India Toy Fair 2024 – The India Toy Fair 2024

“The India Toy Fair 2024” has been launched by the Central Government of India. This Toy Fair has been launched with an aim to make Toy industry of India as a Global Centre of Toys in the World. With this fair, the Government of India intends to give “vocal for local’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ campaign a high-level boost. There is one more major aim of this fair – it tends to give a chance to people of age group to learn or utilize the already learned skills of making toys, so that they can become self-reliant. 

          “The India Toy Fair 2024” will be organize between February to March 2024. The registration for this India Toy Fair 2024 can be done from the official website of the fair. You can go to the official website from

What will be the major attractions in the India Toy Fair?

Well, in the Indian Toy Fair, there will be more than 1000 stalls with a virtual printed banner. There will be knowledge sessions and panel discussions. Experts will be discussing about various toy related facts and practical aspects of making toys. There will be craft competitions, quizzes, different competitions, virtual tours, launches of new products etc. The major focus would be to focus and give a boost to the NEP (National Education Policy) 2020. The name of some of the pre-planned activities are : –

  1.  Toykothon
  2. Aatmnirbhar Toy Stories
  3. Aatmnirbhar Toys innovation challenge
  4. Aatmnirbhar Toy Stories
The India Toy Fair 2024
The India Toy Fair 2024 How to register for The India Toy Fair 2024?

Those who are interested to register themselves for the Indian Toy Fair for their benefit can register themselves online. Follow the process discussed below to register yourself.

  1. Go to The India Toy Fair 2024 Official Website

    To register, visit the official website

  2. Select the Registration Link

    On the home page, you will find the ‘Register Now’ option. Select and Proceed with that.

  3. Fulfill the Registration Form to Register your Self

    On the next page, you will find the registration form. You will have to fill all the information asked in the form like your phone no., email ID, Country, State etc.

  4. Submit it

    After filling all the details press the ‘submit’ button that you will find at the bottom of the page. Now, you are registered.

How to Register for Toys of India (Indian Toys Business Group)

If you want to know the information about different Indian Toys business groups that are affiliated with different states, you have to login to the official website of the portal. Follow the below steps to get the information.

  • After logging into the official portal, click on the ‘Toys of India’ option.
  • Now, you will see Map of India on the screen. On the Map, you will find the symbol of the bulb/ balloon on the state that are included in the Toys of India Fair.
  • Click on the balloon/bulb to know about the Cluster (business) related to that particular state.
  1. Why is The India Toy Fair 2024 has been started?

    It has been started by the Government of India to give a boost to the campaigns like ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘local for vocal’. It will give a strong foundation for the development of Indian Toy Industry and also a rapid pace for the economic development of the country.

  2. How many industries of India are working together to make this India Toys Fair 2024 a successful event?

    6 ministries of India are working together to make this India Toy Fair a successful affair.

  3. Which types of toys will be included in the India Toy Fair?

    Indigenous toys made by hand artists will be included in the fair. Hand craftsmanship related toys will be mostly shown to give hand artisans a platform to show their artwork and talent.

  4. How can the beneficiaries complete their registration for the Indian Toys Fair 2024?

    The beneficiaries have to register themselves online through the official site www.the

  5. How many toy stalls will be displayed in India Toy Fair 2024?

    More than a thousand toy stalls will be displayed under The Indian Toy Fair, in which the visitors will get an opportunity to buy a variety of indigenous toys.

  6. What is the role of toys in the development of children?

    Toys are not only the means of entertainment for the children but it helps in the overall development and growth of the children. The toys increases the thinking ability of the kids and also helps in the mental growth.

  7. Who can participate in the India Toy Fair 2024?

    All citizens of India irrespective of the state can participate in the India Toy Fair 2024. The main focus would be on the children. Their parents, teachers etc. are welcomed to participate in this fair. Exhibitors, industry experts, artisans, hand artisans etc. are expected to participate in this Fair.

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