Unblock SBI Debit Card, How to Unblock SBI ATM Card

Unblock SBI Debit Card if it is Blocked for any reason, by contacting your branch or calling the Customer care number. The ATM/Debit card is blocked for some reasons like entering the wrong PIN more than the limit or blocking by self on any Security resigns.

The Card is blocked temporarily/permanently by your bank Due to pending KYC in SBI or Due to completion of the Expiry Date.

You need to unblock your card can contact the nearest State Bank of India Branch, advised to contact your own branch. Below we guide you for the complete process of how to unblock the SBI ATM Card in simple steps to reaccess again.

To Unlock or Unblock your SBI ATM or Debit Card everyone needs to submit an application form at any branch nearby you. Most of the time’s your home branch will help you more. YONO users can manage the debit card status to block/unblock through the App.

Unblock SBI ATM Card

However, follow the guide to Unblock or Unlock SBI ATM Card in a simple manner.

Requirments to Unblock SBI ATM Card

  • Account Number.
  • Last 4 Digits of the Blocked ATM Card.
  • Photo ID, like Aadhaar.
  • SBI CIF Number.

How to Unblock SBI ATM Card

  • Go to the nearest SBI Branck, and Contcat helpdesk.
  • Ask for ATM/Debit Card Unblock Application from.
  • Fulfil the form with complete details like below.
    1. Linked Account Number of the ATM Card.
    2. Blocked ATM Card Last 4 Digits.
    3. SBI CIF Number.
    4. Customer ID.
    5. ID Proof of Account holder issued by Local or Union Government.
  • Carefully verify the filled form and sign as per bank records.
  • Attatch the supported documents and submit at helpdesk.
  • The Bank Officer verify and proceed it,
  • You will get an SMS massage regarding the service request.
  • The SBIT ATM Card will be Unblockd with 24 working ours of the Bank.
  • Than you will get an SMS with the details of Unblocking status.

SBI ATM Card Unblock by Customer Care

State Bank of India Phone Banking Facility also helps you to unblock your debit card by calling SBI Customer Care Number from your registered mobile phone number (RMN). The Phone banking officer will verify your details and confirm the Unblocking status details and etc.

SBI Debit Card Unblock by YONO App

  • Open the SBI YONO App on your Smartphone.
  • Select the “Quick Links” Section, and Go for “Service Request“.
  • Select “Block ATM/Debit Card” option, and enter your profile password to verify.
  • Click on “Activate Card” and follow the Steps and Proceed.
    1. Enter the Account Number.
    2. ATM Card Number of the Blocked one.
  • Once Submitting the correct details, you will get a OTP to Verify.
  • Click on the Submit, then you have seen a confirmation massage of the activated status.

The SBI ATM Card Unblocking facility is also available by sending an SMS, Internet Banking, and other ways. But the above methods are best for temporary or permanently blocking due to any action of the bank. Contacting the branch is a good way to unblock the debit card. Most of the time your card will take 24 hours to work again like previously.

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