Walmart MoneyCard Pay Bills Online

The Walmart money card is a prepaid debit card that enables a simple and safe way to handle cash. The ability to pay bills online is one of the features provided by Walmart’s money card. You may pay your bills online from the convenience of the comfort of your home, at any time, and from any location.

You only require a Walmart moneycard account and an active internet connection. The online bill payment service is quick, simple, and safe. It removes the need to write checks or go to natural banks to pay your bills, saving you time and money.

If you purchase at Walmart regularly, you can use the Money card and get rewards on your purchases as money back.  This post will guide you in paying bills online via your Walmart money card and will discuss the advantages when you do so.

Walmart MoneyCard Pay Bills

The Walmart MoneyCard may be used to pay bills for your regular purchases, perform online transactions, withdraw cash from ATMs, etc. You can use the online portal or mobile application to access your moneycard account to pay the bills quickly. The Walmart Money Card report includes essential information like the current amount, recent purchases, charges, due dates, and bill payments.

Customers may view their bills online or via a mobile application. Paying the Walmart Money Card bill on time will help people keep excellent credit and prevent penalty charges or interest.

Walmart MoneyCard Pay Bills
Walmart MoneyCard Pay Bills

How to Pay Bills Using Walmart MoneyCard Online

You can pay bills online with or without logging into your MoneyCard Account. Below are the steps to make bill payments using two different ways online.

Bill Payment by Signin Walmart MoneyCard

The following steps help to make bill payments by logging into your account on a Windows PC/Laptop, Mac and other supported devices online.

  1. Open your favourite web browsers on your computer.
  2. Give this link”” into the URL field and click the enter button to access the official Walmart Money Card website.
  3. Log in to your Walmart Money Card account using the credentials of your account.
  4. On the Dashboard, you can see the bill payments option. It might be called the ‘Payments‘ or ‘Pay Bills‘ option.
  5. Enter the payment information, like the amount to be paid and the beneficiary’s billing details.
  6. Verify that all of the details that you provided are correct.
  7. Click the ‘Pay‘ or ‘Submit‘ option to start the payment procedure.
  8. You can get the transaction statement when you successfully pay the bill.

Walmart MoneyCard Bill Payment by Submitting a Payment from

  1. Open the Secure Payments form at
  2. You have seen a payment form and filled it with the required information.
  3. Follow the steps and complete the payment process.

How to Pay Bills through the Walmart MoneyCard App

The Walmart MoneyCard Mobile Application allows you to pay bills quickly whenever you need to pay for purchases and utilities. Customers can follow the steps to make bill payments using the mobile app on their smartphone.

  1. Launch the Walmart MoneyCard App and log in with your Username and password.
  2. Tap on the ‘Pay a Bill’ option and select a bill.
  3. Add receiver details and send payment by reviewing all details about the payment.
  4. You will see transaction details with the receipt of the bill once payment is successfully processed.

How to Modify a Bill Payment on Walmart MoneyCard

If you have frequent or scheduled payments and have already set a limit, you can modify the bill payment with simple steps. Below are the steps to edit your bill payment.

  1. Launch the Walmart MoneyCard App or visit the official website.
  2. Log in with your credentials and go to the Bill Payments section.
  3. Find the bill, transaction, or scheduled payments you want to modify.
  4. Proceed with the edit option to make changes to the bill payment.
  5. Once modify the bill payment, save it.

How to Cancel a Bill Payment on Walmart MoneyCard

Similarly, you can cancel your Scheduled bill payment at any time. Follow the simple steps to cancel a bill payment on your Walmart MoneyCard.

  1. Login into your MoneyCard Account online or via the Mobile App.
  2. Go to the Scheduled Bill Payments.
  3. Select a bill payment which one you want to cancel.
  4. Choose the relevant option to cancel the bill.
  5. That’s it; you have successfully cancelled a bill on your Walmart MoneyCArd.
  6. You can follow the same way if you need to cancel more bills.

How to Pay Walmart MoneyCard Bill Offline

You have some other options for paying your Walmart Money Card bill offline. Here are some regular offline options for paying bill payments. Follow the steps.

  • Go to a Walmart Store and look for the Money card Center or customer service counter. Inform the person that you want to pay your Walmart Money Card bill. Please provide them with your moneycard account details and pay with money or a debit card.
  • Make your cheque payable to Walmart Money Card or a Money Gram money order made payable to Walmart. Add your account details in the memo line. Mail the payment to the Walmart Money Card address, or give it to a Walmart Money Center or customer support office in person.
  • Visit a Walmart Money Center or customer service counter and reload your desired amount onto your card. Check that your money card has sufficient money to support your bill payment.
  • Contact 1-877-937-4098 to discuss offline paying your Walmart money card bill with a customer service representative. While speaking with a customer support representative, notify them that you want to pay your Walmart Money Card bill payment offline. They will give some essential suggestions to help you to pay the Walmart Money Card bill offline.
  1. How did the Walmart MoneyCard bill payment operate?

    You must ensure you've enough funds on your Walmart Money Card Card on the Deduction Date to pay. By giving us the names and account details of Billing providers to whom you want to send payments, you authorize us to follow your Payment Directions.

  2. Can I use my Walmart Money Card to pay bills?

    The Walmart Money Card contains capabilities similar to a bank account. You may pay your bills online by entering your banking and account numbers. And because you can use your money card at ATMs is always available. Also, the mobile application allows you to check your amount.

  3. How long can I wait for my Walmart MoneyCard bill payment to be processed?

    Whenever utilizing offline ways to pay, allow sufficient time for the money to get to Walmart MoneyCard and go through before the payment deadline. It helps you send your money correctly in advance to guarantee that it reaches and gets processed on schedule.

  4. Can I pay Walmart Money Card bills offline?

    Pay your Walmart Money Card bills offline by visiting a Walmart Money Centre or customer service counter.

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