Unblock ICICI Debit Card, How to Unblock ICICI ATM Card Instantly

Unblock ICICI Debit Card Instantly through iMobile, Customer Care Support, and Net Banking Facility at https://icicibank.com…

While you block your ICICI Debit card, you can unblock it anytime and activate your Debit card for transactions. When you cancel your debit card permanently, you will not be able to use it again. You can not activate it and you need to apply for a new Debit card. Here we will guide you on how can you block/unblock your Debit don’t want to block your Debit card.

If you want to block your card permanently, this option will help you in doing so temporarily. This might be the need to unblock your card in case you have entered the wrong pin many times or just blocking your card because you have forgotten it. ICICI bank allows that its customers may handle both blocking and unblocking online.

Unblock ICICI Debit Card

Unblock ICICI Debit Card

This may be easily done sitting in the comfort of your house. However, it has to be noted that unblocking may only be done if your card has been blocked temporarily. In case your card has been blocked You will not be able to unblock it online because it has been permanently blocked.

In case the card is blocked due to the incorrect ATM PIN entered more than 3 times you will have to contact the bank about this. Also, the bank will offer you a new PIN for the card and after that, you have to unblock the card to use it with the new pin provided.

You may easily use Net banking or the mobile application of ICICI bank to block or unblock your ICICI bank debit/ATM card online from home.

How to Unblock ICICI Debit Card through Internet Banking

Who have registered internet banking facility can unblock ATM cards easily by following the simple guide.

  1. Open the ICICI Net Banking portal at https://icicibank.com.
  2. Log in through Username & Password, then choose the “Cards and Loans” tab.
  3. Select the “ATM Debit Card” option, then choose the debit card number from the drop-down.
  4. Select “Block or Unblock“, If you want to block your card, you can do so temporarily or permanently.
  5. From the drop-down list, choose the reason, then, click Submit.

The Selected Card is unblocked, now you can access it anywhere like as previous without worries.

How to Unblock ICICI Debit Card through iMobile App

The Mobile Banking facility is a good way to access banking services anywhere and anytime. registered users of iMobile can follow the steps to unblock ATM cards instantly.

  1. Login to ICICI iMobile App through MPIN or Biomatrics.
  2. Go to “Services”, and choose “Card Services” from the dashboard.
  3. Choose “Block/Unblock Debit Card”, and “Select Card Type” like Debit, Credit, or Forex Card.
  4. Then, click “Submit“, the ATM card is unblocked successfully.

How to Unblock ICICI ATM Card by Customer Care Support

If you cannot access your internet banking account to make this request, you can contact ICICI bank’s customer care service helpline. To make this request, simply Dial +91 22-3366 7777 from your registered phone number. To protect your account, they will need your personal and account information to unblock your Debit card.

For more information please contact the nearest branch or visit the page.

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