AP 8th Biology Mock Test 2023 For Chapter – 10 : ” Not For Drinking – Not For Breathing ” Online Practice Test

1. The pollution check will be done for every
2. The percentage of oxygen in atmosphere is
3. Decay of organic matter releases the gas into air
4. Thermal power plants of parawada is in
5. The power generates by using uranium is called
6. The unforgettable tragedy towards air pollution in Bhopal took place in the year
7. The industrial waste contains a large number of harmful
8. Pollutants emitted by thermal power plants causes this disease..............
9. Example for secondary pollutant
10. The Taj mahal is situated on the banks of river
11. This is responsible for "minimata" disease
12. The percentage of forests on earth is
13. Sources of CFCs are
14. "Vanamahostav" is conducted in this month
15. This is an Eco-friendly fuel
16. The cause for 'eutrophication'
17. Ozone layer is being destroyed by
18. Acid rain is due to
19. SPM can be reduced by installation of this
20. This gas is responsible for "Bhopal Gas Tragedy"
21. The petrol now we are using in our cars is ............ free
22. Tchernobyl disaster happened in ............. country
23. The most polluted river in Hyderabad is
24. A drop of engine oil can be pollute .............. litres of water
25. Sinks of Carbondioxide
26. 'Global Warming' is due to
27. This pollutants tarnishes silver objects and blackens lead paintings
28. Expand PAN
29. Choose the correct matching
  1. Acid rain                  ( ) A. Phosphates and Nitrates
  2. Eutrophication       ( ) B. Mercury
  3. Minimata                 ( ) C. SO2 + NO2
30. Identify he mismatched pair
  1. Thermal power -  Coal
  2. Hydral power - Tides of sea
  3. Tidal power - Water energy
31. This gas is released by incomplete burning of fuels in motor vehicles
32. If blue litmus is turned into red in water , water is
33. The following one is a natural cause for air pollution
34. Look at the picture carefully . This activity leads to the...............
35. Observe the picture . This activity leads to ..............
36. This activity is responsible for ..................
37. The chief gases of emissions from the factory shown in figure
38. Match the following
  1. Hydrogen sulphide             ( ) A. Power plants
  2. Particulate matter               ( ) B. Headache
  3. Air pollution                         ( ) C. Automobiles
  4. Sulphur dioxide                   ( ) D. Dust and smoke
  5. Hydro Carbons                    ( ) E. High BP
  6. Ammonia                              ( ) F. Fertilizer plant
39. Which of the following is not cause of air pollution ?
40. Natural causes for Air pollution
41. Which of the following is not a natural activity ?
42. Causes for water pollution
43. We should keep the natural resources as
44. Why should we keep natural resources healthy ?
45. 3R's means
46. Fluorine mixed in ground water cause dangerous disease called
47. Fluorosis is caused by
48. The enrichment of water by nutrients leading to excessive plant growth and duplication of oxygen is known as
49. Sediment pollution is formed by the sources such as
50. Biodegradable mainly consists
51. Not a cause for water pollution
52. Related to definite source of pollution
53. Which of the following is not a characteristics of pure or normal water ?
54. The contamination of water with unwanted and harmful substances such as sewage , toxic material is called
55. Water which is suitable for drinking is called
56. How are the villages are affected by pollution ?
57. Name of the most polluted area in India
58. Name of the most polluted district in India
59. Vanamahostav celebrated on
60. On 'Vanamahostam' ............ plants are planted
61. The main concept of Vanamahostav is
62. How to reduce pollution from vehicles ?
63. How to reduce air pollution from industries ?
64. Air pollution is like
65. What are the affects caused by air pollution ?
66. Reason for tragedy of Bhopal ?
67. Tragedy Bhopal occur in month
68. Tragedy Bhopal occur in year
69. Which department declared that 2\frac{1}{2} km around Taj Mahal ?
70. Archaeological department declared that ................... around Taj Mahal ?
71. The test conducting the gases releasing from vehicle is called
72. Which department issues the pollution under control certificate ?
73. What components are not tested in the pollution check up centre ?
74. What will happen if harmful microorganisms or substances enter your body ?
75. Pollution is
76. 4 major gases in air
  1. Carbon dioxide
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Oxygen
  4. Argon
  5. Lead
  6. Sulphur
  7. Phosphorus
77. What is the essential element for survival of all living organisms ?
78. ................. are the substances which contaminate environment
79. Name the natural disasters in world
80. What pollutants are released by forest fires ?
81. What gas is released from decay of organic matter ?
82. What gas is released from decay of organic matter lying under water ?
83. What gas are produced by burning fuels ?
84. Lime stone factory is presented in
85. Cement factory is presented in
86. Granite factory is presented in
87. The two problems of Nuclear power plants are
88. How do nuclear power plants produce power ?
89. The destruction of forests and wood is called
90. If forests reduce then it leads to
91. Throw out of lava suddenly from a mountain or hill is called
92. The place where electric power is generated by using coal is called
93. Reduce -
94. Reuse -
95. Recycle -
96. SPM stands for
97. Chloro Fluoro Carbons are used in
98. Ozone layer is affected mainly by
99. We should drink
100. Pollution mainly damaged