KGB Balance Check Number, KGB Balance Enquiry Missed Call Number

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Kerala Gramin Bank is a Kerala-based regional rural bank with a strong rural presence. Even though KGB is a Regional Rural Bank, it provides all of the essential functions of a Public Sector Bank. Customers of the bank can make a balance enquiry in multiple ways using  Online & Offline methods.

KGB Balance Check Number

Multipurpose Toll-Free Numbers was introduced to check the account’s available balance, customer support, and access to various banking facilities. By using the Kerala Gramin Bank Balance Check Number, customers can access their final available balance of the fund through Missed Call Banking, SMS Banking, USSD, WhatsApp, and other ways.

  • Toll-Free (Customer care) Number: 1800 425 10000
  • Balance Check Number: 0484 2912 400.
  • SMS Banking Number: 9015800400
  • Balance Check USSD Code: *99#.
  • WhatsApp Banking Number: N/A.

Kerala Gramin Bank Balance Check Number

The customer must first verify that the Kerala Gramin Bank has registered his or her mobile number. Apart from that, it is up to the customer to initiate service activation. This may be achieved by contacting the customer service department of Kerala Gramin Bank through phone or text to activate the service. Once the problem has been resolved, the customer need just contact 0484 2912 400 through missed call. When a client makes a missed call, Kerala Gramin Bank reveals the customer’s bank account balance.

Kerala Gramin Bank Balance Enquiry

The Bank provided various ways to know account balance to their customers. Every customer who has an account in the bank can check their account current balance by the listed ways.

  • Passbook Printing.
  • ATM Center.
  • SMS Banking.
  • Missed Call Banking.
  • USSD Service.
  • Customer Care.
  • KGB MobileBanking
  • UPI Apps
  • Net Banking.
  • WhatsApp Banking
  • Emailing to the Bank.

Kerala Gramin Bank Missed Call Number

The Balance Enquiry Service at Gramin Bank is accessible 24 hours a day. The customer may place an order at any time and from any location by calling their registered mobile number. Send a Missed Call from your registered mobile number to 9015800400 to get an instant SMS with your account balance.
Kerala Gramin Bank Missed Call Number: 9015800400

How to do an Account Balance Check by Kerala Gramin Bank Missed Call?

To get the bank account balance by missed call, contact the Kerala Gramin Bank Missed Call Number-9015800400. Following a missed call, you will get an SMS with information about your Bank Balance.

  • Dial 9015800400 from the mobile number connected with the Kerala Gramin Bank account.
  • After one ring, the call was immediately disconnected.
  • Kerala Gramin Bank will then send you an SMS to confirm your available balance as calculated by their servers.

Kindly note that Kerala Gramin Bank’s Missed Call Banking service is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from any place in the country.

How do you check Kerala Gramin Bank Balance through a Toll-Free Number?

Kerala Gramin Bank has created multipurpose Toll-Free Numbers for customer support, balance inquiries, and other account services. Everyone has the option of inquiring about their balances using IVR options, which differs from missed call banking.

The Kerala Gramin Bank Toll-Free Number is highly beneficial since it is accessible across India 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • From the account’s associated phone number, dial 1800 425 10000.
  • Follow the IVR menu choices and choose the ‘Balance Enquiry‘ option.
  • Bank servers instantly identify the linked account number for the phone number and reply with the available amount.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the IVRS’s information, call the phone banking officer to review your balance.

How to Check Kerala Gramina Bank Account Balance by SMS?

KGB will operate as your pocket bank if you register your mobile number with us. Maintaining communication with you on all current specials, offers, and the status of your account. The advantages of SMS banking are that you may get notifications for all transactions, alerts informing you of the maturity of deposits, and alerts informing you of the due date for loan instalments.

Send SMS BAL to the bank’s toll-free number 9015800400.


  • Customers may register for SMS notifications at the time of account opening.
  • Existing customers may register easily. Accounts may be registered for this service by submitting an application to the branch.

How to Check Kerala Gramin Bank Account Balance through Net-banking?

Net Banking, sometimes referred to as Online Financial, is a kind of banking service that utilises the Internet to conduct financial transactions. All you need is a working internet connection and a computer equipped with a browser to utilise this.

Internet banking is a secure medium and one of the most user-friendly complete services a bank can provide, since it allows us to do financial transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the comfort of our own homes. You may use your bank’s Net Banking website to see the balance of your account as well as a range of other data, such as your bank statement.

  1. Visit the Kerala Gramin Bank’s official website at KGB Net banking.
  2. Customers may enrol in KGBNet by submitting an application form to their local branches.
  3. Once your registration is complete, you will get an activation SMS to the mobile number you provided at registration.
  4. The customer ID will be used as the user ID for the first time the user logs in. After your first login, you may customise your User ID.
  5. The user may configure the logon and transaction passwords. 
  6. The balances of your bank accounts are shown on the screen.

How to check Kerala Gramin Bank Account Balance Enquiry through ATM?

To take use of this service, you must have a valid Kerala Gramin Bank ATM Card. If you do not already have a Maharashtra Gramin card, you may apply for one at a branch near you. The card may be used at any ATM to check the amount of your bank account. This is a 100% free service. The following procedures apply to obtaining your account balance through ATM service.

The following procedures will help you determine the balance of your Kerala Gramin Bank account:

  1. Swipe the Kerala Gramin Bank Account Balance ATM/debit card in the same manner as if you were withdrawing cash.
  2. Now enter your ATM’s four-digit PIN.
  3. After that, select “Balance Inquiry/Balance Check” and proceed with the transaction.
  4. Additionally, you can obtain information on the last ten transactions by selecting the ‘Mini Statement’ option on the ATM.

How do you check Kerala Gramin Bank Account Balance through Mobile apps?

KGB mPAY is Kerala Gramin Bank’s state-of-the-art mobile banking application. The app includes a number of useful features such as Fund Transfer via NEFT, IMPS, Balance Inquiry, and Mini Statement. Additionally, this innovative Mobile Banking application features enhanced performance and a soothing minimalistic user interface for effortless usage.

You must have an active account with Kerala Gramin Bank, a mobile number associated with the account for SMS Alerts, and a Debit Card to activate.

  • Download and install the official KGB Mobile banking application using the links above.
  • Enter your Customer ID on the login page.
  • The app’s dashboard will become accessible upon a successful login.
  • The dashboard will display the balance of your account.

How to Check Kerala Gramina Bank Account Balance by Passbook Updating?

  • Take your Kerala Gramin Bank passbook.
  • Visit the bank branch location that is most convenient for you.
  • Make a visit to the bank’s passbook printing station.
  • Submit a request to have a copy of your passbook printed.
  • You will get your passbook once the printing is complete.
  • The balance of your account is shown beside the most recent transaction in the passbook.

How to Check the Kerala Gramina Bank account balance through UPI?

Kerala Gramin Bank has been added to the platform of the Unified Payment Interface (UPI). UPI is a payment method that enables the transfer of funds between two bank accounts. Customers may connect their bank account to any compatible UPI app to immediately and securely make and receive payments using just their user name. It is straightforward, easy, rapid, and completely free.

  • Download any of the UPI applications, such as BHIM, Google Tez, PhonePe etc…
  • Choose a bank and a bank account
  • Create a Virtual Payment Address (VPA / UPI Identification)
  • Create an MPIN and quickly send and receive payments

Features & Benefits

  • You may send and receive money immediately and at any time. Safe and secure, all UPI transactions are validated using two-factor authentication. A debit transaction may be started exclusively via your device’s VPA/UPI ID, and it needs an MPIN for authentication.
  • You may connect any of your bank accounts to this service.
  • Multiple bank accounts may be linked to a single app.
  • Virtual Payment Addresses may hide the account number. There is no need that the sender give the account number.

A single UPI ID may be used to connect many accounts. Payments are done using your UPI ID alone; no additional bank account or beneficiary information is required.

How to check Kerala Gramin Bank Balance Enquiry through USSD?

At the moment, Kerala Gramin Bank does not provide a USSD service. If you have any questions, please contact customer care.
USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, allows users without a smartphone or data/internet connection to access mobile banking services. To get your Kerala Gramin Bank account balance by USSD, follow the instructions below.

  • You must register your cell phone number with Kerala Gramin Bank.
  • In the dialer of your phone, enter *99#.
  • Choose an easy-to-understand language.
  • After entering the three initial digits of the account number, the IFSC code, or the two-digit bank code, click Send.
  • Simply follow the on-screen instructions to see your account balance.

How do you check Kerala Gramin Bank balance through WhatsApp Banking?

Kerala Gramin Bank has not yet announced the launch of a WhatsApp account. Please contact customer service if you have any questions. Kerala Gramin Bank is yet to develop a WhatsApp banking service in India. The facility, according to sources, is slated to open shortly. Retail customers who use Kerala Gramin Bank’s WhatsApp Banking service may quickly see their account balances.

  • Add the WhatApp Banking ID ‘XXXXXXXXXX’
  • After that, open WhatsApp and send a ‘Hi’ message.
  • The bank will react with a range of possible solutions.
  • Appropriately choose and reply to the balanced query.
  • Following that, you may send a WhatsApp message to choose the available balance on your account.

How to check Kerala Gramin Bank Balance Check through E-mail?

To get your account balance, send an email to using the email address associated with your account.

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