AP 7th Science Mock Test 2023 For Chapter – 15 : “ Soil – Our Life ” Online Practice Test

1. The soil used for toys _________
2. Thing directly related to soil is
3. On Vinayaka Chavathi festival, idols are prepared by
4. The relation between nature of soil and number of animals
5. Read the statements
P: Water percolation rate is more to sandy soil
Q: Water percolation rate is more to loamy soil
6. Pots are made by using clay soil on a
7. Soil used for making a ball
8. Water holding capacity is more in this soil
9. Water holding capacity is less in this soil
10. ____________ is called the sub soil
11. The unweathered  rock layer is
12. ___________ are grown in sandy soil
13. Making pots by using soil is called _____________
14. Water passing down through the soil particles is called __________ .
15. Removal of top soil is known as ________________ .
16. Soil is formed of rock particles and organic matter called ___________
17. If large and fine particles are present in equal proportions , the soil is called ________
18. If dumping of cattle dung is done in the field , what would be the benefit to the soil ?
19. Why do farmers cultivate pulses after paddy ?
20. Find out the odd one regarding types of soils.
21. Loam soil : breaks on bending :: clay : ________
22. In order to know the substances in the soil, the drained water is heated in the test tube until ___________ .
23. This soil bends upto a semi circle.
24. What organisms were found in the soil, when the soil was observed carefully with hand lens ?
25. What type idols to be made instead of plaster of paris ?
26. Why farmers grow grass and other plants in the vacant lands ?
27. The soil becomes as it is seen in the picture after rolling. What type of soil it is ?
28. What is present in the C-Horizon of soil layers ?
29. Conservation of soil leads to
30. The crop that grows best in a field that remains filled with water for a log time.
31. The result of soil erosion
32. The soil which is unfit for making idols among the following is
33. Thing does not directly related to soil is
34. Idols in 'Bommala koluvu' made with __________ in olden days.
35. Bangles worn by old ladies are made with _______ .
36. These are not made with soil .
37. Earth worms makes the soil
38. Water percolation rate is ______ to loam soil when compared to sandy soil .
39. Soil does not used for making a complete ring
40. What is the top most layer of earth ?
41. What is the last layer of earth ?
42. What is the second layer from the bottom layer of earth ?
43. What is the second layer from the top layer of earth ?
44. Which layer lies below the A Horizon ?
45. Which layer lies below the E Horizon ?
46. We name the following layer as Surface litter ?
47. We name the following layer as Leaching layer ?
48. Another name of A Horizon is
49. Another name of C Horizon is
50. Another name of R Horizon is
51. Another name of O Horizon is
52. O Horizon mainly consists of
53. What layer is the organic layer of soil ?
54. The decomposed organic matter called humus makes soil ________
55. What activities happens in A Horizon ?
56. The eluviation layer which is in light colour is __________
57. The layer lies between the A and B Horizons is _______
58. E Horizon mainly composed of _________
59. The layer present between the E and C Horizons is _______
60. The layer present between the B and R Horizons is _______
61. The layer which possess mineral deposits is _______
62. The B Horizon which possess mineral deposits like _______
63. The following layer consists of slightly broken - up bed rock .
64. The plant roots does not penetrate into this Horizon O Horizon
65. The least amount of organic layer is present in _________
66. Rotation of crops helps in ________
67. Generally farmers cultivate _______ after paddy .
68. The following one prevents soil erosion ?
69. The farmers grows big trees around the crop  to ___________
70. Black soil is ___________
71. The crops grow in black soil are __________
72. Red soil is _________
73. The crops growing in this soil are _________
74. In black soil generally these crops are grown
75. The crops generally grown in light clay soil are ________