How to Recover Walmart MoneyCard Username 

The Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid card that lets you safely handle your money. To log into your MoneyCard account, maintain your username or user id, like any other online account. But there can be situations where you lose or misplace your login username, requiring a reset or recovery.

However, Walmart MoneyCard has a simple method for recovering access to your MoneyCard account credentials. You must understand that the methods and conditions for restoring or regaining your Walmart MoneyCard login may look different.

In this post, you will learn how to reset or recover your Walmart MoneyCard login by following the instructions in this article and providing easy login to your Walmart MoneyCard account.

Walmart MoneyCard Forgot Username

Since you may have multiple online accounts, such as your Walmart MoneyCard account, it can be possible to lose your username. However, worry not because Walmart provides a simple solution to recover or reset your username, enabling you to log in to your MoneyCard account and manage your money quickly and safely.

Look for the ‘Recover Username‘ or ‘Forgot Username‘ link as you press on it. Then you will be directed to a website from which you can start the recovery method. If you happen to forget your Walmart MoneyCard login, there are steps you may do to recover it and reset your login to your online Walmart MoneyCard account.

Walmart MoneyCard Forgot Username
Walmart MoneyCard Forgot Username

How to Recover Your Walmart MoneyCard Username

If you have forgotten your Walmart MoneyCard login username, try using the steps below to recover it.

  1. Go to to get to the Walmart MoneyCard website.
  2. On the top of the homepage, we have a log in button, then click on it.
  3. Next, choose the “Forgot User ID/Password” option on the login screen.
  4. Then a new window will appear, and select the ‘I do not know my User ID or have my card’ option to get started with the Username recovery procedure.
  5. To continue, you need first to verify your identity with your Social Security Number (SSN) and Zip Code.
    • If you don’t have SSN & Zip Code, you have seen ‘If you’re having difficulty logging in, please call (877) 937-4098 to talk to an agent.’ Massage on the screen.
  6. Then enter your Walmart MoneyCard Number, Name on the Card and Postal Code.
  7. Once checked, all of this information is correct to allow us to verify your identity.
  8. You can check your registered email or phone for a verification code sent to you.
    • They may instruct you on how to recover your username.
  9. Afterward, enter your recovered username into the Walmart MoneyCard login screen.
  10. Now you can access your Walmart MoneyCard Account successfully.

How to Reset or Change Your Walmart MoneyCard User ID/Username

You will reset or update your Walmart MoneyCard Login User ID/Username by following the below instructions.

  1. Navigate to the official Walmart MoneyCard Login Page at
  2. Login with your Account Credentials and go to the Dashboard.
  3. Select and Proceed with the Settings option to reach your Profile Settings.
  4. Choose the Change or Reset Username option, and Proceed.
  5. Click the “Forgot User ID/Password” option on the login screen.
  6. Enter a New Username and verify the availability.
  7. If you have selected a new username, verify your account details by providing your Money Card Number, CVV code on the Card, and Postal Code and press the ‘proceed’ button.
  8. After the Walmart Company provides a code to your email or phone, it then checks your email or mobile for a verification code.
  9. After Successful verification, your username will be changed to a new one.
  10. Finally, go to the Walmart MoneyCard login with your new username.

Note: According to the reports, there is not possible to change usernames once generated at the time of card activation on various banks. Suppose there is any particular reason the Walmart MoneyCard allowed to you change or reset with a new username based on security reasons onwords.

How to Recover or Reset your Walmart MoneyCard Username by Customer Support

Follow these procedures to get back or reset your Walmart MoneyCard login username with customer service support.

  1. Call Walmart customer service at 1-877-937-4098.
  2. Once connected, you require assistance with recovering or resetting your Walmart MoneyCard login username.
  3. Provide the representative with any further information or verification data needed to authenticate your identity and manage your account.
  4. Accept any directions or rules given by the customer service person.
  5. Experts can help you in recovering or reset your Walmart MoneyCard login username.
  6. Get ready to answer safety queries and provide any extra details necessary to prove your identity.
  7. Customer service can help you recover or reset your Walmart MoneyCard login username.

How to Recover/Reset Walmart MoneyCard Username through Phone Support

You need to reach the Walmart MoneyCard customer service team contact to retrieve or reset your Walmart MoneyCard login username via phone support. They may assist you in recovering your login details. Call 1-877-937-4098 for Walmart MoneyCard customer service. Listen to the automatic voice instructions and choose ‘account or login assistance‘ or ‘forgot username‘. The customer service person will fix your login username problem.

How to Reset or Recover Walmart MoneyCard Username through Support Chat

  1. Visit the Contact Us page at the Walmart MoneyCard portal at
  2. Select and Proceed with the ‘Chat with US‘ option.
  3. Chat with A Support agent and explain your issue about ‘Forgot Username‘.
  4. The Support Agent helps you recover or reset your username on the live chat.

Walmart MoneyCard Username Recover or Reset via Email support

  • Email Walmart MonyCard Support from your registered email id of the account.
  • Carefully explain the issue about your Username recovery by providing the identity details of the account.
  • The support team will reply with your ‘Username’ linked with the account and additional information.

How to Recover Walmart MoneyCard Username at Nearby Branch

  • Visit the nearby branch channel of the Walmart MoneyCard support center.
  • Contact the helpdesk officer and explain your issue with your Username.
  • They will assist you in simply recovering your username.

How Can I Get My Walmart MoneyCard Unlocked?

  1. Sign in to the Walmart MoneyCard application and choose Card Unlocked.
  2. Unlock and lock your card by clicking Lock Card. Switch and lock your card by clicking Lock Card.
  3. When your card is locked, a notification will appear.
  4. Lock and unlock your card by pressing the Lock Card option.
  1. How can I Validate my Walmart MoneyCard?

    Once you create a Walmart MoneyCard account, we are required by the requirement to get, verify, and record your name, address, date of birth, and your social security number. They may also need further identification, such as your license for driving or other identifying papers.

  2. Can I have Two Walmart MoneyCard accounts?

    Yes. But in whatever way we choose, we may restrict the number of cards provided to you.

  3. What is the meaning of a Walmart MoneyCard verification code?

    The three-digit Safety Code appears straight on the correct side of the signing page on the opposite side of your card. As a safety measure, we request this contact number.

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