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As you already know that Pradhaanmantree Ujjvlaa Yojana is a Government Funded Scheme. It is a farsighted mission, that is started by PM Narendra Modi. This Scheme was started on 1 May 2019. Around about 50 million LPG Connection has been distributed according to this scheme. According to this scheme, those women will get the LPG connection who are really poor and fall under the category of BPL.

If we talk about the aim of this scheme, it aims to distribute connections to more than 8 crore women. The tagline of this scheme is ‘Swachh Indian, Behtar Jeevan’. Implementation of all aspects of this scheme is done by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. The main aim of the scheme is to make India a smoke-free India.

Around about 5 crore families will get support from this scheme. It will give a boost to the use of LPG in the country. The use of LPG is good not only as fuel but also for the body. It is a healthy fuel. The major achievements targeted by this scheme are 1) Less air pollution and 2) Less deforestation.


Major Characteristics of PMUY

  1. Connection for BPL families – 5 crore connections.
  2. 8000 crore Rupee’s allotment for 3 years under this scheme.
  3. All the final decisions regarding this scheme will be taken by the ministerial council of economic affairs.
  4. Economic support of about Rs.1600/-. will also be provided along with the installation of the free LPG cylinder.
  5. Connections will be granted on the name of Women only.
  6. The people receiving the aid want, they can opt for the EMI facility.
  7. The corpus of money accumulated through ‘Give It’ drive is used in this scheme. If you are unaware about the ‘Give it’ scheme, let me give a brief introduction to it. Under this scheme, the Prime Minister of India has requested the people of India, whose economical condition is good, to surrender their LPG subsidy in order to help the poor who are really in need of LPG cylinder.

Essential Conditions for Receiving Benefit from this PMUY Yojana?

  1. Women must belong to the category of BPL and her age should be above the age of 18 years.
  2. Women must have BPL card.
  3. There should be a savings bank account from the name of that women in any national bank of India.
  4. Women must not pre-possessing an LPG connection.

Documents Required for Receiving the Benefits

  1. BPL Ration Card
  2. The BPL certificate typically attested by the head of the Panchayat or head of the municipal corporation.
  3. ID (Identification document), either Aadhaar Card or Voter ID card).
  4. Two clear and recently clicked passport size photographs.
  5. Your description in detail like your name, age, account number etc.

Allocated Budget for PMUY

In the beginning, after brainstorming and planning, 8000 crore Rs. the budget was allocated for this scheme. In the first planning year, about 2000 crore Rs. were allocated. In this scheme, the money accumulated through the ‘Give IT’ scheme was also used. Along with the LPG connection, such BPL families are also given financial aid of Rs. 1600 for a year. The connection is given only on the name of women and not on the name of men or any other person. If the families are unable to pay the amount together for subsequent LPG cylinders, they can opt for the EMI facility, if they wish.

Where can the Forms of this scheme be filled?

The forms can be downloaded online and the process is also quite easy. The forms which are available on the site of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas can be easily downloaded. The forms can be printed in any two of these languages – English and Hindi. The user can choose according to his/her requirement.

What is the Toll-Free Number for the PM Ujjwala Yojana?

To know all the details, and dos and don’ts of this scheme, one can use the Toll-free numbers 1906 or 1800266696. These toll-free numbers can be used in many conditions like if one wants the solution to the particular problem that a person is facing while filling the form or getting the benefits associated with it. It can also be used if one wants to clarify any doubt related to this scheme or want to know more related details.

Do you know, why this helpline or toll-free number has been given by the government? Actually, in rural areas, people do not have much knowledge about schemes of this kind. Moreover, sometimes the corrupt government official intentionally does not let these people get the benefits of this scheme. Some people even mislead rural people about these schemes. In such cases, the people who are getting benefit from this scheme, or those who want to get benefit from this scheme, can call and clarify all their doubts and also raise any complaint (if any need of such kind arises).

  1. What is the Address of the official Website of the Pradhanmantri Ujjwala Yojana?

    The Official website is

  2. What are the Essential Documents Required for this PMUY Scheme?

    1) BPL Card
    2) Aadhaar Card
    3) Rashan Card
    Note: – Any other document may also be asked for if there arises any need for it.

  3. Are all the citizens of India eligible for this scheme?

    Ans. No, not all the citizens of India are eligible for this scheme. Only those who are economically backward and possess a BPL card are eligible for it. Only women are eligible to get benefits from this scheme. And only those women can get a connection who do not have any connection.

  4. How many Helpline/Toll-free numbers are there?

    There are only two helpline numbers 1906 and 1800266696.

  5. When did this Yojana commence?

    This Scheme was started on 1 May 2019.

  6. Are the families residing in the Urban part of this country eligible for this scheme?

    Yes, they are eligible, if they belong to the BPL category.

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