AP 7th Science Mock Test 2023 For Chapter – 7 : “ Electricity ” Online Practice Test

1. A dry cell in torch light converts
2. A fuse wire is made up of
3. 1 KW = ______ Watts .
4. This symbol represents ?

5. Which lamp reduces wastage of electricity _______
6. Unit of electricity is _______
7. Positive terminal of dry cell is _____
8. In 1831 ______ invented dynamo fist time .
9. The device used to close an electric circuit is ____
10. In the cell (battery) this container works as negative pole.
11. If the circuit is open, then current
12. Guess the reasons for not glowing the bulb in the circuit
13. Choose the correct statement .
14. Find the statement which is not true .
15. Choose the correct order of make your own cell experiment .
  1. Fill the bottles with sulphuric acid
  2. Insert copper wires and zinc strips into the cap of the injection bottle
  3. Take a discharged dry cell, break it and take the outer zinc can
  4. The bottles are closed with the caps carrying copper wires and zinc strips
16. The simple cell that is prepared by our own
17. Government's advice to wide use of this type of bulb
18. World country's and India's advice to mind generating power through
19. The symbol represents  ______

20. Find out the missing part in the diagram
21. The given symbol explains
22. Cell positive terminal  \longrightarrow Wire  \longrightarrow ?  \longrightarrow Wire  \longrightarrow Bulb  \longrightarrow Wire  \longrightarrow Cell negative terminal
23. The electric circuit closed can be identified with ______
24. The dry cell based on "Leclanche cell" is widely used in
25. The amount of heat liberated through the filament in an electrical appliance depends on _______
26. Modern fuse is _______
27. Which is cheaper ?
28. Where is the biggest power station located near Vijayawada ?
29. Wasting electricity means______
30. The brighter the bulb, the higher its wattage and ______ used by it .
31. Which are true here ?
32. Choose the correct statement
33. The electricity supplied to our houses comes ffrm
34. Electric cell produces electricity from ______ in it.
35. The following one is a source of electric energy
36. An electric cell have ______ terminals .
37. A _____ is a modified form of Leclanche cell .
38. A dry cell is easy to handle because they have ______
39. 2 or more cells joined together form a
40. The cells in torch light are arranged in  _____
41. If an electric circuit provides a complete path for current to flow between the two terminals of the electric cell, then it is called a
42. In an electric circuit, the direction of current is taken to be from ___________  of the electric cell .
43. The simple electric device used to break the electrical circuit or to complete it is ______ .
44. In series connection the connections are from _____
45. In parallel connection the connections are from _____
46. When one terminal of all bulbs are connected to a common end then the bulbs are said to be in ____
47. When bulbs are connected one after other in succession then the bulbs are said to be in ____
48. When bulbs are connected in parallel, if one bulb doesn't glow, the other bulbs
49. If one bulb doesn't glow remaining will continue to glow in parallel connection, because ______
50. The filament of electric bulb converts electrical energy into _____
51. The following electrical appliances contain a coil of wire made of Nichrome .
52. Heating element in electric appliances is _____ .
53. Nichrome is a _____
54. A tabular electric discharge lamp in which light is produced by the fluorescence of phosphorus coating inside the tube is _____
55. The tube light in which light is produced by the fluorescence of ______
56. An electric fuse is a small piece of wire made of a ______
57. The following device is used as safe device in electric circuit is _____
58. M.C.B is have switches which automatically turn off when _____
59. Most of the electricity that we use at home and schools is
60. A bulb with high wattage i.e, 100 W consumes ____
61. A 100 W bulb glows with _____
62. Th full form of A.C is ______
63. D.C stands for _____
64. Which unit of bulb helpful to know how powerful the bulb is ?
65. 'One unit' of electricity is _____
66. A  measure of electricity is _____
67. CFL stands for _______
68. A minimum Circuit diagram indicates the connection of _______
69. Longer line in the symbol of cell represents _________
70. Smaller line in the symbol of cell represents _________
71. The following symbol represents
72. Which of the following is used as a source of light ?
73. Arun buys 4 bulbs of 15 W, 40 W, 60 W and 100 W . Which one should be used in his room as night bulb ?
74. Find 'X' in the following figure
75. Find 'X' in the following figure