How to Reset RBL Bank Net Banking Password

Reset RBL Bank Net Banking Password by Regenerating of New Password through RBL Bank Internet Portal at…

Now-a-day all banks provide digital banking services to their customers. It has somehow become mandatory for all the banks. But the common problem that customers face is that they often forget their Internet banking password. All the banks provide one way or the other to reset the passwords as per the wish of the customer. But one has to follow some rules and processes.

If you are an RBL bank customer and want to reset your password online you can do so easily with the help of your smartphone or laptop/computer. Before understanding the process of resetting the RBL Internet banking password, you must be ready with the following things.

If you are ready with the above-mentioned things, you can now easily reset your RBL Internet Banking password easily following the steps discussed below.

Reset RBL Bank Net Banking Password

RBL NET Banking Password Reset

How to Reset or Re-Generate RBL Bank Internet Banking Password?
Here is the Steps to Change or Regenerate RBL Bank Net Banking Password Through Debit Card, Credit Card, Passport &, etc

  1. Visit the RBL Bank Official website at

    First, you have to open the RBL Internet Banking site on your laptop/computer/mobile by using the URL

  2. Login into the RBL Net Banking Page

    The following screen will appear. Click on the Login tab that appears on the right side of the window with green color.

  3. Select Personal Banking & Select Login Option

    A new pop-up screen will appear on the screen. As you are interested to reset the Internet banking password of your Personal Bank account, you need to click on the ‘Personal Banking’ option that appears in the first place on the left side of the pop-up screen.

  4. Select Forgot Password Option

    Once you do that, you will see a small screen or a small area on your screen as shown below. Here, you will find the ‘Forgot Password’ hyperlink just below the user ID entry area. Click on that.

  5. Enter your RBL Bank Internet Banking User ID

    A new screen will appear and it will ask for your user ID. Just enter your user ID and then press the ‘Continue’ tab

  6. Select Forgot Password & Choose Debit Card or Credit Card

    A new window with the ‘Forgot Password’ heading will appear on the screen. Here you will get four options with a radio tab in front of it. The four options will be: – Passport (For NRI Customers only), Credit Card, Debit Card, and Set Security Answer.   You will have to choose any one method with the help of which you want to reset your RBL internet banking password. Let me explain, what information you will have to provide if you choose any one of these options. If you will choose-
    Debit card: You will have to enter the expiry date of it. Together with it, you will have to provide either the CVV number of your card or your Debit card PIN.
    Credit card: you will have to enter the credit card number, expiry date of the card, and the CVV number of the card (it is present at the back of the card).
    Passport (for NRI customer only), you will have to enter your passport number and CIF number.
    Set Security Answer, you will have to answer your security question that you chose at the time of registration for Internet banking.

  7. Enter your Debit Card or Credit Card Number of your RBL Bank Account

    Here, I am using the credit card details to reset the password. When I click on the radio button in front of the Credit card option, some information window appears just below it, where you have to enter your credit card related information and then press the ‘Submit’ button that appears at the bottom.

  8. Enter the OTP for Verification

    If all the details entered by you are correct, you will be asked to verify your identity. You will have to do so by using the OTP that you get on your RMN ( Registered Mobile Number). For this you have to click on the radio button present after the Send OTP option and before ‘On SMS’ and then click the ‘Generate OTP’ tab. Once, you get the OTP, enter it in the area just below the ‘Generate OTP’ tab and then click the ‘Continue’ tab present at the right-hand side bottom.

  9. Now Generate and confirm New Password as per your interest

    On the new screen that appears, you can easily reset your password. The new screen will ask you to first enter the New Password of your choice and then re-enter the same password to Confirm Password. Once, you have made both the correct entries, click the ‘Submit’ tab.

Now, you will be taken back to the main RBL Internet Banking Login window, where you can log in with your user ID and newly formed password.

Note:- Remember, every bank has some predefined rules for forming a new password and you have to comply with those rules otherwise you will not be able to reset your password. The rules set by the RBL bank are:

  • The password must have a minimum of 8 characters and less than or equals to 28 characters.
  • It must contain both the small as well as Capital letter.
  • It must contain at least 1 number.
  • It must contain at least one special character like @, #, $, %, etc.
  • The password must not be similar to any of the last three passwords you have used.
  • How Can I Reset My RBL Bank Savings Account Login Password?

    It's very simple by using above steps. By using your registered mobile phone number with debit card details you can recover or reset in a simple way.

  • How Can I Reset my RBL Bank Corporate Account Login Password?

    Both are same by selecting account details, there is no deference between savings, corporate, credit and etc

  • How Can Change Login Password with Transaction Password on RBL BANK Internet Banking?

    Most of the times the bank allows their transactions through OTP verification, in case any user can use transaction password can change by selection change transaction password option as per login password.