IDFC Credit Card Activation & PIN Generation Online & Offline

IDFC Bank Credit Card Activation and PIN Generation through Mobile Banking App, ATM, POS Machine, Net Banking Portal at…

IDFC First Bank started issuing credit cards in India. Their website allows you to apply for several credit cards. Pre-approved credit cards are more likely to be given to IDFC First bank customers. After receiving a credit card, you must activate it for online or offline and ATM withdrawals. This guide will help start your IDFC Bank Credit Card along with PIN Generation step by step.

To use your IDFC First Bank Credit Card, you must first generate a PIN online or offline. Here are different methods to Activate the Card and PIN Generation for IDFC First Bank Credit Card.

  1. IDFC First Bank Mobile Banking Application.
  2. Nearby ATM Center.
  3. POS Michine.
  4. Internet Banking Facility.

IDFC Credit Card Activation

How to Generate IDFC Bank Credit Card PIN through an ATM

Activating the IDFC Credit Card by PIN Generation at ATM Center is a good way for offline. Customers of the bank can follow the steps to activate their card by PIN generation.

  1. Visit nearest IDFC First Bank ATM Center and Inset the credit card.
  2. Choose your preferred language, and press on ‘Forgotten/Generate new ATM PIN‘ from the menu.
  3. Select “Using OTP” option to verify with your Mobile number, and enter the OTP you received.
  4. Choose and enter a Four Digit PIN by your own, and “Re-Enter“, then “Submit“.

How to Generate IDFC Bank Credit Card PIN by Calling Customer Care

Contacting the Bank helpline number is also a better way to activate a credit card and generate a PIN. Below steps are a guide to starting IDFC First Bank Credit Card through the Customer Care helpline.

  1. Call IDFC Bank Credit Card Support helpline 1860 500 1111.
  2. Choose communication language by IVRS, and Press 1 for IDFC Credit Card PIN Generation.
  3. Then enter the last 4 numbers of your credit card followed by #.
  4. Now enter the CVV number on the back of your card.
  5. After verifying your credit card, enter your 4-digit PIN by your own, and re-enter to confirm.
  6. You have generated your credit card PIN successfully.

How to Generating Credit Card PIN through IDFC First Bank App

Registered users of IDFC First Bank Mobile Banking can follow the steps to activate Credit Card by PIN Generation.

  1. Log in using your 4-digit MPIN or Biomatrics.
  2. Choose Credit Cards from the Menu (three lines).
  3. Under Credit Card, choose Manage Card, then “Set PIN” option.
  4. On the following page, enter your credit card PIN by your won, confirm it by verifying with “OTP”.
  5. Your card PIN will be generated after OTP is verified.

How to Generate IDFC Bank Credit Card PIN through Internet Banking

  1. Login to the IDFC First Bank website at using your mobile number and password.
  2. After logging in, select the Credit Card option from the main menu, then Selct “PIN Generation” option.
  3. Now choose your credit card and “Click” Proceed.
  4. Enter your 4-digit credit card PIN, re-enter it, then click the Confirm button to set it.
  5. The registered mobile numbers will receive OTP.
  6. When your OTP is verified, your card PIN is generated, This PIN is valid for all transactions.

How to Activate IDFC Bank Credit Card through POS Machine

  1. Go to any Store that’s accessble with POS.
  2. You can shop or use any service you choose.
  3. First give them your IDFC Credit Card, then ask them to enter it into the POS machine.
  4. After verifying the amount, enter your Four Digit PIN, and re-enter to confirm.

Your card is now completely activated. To know more about IDFC First Bank Credit Card Activation, visit the page.

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