username

You may be lost or have forgotten your PC Financial login username; follow the methods below to recover it.

  1. First, open your browser and proceed to PC Financial’s official website on your device.
  2. When you are unable to recover your username, then click the ‘Forgot Username‘ option.
  3. After clicking the ‘Forgot Username’, next a new window will be displayed.
  4. Then it will ask for some personal information linked with the account, such as ‘Card Number,’ and ‘Card Expriy’ with Month and Year, and ‘Primary Phone Number‘ linked with the account.
  5. Give in the requested information and click submit button.
  6. They can provide your Username through email or phone number linked with the account.
  7. You can return to the PC Financial login screen and provide your recovered username with the password.
  8. Now you will get successful login with your PC Financial login Username.

How to Reset or Change Your PC Financial Login User ID/Username

You can reset or change your PC Financial Login User ID/Username by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to the PC Financial official website at
  2. Log in by entering the proper credentials of your PC Financial Account.
  3. Now, go to the Settings of the Account or Profile Section.
  4. Find out the ‘ Change Username‘ or ‘Reset Username‘ option.
  5. Then you have redirected to the Username changing page.
  6. Enter A unique username and check for availability.
  7. Confirm the username and verify by entering your password or your ‘Card Number’ or ‘Account Number‘.
  8. Then it sends a verification code to your email or phone; you must verify the confirm code.
  9. You have seen ‘Your Username is Successfully Updated‘ on the screen.
  10. Finally, you can log in with your PC Financial Account with an updated new username without issues.

Note: Most of the Banks are not allowed to change the ‘Username‘ of the Account, with the proper security reasons the bank will allow you to change the login ‘Username‘. Before changing your PC Financial Login Username get advice from your nearby bank branch.

How to Change or Reset your PC Financial Login Username by Customer Support

Using the support of customer care, use the steps listed below to recover or reset your PC Financial login username.

  1. Check the best way to reach PC Financial customer service. It is generally available on their website.
  2. Call customer service and explain that you require support with your login username.
  3. To validate your identification, the customer service agent will ask you a few questions for your personal details, like your name, date of birth, and related to your PC Financial account.
  4. They can direct you via the process of recovering or resetting your login username once they have verified your identification.
  5. They are going to possibly support you in recovering your previous username or in creating a new one.
  6. After you finished all necessary processes, the customer service person can give you your recovered username.
  7. Now you can return to the PC Financial account login page and provide information on your newly generated username and password.

How to Recover PC Financial Username by Phone Support

Call customer service at 1866 246 7262 and wait for a person to respond to the phone. After connecting the call, inform the agent you need help restoring or resetting your PC Financial login username. The agent will ask your questions to verify your identification.

Get ready to submit personal information like your complete name, birth date, and any other information related to your PC Financial account. Now customer service person will provide the username.

How to Recover PC Financial Account Username by Email Support

Email to by clarifying that you require assistance retrieving or resetting your PC Financial login username. Explain your request clearly and include any information that may help them verify your identification. Give all necessary information about you, that information is linked to your PC Financial account.

How to Recover PC Financial Account Username by Visiting Bank Branch Channel

Advised to visit nearby PC Financial Bank Branch channel or Home branch of the account and request for Username Recover with proper documentation. The Branch support associates will verify and process your request as per guidelines immediately.

How do I Retrieve My PC Financial Username?

  1. Navigate to the PC Financial login screen.
  2. To restore your account, click the “Forgot Username” link.
  3. To prove your identity, follow the directions provided.
  4. Check for confirmation and email your login username.
  1. What official website is to recover or reset your PC Financial login Username?

    The official website for recovering or resetting your PC Financial login username is

  2. How can I Change or Modify My PC Financial Username?

    Your PC Financial online account allows you to modify your account username. Then go to ‘Accounts and Cards’ after signing in. Check that “Account” is selected, and then pick the account you want to modify your username. Now you can select 'Username' to change the username for that account.

  3. Why can't I log in to PC Financial?

    If you enter the wrong credentials, PC Financial will reject your login. If you try more times, your account will be blocked temporarily. During the sign-in procedure, click the Forgot Password option. For help with any other issues, please get in touch with PC Optimum Customer Care or call this customer care number 1866 246 7262.

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