AP 8th Biology Mock Test 2023 For Chapter – 5 :”Attaining The Age Of Adolescence” Online Practice Test

1. Adolescence age is between
2. Adolescent show interest to spend time with
3. Adam's apple is present in
4. In adolescents the reproductive organs produce
5. The legal age for marriage for girls is
6. The glands that play an important role in development of the reproductive system
7. The character of living organisms is
8. The gland responsible for control emotions is
9. The age between childhood and adulthood is
10. During adolescence children grow to the height of
11. Smokers percentage in AP
12. The partial growth of Larynx is
13. The number of cartilage present in Larynx
14. Oil glands are
15. First menstruation in girls is termed as
16. Legal age for marriage in Men ...........
17. This element is essential for the production of RBC ...............
18. Secondary sexual characters are seen in ...............
19. Choose the correct matching from the following
  1. Psychologist             ( ) A. Adolescent education
  2. Red Ribbon Club    ( ) B. Adolescent boys
  3. Adam's Apple          ( ) C. Stanley Hall
20. Identify the mismatched pair
  1. Adrenalin - Controls emotions
  2. Testosterone - Production of sperm cells
  3. Leutinizing Hormone -  Production of ovum
21. 'Menopause' is seen in ...............
22. During adolescent voice of boys become
23. Pimples are due to the over activity of ................ glands
24. We grow maximum height during
25. Stoppage of menstruation is called
26. Adolescence is a age of stress and strain , they need the help of
27. It is very essential for overall growth during adolescence
28. "Adolescence is the age of stress and strain" this was said by
29. This harmone is responsible for changes in girls during adolescence
30. Menstruation in women is a .............
31. It is symbol for
32. Name the endocrine gland that is present on kidney is called .............
33. Write the name of labelled area which acts as endocrine gland
34. Endocrine gland that is present near the heart
35. Name the labelled part shown in adolescent boy
36. Match the following
  1. Testes                           ( ) A. Ova
  2. Endocrine gland        ( ) B. Estrogen
  3. Menarche                    ( ) C. Pituitary gland
  4. Female hormone       ( ) D. Sperm
  5. Ovaries                        ( ) E. First menstruation
  6. Male harmone           ( ) F. Testosterone
37. Natural phenomenon of period between childhood and adulthood is
38. The age between 10 and 19 years is
39. Voice box means
40. Adam's apple is a partial growth in
41. The time between 11 to 15 years is
42. Adolescents become capable of reproduction when their testes and ovaries begin to produce gametes is occured is known as
43. Sweat glands are present in
44. Which of the following is wrong about sweat glands ?
45. The use of sebum is
46. Sebum is
47. Oil like substance like sebum is produced from
48. Which of the following are secondary sexual characters in men ?
  1. Breasts begin to developed
  2. Facial hair
  3. Moustaches
  4. Beard begin to grow
49. What are the following called ?
  • Breasts begin to developed
  • Facial hair
  • Moustaches
  • Beard begin to grow
50. secondary sexual characters occur in
51. Menstruation cycle occur once in
52. The cycle of changes takes place in female reproductive system is called
53. ................. is sign of starting of release of ova in female reproductive system
54. If menstruation remains irregular for over a year there is a need to consult
55. Match the following
  1. Testes                            ( ) a. Estrogen
  2. Endocrine gland           ( ) b. Pituitary
  3. Menarche                     ( ) c. Sperm
  4. Female hormone         ( ) d. First menstruation
56. What are the changes that could be observed in adolescence phase ?
57. Causes for common acne and pimples are
58. To improve height what should we do ?
59. What is adolescence period ?
60. In which period growth takes place ?
61. When does growth in height stop in boys ?
62. When does growth in height stop in girls ?
63. Who do grow faster ?
64. What is Adam's apple ?
65. The Adam's apple formed due to
66. Facial hair , Moustaches and beard are secondary sexual characters of
67. The first menstrual cycle begins at adolescence age is
68. The stopping of menstrual cycle is
69. The diet which includes proteins , carbohydrates , fats and vitamins in require proportions is called a
70. Balanced diet consists more quantity is
71. What are the factors involved in , to reach proper height ?
72. The problems for eating junk food are
73. Ductless glands means
74. Which of the following are not a example for ductless glands ?
75. Pituitary gland is
76. How do young boys and girls keep the body fit and healthy ?
77. Why do hunger levels are high in adolescents ?
78. What is the hormone begin to produce in girls ?
79. What is the name of milk secreting glands ?
80. The use of mammary glands are
81. What is male hormone ?
82. What is child marriage ?
83. What do endocrine glands released ?
84. Adolescence age is confusion stage due to
85. Adrenalin is present in
86. Thyroid is present in
87. Testosterone
88. Adrenalin is
89. Leutinizing hormone
90. Pancreas located in
91. Name the gland that secrets Testosterone
92. Name the harmone that is responsible for menstruation in female
93. Who show interest to spend more with peer
94. Sebaceous glands are
95. Which element play an important role for production of RBC ?
96. Stanley Hall said that
97. One of the main gland that play an important role in pimples is
98. LH stands for
99. FSH means
100. The adolescence people are