AP 6th Science Mock Test 2021 For Chapter – 4 : ” Water ” Online Practice Test

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1. ................. people do not have access to clean water on the globe
2. Water used in our daily life for
3. Human body requires ........ litres per day for proper function
4. Our body use water for
5. The specific unit for measurement of water is
6. What are the water resources ?
7. The indirect resource of water is
8. Our body contains .............. of water by weight
9. Nearly ................ of the surface of earth is occupied by water
10. What are the fresh water sources ?
11. water are salty in
12. Only .............. % of fresh water is available in earth
13. Fresh water present in frozen form on
14. Fresh water level depends on
15. If we heat ice it will change into
16. Water in liquid form present in
17. We call solid form of water as
18. Water forms in ...... ways
19. When we heat water it converted into
20. The gaseous form of water present in
21. When we cool the water it changes into
22. When we cool the water vapour it changes into
23. Water in wet clothes dry up due to
24. When we spread wet clothes in sun light the wet in clothes dry up it is due to the process of
25. The process of changing water into water vapour is called
26. If water ....................... evaporate faster
27. The water vapour which enters into air through process of evaporation forms
28. Condensation appeared as
29. The process of conversion of water vapour into water is called
30. The nature of sea water
31. Which of the following is not a part of water cycle ?
32. Which of the following process add water vapour to the atmosphere ?
33. No rainfall for a year or more lead to ............ in that region
34. Excessive rain may cause
35. On a warm day , the sun heats up the ground as well as water and converts into water vapour due to
36. Find the false statement about cloud formation
37. Clouds move from one place to another in the direction of
38. Main cause of rain is
39. Cooling cloud
40. Steps for rain
  1. It becomes difficult for cloud to hold them
  2. Water drops begin to fall
  3. The size of water drops begin increases
  4. This is known as rain
41. What happened before raining ?
42. The whether condition where rain , snow , sleet or hail fall from sky is called
43. Big drops of water solidify into ice and fall as pieces of ice known as
44. In AP generally rain occurs from
45. Moving of clouds along with the winds blowing from western direction then these winds are
46. Moving of clouds along with the winds blowing from Eastern direction then these winds are
47. The circulation of water between earth surface and air is called
48. Another name for water cycle
49. Frozen water falling to earth is known as
50. Water soaks into the ground is related to
51. Cause of precipitation
52. Cause of condensation
53. What is the effect of Runoff ?
54. Causes for global warming are
55. What are the causes for decrease rainfall ?
56. The disturbance of water cycle leads to
57. How many types are there in precipitation ?
58. ............. forms when thunderstorm winds push water back up into the atmosphere
59. .............. occurs when raindrops fall through freezing air near earth surface
60. .............. drops turn into pellets of ice
61. .............. results the water vapour crystallizes and builds into snowflakes
62. Effects by droughts are
63. Droughts occurs due to
64. Which of the following are drought prone districts ?
65. What are the not a natural hazardous ?
66. NDRF stands for
67. The main reasons for water scarcity are
68. Which of the following are water conservation methods ?
69. Match the following
  1. Evaporation            ( ) a. water - water vapour
  2. Condensation         ( ) b. gas - liquid
  3. Precipitation           ( ) c. hail , snow
70. Match the following
  1. Drought            ( ) a. high rainfall
  2. Floods               ( ) b. clouds
  3. Rain                   ( ) c. less rainfall
71. A : The circulation of water between earth surface and air is called hydro-logical cycle
B : Water cycle is known as hydro logical cycle
72. A : Due to droughts there is a food scarcity
B : Drought due to high rainfall
73. Find true statements about following
74. Name it

75. The following shows

76. The nature of fresh water is
77. Water used for
78. Direct collection and use of rain water called
79. Find the more suitable day for drying of washed clothes
80. Long periods of less rainfall usually causes


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