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Tamil Nadu has a number of pension plans. The state government launched the CPS scheme, which stands for Contributory Pension Scheme, in 2003. It’s controlled by the Tamil Nadu government pension plan that operates similarly to many other comparable schemes. You save money over time and can access it once you retire or see particular situations.

In the Tamil Nadu CPS plan, persons who utilize the scheme are referred to as subscribers. They provide you with a subscriber CPS number, which you must enter, and also your date of birth to log in. The meaning of subscriber simply indicates that you have signed up for the CPS scheme. You may view and download your payment records by visiting the Tamil Nadu CPS website. Keep your CPS registration number or the employee number provided to you by CPS.


Contributory Pension Schemes are another name for CPS. In this scheme, some of an employee’s monthly payment is deducted as a pension contribution, and the employer matches the amount. This money is saved to give a pension to the employee in the future. Employees in the Tamil Nadu CPS scheme can get their entire savings when they retire or in some unusual situations.

Tamil Nadu CPS Slip 2024
Tamil Nadu CPS Slip 2024

Go to the Tamil Nadu CPS official website to download your pay slip. The CPS Account Slip for 2024 is now accessible to download, and it has been submitted by the CPS accounts department. When you work for the government in Tamil Nadu and wish to check your CPS pay slip, you may do it online at the official website. Login

To use the features on the official Tamil Nadu CPS website and access to view the CPS salary slip, you must first log in. Here’s how to log in to the Tamil Nadu CPS Salary Slip website, follow the given below instructions.

  1. Go to the official Tamil Nadu CPS website at your web browser.
  2. Next, there will be a login window called ‘Subscriber Login’. Then, enter your login information as required.
  3. Then provide your CPS registration number, and this is also your Tamil Nadu CPS user ID or login ID, in the ‘CPS No’ field.
  4. After, type your ‘Date of Birth’ field exactly as DD/MM/YYYY (day, month, and year).
  5. Finally, click on the ‘Login’ button after entering your details.
  6. Now your Tamil Nadu CPS account will be login successfully.

CPS Pay Slip 2024 Download

You need to download your Tamil Nadu CPS Salary Slip 2024. Following the given instructions will enable you to access and download your 2024 CPS pay slip from the official website.

  1. Visit the official Tamil Nadu CPS website using your web browser.
  2. Then check for the ‘Subscriber Login’ option on the website.
  3. After, provide your CPS Number and Date of Birth, then click the ‘Login’ button to access the account.
  4. Next, you will be sent to the homepage after you have successfully logged in.
  5. Look for and select the ‘Account Statement’ option from the left side of the homepage.
  6. Then, you will be asked to choose the year for which you want your CPS Pay Slip statement. Next, press the ‘Submit’ button.
  7. Now your device may download the Tamil Nadu CPS Salary Slip in PDF format.

How can I find out what my CPS balance is?

Simply go to the CPS official website, enter your CPS number and password, and verify your CPS balance.

What exactly is the Tamil Nadu Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS)?

The Tamil Nadu Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) is a pension savings plan for Tamil Nadu government employees and teachers. It was created to give members with pension benefits after retirement.

How many times do government employees and teachers in Tamil Nadu get their CPS pay slips?

The period of CPS pay slip distribution is different but it usually arrives once a month to government employees and teachers.

What is the purpose of checking over my CPS pay slip?

It is important to review your CPS pay slip to check that your pension contributions and deductions are correct. It helps you to keep updated on your retirement funds and check if the government is contributing the necessary amount.

What can I do if I have issues or questions regarding my CPS pay slip?

If you have any questions or problems regarding your CPS pay slip, you should contact your relevant government department or, in Tamil Nadu, the Department of Treasuries and Accounts. They can give you the required information and solve any problems you may have.

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