How to Get SBI ATM PIN by SMS

Get SBI ATM PIN through SMS for Debit Card & Credit Card of State Bank of India by sending PIN<last 4 digits of ATM card><last 4 digits of account number> to 567676 or Calling to 18004253800 or 1800112211 for SBI ATM PIN Generation…

Mostly, in two cases, we want to get the information about our ATM PIN. The first case is when we want to activate our newly acquired debit card, and the second case is when we forget the PIN. Whatever be the reason, the good news is that we can easily retrieve or generate our PIN using our mobile phone. For this, it is not necessary always that our mobile phone must be a smartphone. We can easily get it on SMS.

If you are an SBI customer and you want to create a PIN for your SBI ATM card for some reason, then this is the right place for you to know how to do it. The simplest way is to get an SBI ATM PIN on your mobile phone through a simple SMS. But you will receive it only on that mobile number of yours which you have registered with the bank.


Prerequisites for receiving SBI ATM PIN by SMS

  1. RMN (Registered Mobile Number):- As discussed earlier, you need to have your activated registered mobile number with you.
  2. Active SMS sending and receiving ability.
  3. Last four digits of your SBI ATM card and its associated SBI account number.

How to Generate SBI ATM PIN by SMS

The best part about receiving SBI ATM PIN through SMS is that it doesn’t require any internet connection. Those who are not tech-savvy or who do not understand how to use the internet for banking services are greatly benefitted from it. ATM PIN generation is also referred to as green PIN generation. Just follow the steps discussed below to get your SBI ATM PIN by SMS.

  1. Start to Write a SMS from your RMN

    On your phone, open the message box and then go to the area from where you create the message.

  2. Write a massage as per following

    PIN<space>last 4 digits of Debit card<Space>Last 4 digit of associated SBI Bank account Number e.g., PIN 3241 4598

  3. Send to SBI massage center

    After typing and rechecking the details, send this SMS on the number – 567676.

  4. Check the reply massage from SBI

    If all goes well, within few seconds an SMS carrying the SBI ATM PIN will be visible in your message box.

  5. Check your SBI Green PIN

    The PIN received is not the permanent PIN that can be used for long. It is the Green PIN. IT remains activated for 24 hours only. You have to create your permanent SBI ATM PIN with the help of this PIN. This can be done by visiting the nearest SBI ATM within 24 hours of your Green PIN generation.

SMS PIN_1234_5678 Send to 567676

Generating permanent SBI ATM PIN

Do you want to know the process of permanent SBI ATM PIN Generation by visiting the ATM? I can help you with that. For this, follow these simple steps –

  • First, go to the nearest SBI ATM branch. Remember, you cannot generate the PIN for an SBI card from any ATM other than that of the SBI Bank.
  • In the SBI ATM Machine, insert your card, and leave it inserted till you do further process. Do not try to remove your card in the middle of the process.
  • On the main screen of the ATM, you will see a menu. From the menu, you have to select the “Enter PIN” option.
  • Now, you will be taken to a new page. On this new page, you have to enter the Green PIN you received by SMS on your mobile phone.
  • After entering the Green PIN, you will see a screen with a new menu. From the menu, select the “PIN CHANGE” option.
  • Enter the new PIN for your ATM card. You can choose any four-digit number for your PIN.
  • Renter, the chosen PIN.

The process of SBI AIM PIN generation completes here for Debit Card. Now, remember this PIN if you want to use your card for a long time. Download SBI YONO App to generate ATM PIN by using mobile banking facility or directly Calling 18004253800 or 1800112211 for SBI ATM PIN Generation through customer care support.

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