How to Transfer E-SIM on Android

Technology is constantly advancing and people are adapting to new technologies easily. One example of this is the SIM card used in mobile phones. Previously, only physical SIM cards were used, but now some people have started using e-SIM cards. In this digital age, e-SIM cards are better than physical SIM cards for privacy and security.

Although currently, very few people in India are using e-SIM cards, its users are gradually increasing. Three major telecom companies in India offer e-SIM facilities, and Apple has been providing e-SIM facilities in its iPhone for a long time. Now, this feature is also available on some Android smartphones.

How to Transfer e-SIM
How to Transfer e-SIM

However, the current problem with Android is that users cannot easily transfer e-SIM from one mobile to another. They have to go through the entire process by sending messages manually. But this is about to change soon. Google also provides this option for Android devices starting from Android 14. Earlier, this feature was limited to Pixel phones only, but now it is available on other Android phones as well.

Although this feature is not yet available to everyone, a user, while setting up his Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, saw an e-SIM transfer option to his LG V60 Think. Moreover, the e-SIM transfer option from Galaxy phones to Google Pixel devices is also seen.

When the Samsung One UI 5.1 update was released, there was only an option to transfer e-SIM between Samsung phones. But now, this feature has been changed in Samsung’s new update. Now, even non-Galaxy smartphone users can transfer e-SIM to another device by scanning the QR code.

To transfer the e-SIM from one phone to another phone, you need to scan the QR code on the old phone from the new phone. Once this process is completed, your SIM card will be active on the new phone. You can use the SIM card in your old device until the process is complete. Google said about e-SIM transfer at Mobile World Congress 2023.

Now getting this option on other devices from Samsung means that the company will gradually roll it out to everyone. Now people are getting this option from Pixel to Pixel and Samsung’s new phones as well.

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