AP 6th Science Mock Test 2021 For Chapter – 1 : ” The Food We Need ” Online Practice Test

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1. World Food Day is celebrated every year across the world on
2. F.A.O launched by the United Nations in the year ________ .
3. Expand F.A.O
4. What is the aim of celebrating the World Food Day ?
5. World food day adopts a __________ each year.
6. Expand UNDP :
7. According to the UNDP upto _______  of the food produced in INDIA is wasted.
8. According to FAO report in 2018 "_______ million people are undernourished in India"
9. Salt is obtained from _________
10. See food is obtained from _________
11. The materials which are required to prepare food are known as _________
12. We use ________ to preserve food for some time.
13. Eating food after the expiry date may damage ______
14. The method of preparing idly is _______ .
15. The source of sugar is
16. The following products has good nutritional values
17. Find out the odd one
18. The following are the products obtained from the milk
19. The following are ingredients obtained from plants
20. The following are ingredients obtained from animals
21. We get oil from ________
22. We get ghee from ________
23. Vermicelli is a _______ product.
24. The meat of goat and sheep is called _______ .
25. The meat of pig is called _______ .
26. We get food from stems of plants like
27. We get food from stems of plants like
28. We get food from the following plant parts
29. Cauliflower is the edible part that is a _____
30. Rice is the edible part that is a _____
31. Ground nut is the edible part that is a _____
32. Cabbage is the edible part that is a _____
33. Why is food useful to living things ?
34. A human being consume more food obtained from
35. These are aromatic parts used in food preparation
36. Spices are obtained from plants grow in ________ region
37. Why do we use spices to food ?
38. Spices come from _______ of plant .
39. Spices come from _______ of plant .
40. Purpose of using spices is
41. Spices are mostly used in
42. The following are generally called spices
43. The following spices are used for flavouring
44. The given spices are used for preserving food
45. Find the odd one out
46. Find the odd one out
47. We cook rice and dal by using following method
48. We cook idly and aaviri kudumu by using following method
49. We cook Dosa mix and bread by using following method
50. We cook meat by using following method
51. We make salad by using following method
52. making different types of designs with fruits and vegetables is called
53. We preserve pickles by adding _________
54. Dry fish are preserved by adding _______
55. We can preserve sweets by mixing __________ .
56. Food preservation means
57. Food preservation is the process of
58. What happened to the food which is not preserved properly ?
59. Eating of spoiled food causes
60. The food doesn't preserve properly causes _________
61. Spoiling food may lead to
62. Preservatives are the materials used
63. The following are used as preservatives
64. The following are used as preservatives
65. These are harmful to health
66. The preservatives used at home are generally
67. Chemical preservatives in the following are
68. Find the odd one out
69. We have check the following details before eating food preserved in food packets
70. Raagulu is also called as
71. Sajjalu is also called as
72. Jonnalu is also called as
73. Korralu is also called as
74. Samalu is also called as
75. Home made food is always _________
76. What is the main food for us ?
77. The following are considered as junk food
78. Find the odd one out ?
79. Eating junk food may cause ______
80. Junk food causes impact on health like


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