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ICICI Bank Credit Card Activation Process through ATM, SMS, IMobile, Customer Care, Internet Banking at https://icicibank.com…

ICICI Bank offers many options to activate credit cards. To activate a credit card, You must first generate a secret PIN for transactions. You should know how to activate your new ICICI Bank credit card if you get a card to your home address. The bank provides credit cards to clients in need. After receiving an ICICI credit card, you must activate it to use its benefits.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Activation

Following are easy methods to activate such a credit card. First, I’d like to state that there are so many credit cards available for various purposes such as filling fuel, movie tickets, Restaurant bill payments, and so on. It should be chosen before selecting a credit card.

Way’s to Activate ICICI Credit Card Online & Offline

  1. ICICI Bank ATM.
  2. IMobile App.
  3. Internet Banking.
  4. IVRS – By Calling to Customer Care Number.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Activation

How to Activate ICICI Bank Credit Card through Net Banking

To Activate the New Credit Card, we need to create a PIN to start using. Internet Banking is the best way to generate ICICI bank credit card PIN online. The Registered users who have registered and using the ICICI Net Banking facility can follow the steps to activate credit cards online.

  1. Open ICICI bank internet banking porta, and login through “User Name & Password”.
  2. Now you have reached to the dash board of the account, select or click on “Credit Card” Section.
  3. Than proceed with “Manage Card” option, then you have seen multiple options.
  4. Select “Acticate Card” and “Generate PIN ” option and enter four digit pin number by your own.
  5. Confirm it through verifying “OTP“, you will get an OTP to a registered mobile number.
  6. After that the card will be activated, now you can access anywhare.

How to Activate ICICI Bank Credit Card by IMobile?

“IMobile” is the mobile banking application of the bank. Using the IMobile app is an easy way to activate ICICI Bank Credit Card online by listing simple steps.

  1. Log in to “IMobile” with MPIN to access ICICI Mobile Banking application.
  2. Now the dashboard of the homepage select “Cards & Forex” or directly go to “My Credit Card” Section.
  3. Selcet “Card Actication“, then you need to generate a PIN by the steps.
  4. Select “Generate PIN” option located on the botom of Credit Card options.
  5. Now enter a “4 Digit PIN” number by your own, and “Re-Enter” it again to confirm.
  6. Verify the tranection with “OTP“, and click on “Submit” button to confirm.

Your credit card is fully activated. Now you can enjoy the card services anywhere by entering your four-digit PIN.

How to Activate ICICI Bank Credit Card by ATM

The activation process through ATM is also a good way if you have not been able to activate online. To Generate your ICICI credit card PIN through ATM, just follow these steps…

  1. Visit nearest ICICI Bank ATM Center (Don’t go to other banks).
  2. Input your card into the ATM lobby and select the preferred language.
  3. Next, “Activate Card” then Select to tap “PIN Generation” on the right corner.
  4. To Activate the Card you need to “Generate PIN“.
  5. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen, enter a new pin by your won intrest.
  6. Verify the details to activate through ATM.

ICICI Bank Credit card activation through Customer Care “IVRS”

Everyone can Activate the ICICI Bank Credit Card by Contacting Customer Care support by following IVR instructions as per the steps.

  1. Dial “1800 200 3344” to connect ICICI Bank Customer Care from your registered mibile phone.
  2. Follow the insctructions on IVRS (interactive voice response), and select “Credit Card” option, then choose “Card Activaction“.
  3. Follow the inscrtions and enter PIN Number by your own to activate the card.

Incase of any issue, directly connect to the phone banking officer, discuss and follow the instructions to activate the card.

  1. What is ICICI Credit Card Activation Customer Care Number?

    Customers may also contact the bank's customer service helpline Call 1800 200 3344 or 1860 120 3399 and follow instructions. You must call from the registered mobile number.

  2. How Can I Activate ICICI Bank Credit Card without Internet?

    You can activate by calling customer care, or visiting the nearest ATM Center is the way's to activate offline without internet.

  3. What is the easiest way to activate ICICI Bank Credit Card?

    Using the IMobile App is the easiest way. You can activate the card just in seconds using the mobile banking facility.

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