Kotak Bank Instant PIN Generation, How to Generate Kotak Bank Instant PIN

Kotak Bank Instant Generation for ATM/Debit Card, Credit Card, or Forex Card PIN Generation through Customer Care Support, Online Portal, Kotal 811 App, and Net Banking through https://kotak.com…

It’s possible to get a Kotak Mahindra Instant PIN Generation without having to go to a branch or an ATM for ATM/Debit Card, Credit Card, or Forex Card. The Kotak Mahindra Bank has an online option called “Instant PIN Generation“. You can also use the Kotak Mahindra net banking Services and Mobile Banking Account.

Kotak Bank Instant PIN Generation

You can get your Kotak ATM/Debit Card, Credit Card, or Forex Card PIN quickly and easily by using Kotak Mahindra bank’s website to get a new pin number. Use this option, and even if you don’t have a Kotak Internet Banking account, you can still make a secure PIN.

Your registered phone number needs the Instant PIN generation. It is true that Kotak Mahindra Bank will give you a PIN when you start using your new ATM/Debit Card, Credit Card, or Forex Card. But you can also set up a new PIN number on your own. Most of the bank debit cards have a 4 digit PIN. Kotak Mahindra Bank issued a Six Digit PIN, which is different from other banks.

Kotak Bank Instant PIN Generation

How to Generate Kotak Bank ATM PIN Online without Login

Instant PIN generation facility provided online through Kotak Bank portal without login into internet banking account. Customers of Kotak Mahendra can follow the steps to know about Kotak Bank Instant PIN generation.

  1. Go to the Kotak bank website to generate an Instant Pin.
  2. Select your card type.
    1. Debit Card/ATM Card.
    2. Credit Card.
    3. Forex Card.
  3. Select Visa, Rupay, or Master Card.
  4. Input your card number, expiry date (month and year), and CVV (3 digit number placed on the back of the card) now.
  5. Enter your a Six Digits PIN number by your own.
  6. Re-enter enter the PIN number and click confirm.
  7. After providing all the information, carefully check entered details.
    • If you have entered incorrect card information three times, the option to generate an Instant PIN will not exist. The bank branch should issue the Physical PIN number.
  8. Now click Confirm, and verify with OTP issued by the bank through SMS to your phone.
  9. You may use the new PIN number after you verify OTP.

How to Generate Kotak Bank Instant PIN through Net banking

Customers who have registered internet banking facilities can follow the steps to create a PIN number for Debit Card, Credit Card, or Forex Card to generate an instant PIN number.

  1. Go to Kotak Mahindra net banking at https://kotak.com.
  2. Sign in by using your CRN or customer ID and password.
  3. Choose Debit Cards in the main menu bar.
  4. Modify or generate a Six Digits PIN by selecting Debit Card, Credit Card, Forex Card.
  5. Give your the card information like last four digits, CVV, and other required details.
  6. Input your New PIN Number by yout own and re-enter it again.
  7. Click ‘Submit‘ to get a new PIN instantly.

How to Generate Kotak Bank Instant PIN by Kotak 811 App

  1. Login into Kotak 811 App using Phone Number, or CRN, then create an MPIN.
  2. Select your card from the dashboard, choose Debit Card, Credit Card, or Forex Card.
  3. Click ‘Regenerate PIN‘ and input your ‘MPIN‘ to confirm.
  4. Enter your new PIN Number on the following screen. Enter it again and click the Submit button.

That’s it you will get a confirmation message through SMS, now you can use the new PIN for the generated ATM Card, or Credit Card, or Forex Card.

Kotak Bank PIN Generation through Customer Care Support

  1. Call to the Kotak Mahendra Customer Care Toll-Free Number 18602662666.
  2. Once the call connected foollow the IVR instructions.
  3. Select your favorite language, then select card services by clicking the appropriate number.
  4. You will also be prompted for your CRN, Card number, and T-PIN along with the Customer relationship officer contact number.
  5. Follow the instractions and input your new PIN number.
  6. To create the PIN for the very first time, call from your registered mobile phone.

Important precautions you should follow

  • Only active cards may create PIN.
  • If the card is temporarly banned, you must unlock it to regenerate the PIN.
  • Blocking Debit/Credit/Forex Cards prevents PIN re-generation.
  • If you input the wrong card data 3 times in a row, your pin is locked. Use the option Physical PIN Request.

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