How to Transfer Money without adding Beneficiary in HDFC?

Transferring money without adding beneficiaries from HDFC Bank Account: Sometimes it happens that we do not want to add the beneficiary for transferring money through our bank account for reasons like not knowing all the details asked for adding a beneficiary, quick transfer of money, etc.

Whatever be the reason, various methods can be used to transfer money from HDFC Bank without adding beneficiaries. Let us discuss all of these methods one by one.

How to Transfer Money without adding Beneficiary Using MMID in HDFC Mobile App or Internet Banking

  • For this, the first thing to do is to login to the Internet Banking services of HDFC Bank using Customer/User ID and the associated password.
  • On the home page, search for the ‘Funds Transfer’ option. Click on that.
  • Various options will be displayed on the screen. Select the option ‘IMPS-MMID’.
  • A new page will appear on which you need to enter the mobile number of the beneficiary and MMID. MMID is a number that is 7-digit and used for mobile banking. This number is inked with the mobile number which helps in identifying a particular account number and making transactions. The sender and receiver both need to have an MMID. You have to ask for the MMID code for the beneficiary.
  • After entering the required details, you need to select your HDFC bank from which you want your money to be debited. Then click the ‘Submit’ tab. This will automatically send money to the beneficiary.
How to Transfer Money without adding Beneficiary from HDFC Bank
How to Transfer Money without adding Beneficiary from HDFC Bank

How to Transfer Money without adding Beneficiary in HDFC by UPI App

If one does not know the account number and the IFSC code number of any person and one want to transfer the money, this is the best way to do so. Though there is a limit per day for the UPI transactions, it is the best method if one wants to transfer a small amount. The only requirement to use is you must be ready with your registered mobile number. Follow the below steps to transfer money through UPI-

  • Download any UPI app of your choice. The popular choices for BHIM, GPay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc. If you want to use bank-specific UPI Apps, you can choose them also. Here, I am discussing the way to transfer money through PhonePe UPI App.
  • Open your PhonePe App and tap on the section ‘Funds Transfer’ and then select the ‘To Contact’ option.
  • There you will see a sign of ‘+’ at the bottom. It will then ask you to enter the beneficiary’s UPI ID. The best part of using this App is that if the beneficiary is also a user of PhonePe, you will be able to search him/her by his name reducing the need of knowing the UPI ID of the beneficiary.
  • Now, you will need to enter the amount that needs to be transferred. If you want to add a note to be sent, you can easily do so by typing a message in the box provided.
  • Select the account from which the amount needs to be debited.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to enter your UPI PIN. Enter that and then tap on the ‘Submit’ tab.
  • If all goes well and your details are verified, the money will be instantly debited and transferred to the beneficiary account.

How to Transfer Money without adding Beneficiary in HDFC Account by UPI IMPS

This method is used mostly when the beneficiary doesn’t have a UPI ID. In this case, the sender needs to enter the IFSC code and account number of the receiver while using any UPI App. Again, I am discussing the method to do so using the PhonePe App. Follow the steps discussed below to transfer money through the UPI IMPS method using PhonePe App: –

  • Open PhonePe App and then select the ‘Transfer Funds’ option from the main screen and then from the various options that appear, select the ‘To Account’ option.
  • Select the name of the bank to which you need to transfer the money. It’s the bank to which the beneficiary wants you to transfer the money.
  • Now, you need to enter the account number and the associated IFSC code. In the end, enter the name of the beneficiary.
  • Deliberately, select the amount that needs to be transferred and also the account number from which you want money to be debited.
  • The new screen will ask you to enter your UPI PIN. Enter the PIN and then tap on the ‘SEND’ tab.
  • If everything is verified successfully, the App will instantly transfer the money to the beneficiary’s account without adding it.
  1. How much time does it take to add beneficiaries in HDFC?

    Due to Security reasons, everyone can transfer money to the successfully registered beneficiary after 30 minutes of the cooling period.

  2. How can I transfer money immediately from HDFC Bank Account?

    The HDFC Account holders can use the Quick Transfer option or IMPS to transfer money immediately, and UPI is also is the best option. But those facilities have transfer limited fund based on RBI rules

  3. Can I transfer 50000 through HDFC Bank UPI?

    Yes, everyone can transfer up to 2 lakh through IMPS, and 1 lakh by UPI using HDFC Bank Mobile Banking UPI App. However please contact your branch to get more details.

  4. Can RTGS be done without adding beneficiary HDFC Bank?

    NO way, Every bank strictly followed the RBI Rules and RGTS has restricted transfer money without adding a beneficiary.

  5. How can I send money immediately without adding beneficiaries from HDFC Bank Account?

    Everyone can use HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App to send money with adding beneficiaries through IMPS, UPI, Quick Transfer, NEFT and etc.

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