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Bhulekh Uttarakhand is a new website about land records in Uttarakhand state. The old website was called DevBhoomi, but it has now moved to UK Bhulekh, Uttarakhand. On this website, it is easy to find your land information, including the Record of Rights (ROR), details about changes in land ownership, land maps, mutation details, and Khasra.

Bhulekh UK

Bhulekh Uttarakhand has been developed with the aim of simplifying the management of land records, reducing fraudulent activities and corruption in property dealing, and providing citizens with a user-friendly platform to access crucial land-related information. With the help of the DevBhoomi system, individuals can easily verify land records, which includes details about property ownership, maps, and historical data, all from the comfort of their homes or through common service centers.

Bhulekh UK
Bhulekh UK

How to View DevBhoomi Khasra Details (Public RoR) on Bhulekh Uttarakhand

Everyone can check your Khasra details gives important information about land-related matters. Visiting Bhulekh Uttarakhand at

  1. Go to Bhulekh Uttarakhand at
  2. On the main page, select “Public RoR” or
  3. Click on this link
  4. Select your location by choosing the district, tehsil (subdivision), and village where your land is located. You can quickly find the village by selecting the first letter of its name.
  5. Fill in information like Khasra/Gata, account number, registry, mutation date, vendor, buyer, or account holder name to find your land details.
  6. Select the one that matches your information and click “search.” A list will be shown on the screen, and you can identify your land from it. Click on it.
  7. You can see Khasra’s details on the screen.

How to View the DevBhoomi Bhunaksha Map

It is important to use the official government website for accessing BhuNaksha services to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information. If the website is temporarily down or experiencing issues, you may need to wait until it becomes operational again to view the land map online.

  1. Visit the official website of Bhulekh Uttarakhand at or
  2. Go to BhuNaksha Portal at
  3. Choose your location by picking a state, district, tehsil, and village.
  4. Click on “Show Land Type Details.”
  5. After selecting the land type option, you should be able to view the map of the selected place.
  6. You can zoom in or zoom out and explore the map to see the details of land parcels, boundaries, and related information.

How to View My Live Tehsil Status?

The live tehsil status information can help tehsils in a particular district operate online or offline, providing you with valuable information about the administrative services in your district. Here is how to view this real-time status information:

  1. Visit the official website of
  2. On the homepage, click on “Live Tehsil Status.”
  3. You can check the following information in this table: By choosing your
    • District Name
    • District Census Code
    • Total Tehsils
    • Online Tehsils
    • Offline Tehsils

Finally, you will receive real-time status information about whether the tehsils in that district are operating online or offline.

How to watch Swamitv TV (Swamitv Gram Data Details)?

Swamitv is a project that digitizes land records, providing important information about who owns what land. It shows you how to use Swamitv TV to access data about land records and property ownership. By following these steps,

  1. Visit the Bhulekh Uttarakhand at
  2. On the homepage, click on “Swamitv status” at the bottom.
  3. The screen shows the Progress Statement of the Population Survey, which has information like
  4. district, tehsil, etc.
  5. Click on the “Search” button.
  6. You can see Swamitv Gram data details on Swamitv TV.

What is the Bhulekh Uttarakhand (Devbhoomi) portal?

The Bhulekh Uttarakhand (Devbhoomi) portal is a website where you can find information about land and property in Uttarakhand.

What information can I find on the Bhulekh Uttarakhand portal?

On the Bhulekh Uttarakhand portal, you can find details about who owns the land, property records, land maps, and information about Khasra/Khatauni, among other things.

How do I view my account details (RoR) on the Bhulekh Uttarakhand portal?

To view your account details (RoR), you need to choose your district, tehsil, village and then enter information like Khasra/Gata or your account number. After that, you can search for your RoR.

Where can I access land records in Uttarakhand, UK?

You can access land records in Uttarakhand online through the official Uttarakhand Bhulekh website, also known as Devbhoomi, at

How do I get my land map (Bhu Naksha) in Uttarakhand, Bhulekh, UK?

To get your land map online, visit Bhu Naksha Uttarakhand at Enter your district, tehsil, and village details. Alternatively, you can visit the department office and submit an application to request the land map from the concerned officer.

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