Canara Bank ATM Card Block, How to Block Canara Bank ATM Card

Canara Bank ATM Card Block Number was Introduced to Stop Debit Card service if any Customer lost or Stole their card. Canara Bank ATM Card Block or Hotlisting services are available online & Offline by Calling the Toll Free Number, Sending an SMS, Canara ai1 or CANDI Mobile APP and Net Banking at…

There are different online and offline ways introduced for blocking the Canara Bank ATM Card to their customers to secure their account if anyone has lost their ATM Debit Card. This is very important to stop services or transactions once having lost the card. It helps the customer in avoiding fraudulent and illegal transactions from their customer’s account.

Canara Bank ATM Card Block

To Secure ATM transactions, Canara Bank introduced the Hotlisting Facility to Stop Services immediately after customers’ debit card or ATM card is lost or stolen. Bellow ways are helpful to hotlisting the services online or offline effectively.

  • Calling the Canara Bank ATM Card Block Number.
  • Contacting Customer Support Toll-Free Helpline.
  • Request by Sending an SMS from the RMN.
  • Canara ai1 or CANDI Mobile Banking APP.
  • Through Net Banking Facility.
  • Reporting at any Nearby Canara Bank Channel.

Canara Bank ATM Card Block Number

Immediately Call 1800 425 0018 to report the loss of the card from the registered mobile number of the account, and the hotlisting number is available 24*7.

How to Block Canara Bank Debit Card by Calling ATM Block Number

  1. Dial 1800 425 0018 from the RMN of the Account.
  2. Once the Call is Connected, follow the IVRS Options.
  3. Give Responsible input to Block/Unblock Card.
  4. Once again Confirm, Then you will get an SMS with confirmation of hotlisting.

How to Block Canara Bank ATM Card by SMS

Send an SMS from your registered mobile number as per the SMS format introduced by the Bank.

CAN {space} HOTLISTDC {space} CARD NUMBER (16 digits) Send to 5607060

  • After Sending an SMS as per the above format the bank servers verify the account details and hotlisted the card within munites.
  • A confirmation SMS also send to the RMN with transaction details of the hotlisting.

How to Stop Canara Bank ATM Debit Card Services through Mobile Banking APP.

The Bank offers multiple mobile banking applications such as Canara ai1, CANDI APP, Canara e-Passbook, Canara Saathi, Canara OTP and etc. But managing the ATM Card service available from the main apps only. The following steps help to STOP ATM Debit Card service via mobile banking applications.

  1. Registered Users Login by using their Username & MPIN of the Application.
  2. Go to the Dashboard, and Select Debit Card Services.
  3. Select the ATM Card and proceed with the Manage option.
  4. Now choose the Block Card option to hotlist the Card.
  5. Confirm it again to STOP the Card service.

That’s it, you have successfully stopped the card and please note those options are similar in all mobile banking apps of the Canara bank.

Canara Bank Debit Card Block by Internet Banking

  1. Log in to the Canara Bank Netbanking using their User ID and Password.
  2. On the Account Dashboard, Select Debit Card Section.
  3. On the following screen, select the “Debit Card Hotlisting” button.
  4. Select the Debit Card by the Number to view all of the cards and their present status.
  5. Now Choose the card number and click the “Hotlist” button.
  6. To confirm to block, click the “Confirm” button.
  7. Enter the transaction password and click “Submit.”

After providing the transaction password, the bank will approve the ATM card block request and give a reference number to the account holder.

Canara Bank Debit Card Block by Branch Channel

Submitting a request for card hotlisting at the Bank’s Home Branch or any nearby channel of the bank you can secure your account by Stoping debit card. The Simple steps guide you to submit the request.

  1. Visit a nearby bank branch and contact the helpdesk officer.
  2. Inform that you have misplaced your debit or ATM card.
  3. They will give an ATM Block request form, and fulfil it with your account and ATM Card details.
  4. Next, they will verify the details and block the card immediately.

Advised to visit your home branch, and the bank offers the facility from any branch channel.

How to do Canara Bank Debit Card Block by Calling Customer Care

The bank’s customer service is available to support you. All you have to do is contact them at their toll-free number and inform them you’ve misplaced your card.

  1. Contact Canara Bank’s customer service helpline at 1800 425 0018 from the RMN only.
  2. Follow the IVR options and Select the option to connect with the support agent.
  3. once connected to the bank customer service representative.
  4. Inform them that you have misplaced your card and need to have it blocked.
  5. Tell the executive about the missing card with the linked account details.
  6. Your card will be blocked after you successfully answer their questions.

For more and complete information please visit the Canara Bank official website at or call the bank customer care helpline that’s available 24*7.

*Disclaimer: Above published information is only for reference purposes, for any changes on the content we refer to visit the official website, and we are not responsible for anything.