IDFC ATM Card Activation, How to Activate IDFC Debit Card Online & Offline

IDFC Debit Card Activation Process for IDFC Frist Bank ATM Card Activation Offline & Online through Mobile Banking, Calling to Customer Care, and Internet Banking at…

IDFC First Bank allows you to debit card activation by creating ATM Debit Card PIN online from the convenience of your home. If you are a new IDFC Bank customer, you must activate your ATM Debit Card before using it. IDFC First Bank, formerly IDFC Bank, is one of India’s fastest-growing banks.

IDFC First Bank ATM Card Activation

Here we will explain how to activate IDFC First Bank Debit Card for Domestic & International Use. To use your IDFC First Bank Debit card locally and internationally by activating the debit card by the simple way’s.

IDFC First Bank Debit Card Activation

Ways to Activate IDFC Debit Card

  1. Mobile Banking through IDFC FIRST Bank App.
  2. Internet Banking.
  3. Calling to Customer Care.
  4. Through Official website at
  5. Visiting Nearest Branch.

IDFC Debit Card Activation

This bank’s ATM Debit cards are mostly powered by VISA. Not all, but most of the cards issued by this card are powered by VISA. Some account users may also receive cards from other card issuers like MasterCard and Indian RuPay cards. Before we move on to the procedures to activate IDFC First Bank Debit Card for Domestic and International Use.

  • IDFC First Bank ATM PIN Generation

How to Activate IDFC First Bank Debit Card through Net Banking

Internet banking facility is the ultimate destination to activate ATM Card and any other service provided by the bank. Users of the bank who have registered Net Banking can follow the steps to activate IDFC First Bank ATM Card online.

  1. Visit the IDFC First Bank’s Internet Banking official website at
  2. To access the Customer Login page, Please click log-in, and Choose ‘Personal and Business Banking’.
  3. Enter the username and password then click the Login button.
  4. Select Debit Card option from the menu options on the dashboard and follow the steps.
    1. Choose Generate PIN.
    2. Enter a PIN by your own, and re-confirm it.
    3. Save the PIN through verifying OTP.
    4. Now the ATM Card is activated.
  5. Select Limit Management from the menu located aunder debit card section.
    1. Manage the limit for ATM Withdrwlas, Online Payments, Marchent Outlets, Tap on Pay.
  6. Activate international usage by selecting the ATM Card Simply flip the International Usage Button on that you wish to activate..

IDFC First Bank Debit Card Activate Without Internet Banking

This is another way to activate online for those who have not used net banking. The bank provides a facility to activate ATM Card online without using internet banking from their portal.

Follow the simple steps to Activate IDFC First Bank ATM Card online this strategy is suitable for those without online banking.

  1. Go to the MY IDFC Portal at
    1. Select and proceed with “Generate Dibit Card PIN” located at the bottom of the page.
    2. Than a POP Screen is opened to know identifications of the card.
    3. Enter all required details of the listed.
      1. Input your IDFC customer ID.
      2. Select Country like India.
      3. Registered Mobile Number.
      4. Correctly enter the CAPTCHA code and click Next.
  2. Next, input the debit card number, expiration date, and CVV. Click on Submit.
  3. Your registered mobile phone number will get OTP.
  4. To continue, enter the OTP. Now enter your new PIN. Re-enter your PIN for confirmation.
  5. You have recived a confirmation massage for the service request.
  6. Now your ATM Debit Card is activated.

How to Activate IDFC First Bank Debit Card through Mobile Banking App

Smartphone users who have installed the IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking app can follow these steps to activate the ATM debit cards.

  1. Open the IDFC First Bank’s mobile banking app on your phone.
  2. Login to start by entering your Username and Password.
  3. Take a look at the settings on the top of the screen.
  4. Select the Demit Card and Choose Manage option.
  5. First Generate PIN, and Generate by choosing a PIN Number your own.
  6. Now the ATM Card is Activated Successfully.
  7. Click on Limit management to see how much space you can use.
  8. Make sure that you choose the debit card when you do this.
  9. Domastic usage is automatically Activated, and turn on the button that says “International Use”.

How to Activate IDFC First Bank ATM Card by Calling Customer Care

Phone Banking facility is the best way for the customers who have using basic phone, and who have no knowledge on online usage.

To call the IDFC First Bank Customer Care number everyone can activate their ATM Debit Card by following IVR menu options as per the steps.

  1. Call to the Toll-Free number of 1800 419 4332.
  2. To consult a customer service representative, select the IVR option.
  3. Inform the customer service representative that you wish to activate your debit card.
  4. Confirm key information, such as your debit card number, and new PIN number and etc.
  5. The customer service representative will activate or enable your debit card for you.

Incase if you have additional support please visit the nearest branch to get activation and other services related to the account easily like getting IDFC First Bank Interest Certificate.

  1. How can I activate my IDFC First Bank ATM Card online?

    By visiting everyone can active their debit card by providing simple details of the customer, and an internet banking facility is also the best way to activate the ATM Card online.

  2. What is the Helpline number for IDFC First Bank ATM Card Activation?

    Call the Bank Toll-Free Number 1800 419 4332 to get support from the phone banking officer for ATM Activation and other related information the account holder.

  3. How Can I Activate my IDFC First Bank ATM Card through Mobile Banking?

    In the debit card section, you can manage all ATM Card services along with activation, limit change, domestic & international access and etc.

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