AP 8th Biology Mock Test 2023 For Chapter – 4 :”Reproduction In Animals” Online Practice Test

1. One of the following is the viviparous animal
2. Epidermal hair is seen in this animal
3. Asexual reproduction is seen in the following
4. Binary fission is seen in
5. Female flower do not have this part
6. Male reproduction system consists of
7. Embryo develops in this part
8. In this animal fertilization takes place externally
9. The larva of frog is called
10. Pollen grains are produced by
11. Test tube babies are formed through
12. Pregnancy period in human beings is
13. Pick out the odd one out
14. Which of the following is an Oviparous ?
15. The basic life process , which is essential for the continuation of the species ?
16. The scientist who performed cloning for the first time is
17. The transformation of larva into adult through drastic changes is called
18. Reproduction without release of male and female gametes is called
19. Animals having both male and female reproductive organs are called
20. The mode of asexual reproduction in yeast cells
21. Internal fertilization takes place in ...........
22. The larva of mosquito .......
23. The larva of housefly............
24. The respiratory organs in tadpole larva ..........
25. The function of mitochondria in sperm ...........
26. Development of embryo takes place in ..........
27. Zygote is in this condition ......
28. This is an example for marsupials ...........
29. Choose the correct match
  1. Budding            ( ) A. Amoeba
  2. Binary fusion   ( ) B. Paramoecium
  3. Conjugation     ( ) C. Hydra
30. Identify the mismatched pair
  1. Dolly - Frog
  2. Test tube baby - IVF
  3. Tadpole - Sheep
31. What is the process going on in Amoeba ?
32. Identify this animal
33. What is the process going on in the picture ?
34. What is the use of 'A'
35. What is the life process , going on in Hydra ?
36. Identify the showing part in the picture
37. Match the following
  1. Viviparous                        ( ) A. Hen
  2. Oviparous                         ( ) B. Elephant
  3. Invitro fertilization         ( ) C. Test tube baby
38. Match the following
  1. Asexual reproduction                        ( ) A. Zygote
  2. Sexual reproduction                          ( ) B. Earth worm
  3. Hermaphrodite                                  ( ) C. Hydra
39. What would happen if fusion sperm and ova does not takes place ?
40. Why animals give birth to their babies ?
41. What happens if each couple give birth to more than two babies ?
42. The process of fertilization that occurs outside of an organism is called
43. The process of fertilization that takes place inside the body of females is called
44. Animals which give birth to their offsprings are called
45. Which of the following are not a example for Viviparous animal ?
46. Animals which lay eggs are called
47. Which of the following are not related to oviparous animal ?
48. Which is formed by the fusion of male and female gametes ?
49. Which gamete is that has a tail and travel to fuse with female gametes ?
50. Identification for animals lay eggs
51. Animals give birth to young ones have
52. What are the patterns in nature that give clues to modes of reproduction ?
53. How animals could hear without external ears ?
54. Cloning of an animal was successfully performed for the first time by
55. Cloning of an animal was successfully performed for the first time by Lan Wilmut in
56. ................. is the reproduction of an exact copy of the cell , any other living part or complete organism from somatic cells
57. Zygote -----> _________ ----->Foetus
58. Female ----->Ovary ----->_______
59. _________-----> Testis -----> Sperms
60. "Test tube baby" is born through
61. Which of the following are wrong according to Female flower ?
62. Which of the following are wrong according to Male flower ?
63. What are the common parts for both male and female ?
64. Here 's' is
65. it is
66. Which of the following are binary fission ?
67. Which of the following are Budding ?
68. How many amoebas are formed ?
69. How many days did it take for a tadpole to transform into an adult frog ?
70. It is present in
71. This is present in
72. Here 'O' is
73. The cycle of changes that takes place from egg to adult is called
74. According to life cycle of butterfly put the following in correct order
  1. Adult
  2. egg
  3. Larva
  4. Pupa
75. Here "S" is
76. what is there ?
77. Match the following
  1. Oviparous                    ( ) A. Tadpole to adult
  2. Metamorphosis          ( ) B. Birds
  3. Embryo                        ( ) C. Fertilization outside the body
  4. External fertilization   ( ) D. Developed Zygote
78. The labelled part is used for
79. Sperm reaches the ovum in
80. The movement of cilia help the movement of ovum through the
81. I am fully developed embryo inside a mother's body , Who am I ?
82. Which of the following is not correct according to Hydra ?
83. Which of the following is correct according to Amoeba ?
84. Example for Asexual reproduction
85. The period a baby is born is called
86. From the 3rd month of pregnancy of the embryo is called
87. Reproduction without the fusion of gametes is called
88. Mother give birth to the new individuals after fertilization is called
89. The ovary produces female gametes called
90. Some animals carry both male and female reproductive organs . Such animals are called
91. Hermaphrodite also called as
92. Where the embryo develops into a baby ?
93. The period from zygote to fully developed foetus is called
94. The hair that grows on skin is called
95. Hen , egg are examples for
96. The term used for bulges observed on the side of the body of hydra is called
97. Eggs produced in
98. Another term for fertilized egg
99. The larva is known as
100. The ability of an organisms to produce a new generation of individuals of same species is called