AP 8th Biology Mock Test 2023 For Chapter – 9 : ” Production And Management Of Food From Animals ” Online Practice Test

1. The common and dangerous disease in cows and buffaloes is
2. The doctors who provide treatment and health care for the cattle
3. In Pasteurization milk is heated at the temperature
4. In Odisa traditional live stock , the following buffaloes are reared
5. Layers are reared for the production of
6. The egg prices are high in the months of
7. The Indian Traditional variety meant for fighting is
8. The weight of Emu bird is nearly
9. Number of queen bees in a colony is
10. The important fish available in our marine area is
11. Animal husbandry is a part and parcel of
12. Nattale Vyadhi is very common in
13. Traditional variety of cow is
14. High milk yielding foreign variety cow
15. What is the temperature used in Pasteurization ?
16. " White revolution " is related to
17. " Green revolution " is related to
18. India held this position in eggs production
19. India held this position in chicken production
20. White plymouth , Rhode island Red are examples for
21. How many days did a hen spend to hatch its egg ?
22. Hatchability of eggs generally influenced by this temperature
23. " Divine food " is
24. The primary function of a queen bee in a hive is
25. " Father of white revolution in India "
26. The purity of milk is calculated by
27. 'Bee Venum' is prepared in the production of
28. India has the coast line about
29. The major use of "bee wax" is
30. " Flightless bird" that is reared fr commercial practice
31. Bones of dead cattle are used in
32. Sea weeds are used in the production of
33. " Operation flood " means
34. In which month the milk production is high in our state ?
35. ..................... can be produced by cattle waste
36. ................ million of eggs are producing per year in our country
37. How many recognized honey bee species are there in India ?
38. Life span of a queen bee is
39. Drone lives for ................ days
40. Apis millifera produces ........ kgs of honey per annum
41. The milk of this buffalo tastes a bit salty and kept up to 7 days without refrigeration
42. The bullock that is best suitable for drought areas
43. According to Economical and Statistical survey of India - 2011 , .......... litres of milk is produced in our state
44. Holstein and Jersy give .......... litres of milk per day
45. Example for sea weeds
46. By observing the following , name the month in which the milk production is maximum
47. This is the logo of
48. Look at the pie diagram , we get milk from cattle . From which animals we get maximum milk production ?
49. Can you identify this foreign variety high milk yielding species ?
50. Name the great man who led the "operation flood"
51. Can you identify this "Flighted bird " ?
52. Name the famous local fowl variety
53. Identify the strong , healthy local bullock variety best suitable for drought areas
54. From where do we obtain food ?
55. What are the food materials that are obtained by animals ?
56. In animal husbandry we provide
57. Animals are used since a long time for
58. Animal husbandry is ....................... of agriculture
59. Animals are not useful for
60. Milk production is not effected by
61. Where do people rear their cattle in village ?
62. Where do people keep their cattle ?
63. In rainy season how are cattle protected from mosquitoes ?
64. Who will provide treatment and health care for cattle ?
65. Name the dangerous disease in cows and buffaloes
66. Name the dangerous disease in sheep and goats
67. How do our government treats milk production ?
68. How much milk is given by traditional species of cows ?
69. How much milk is given by murra species ?
70. Holstein belongs to
71. Name the foreign varieties of cows
72. What is the milk yield from foreign varieties ?
73. In pasteurization milk cooled
74. The destruction of disease producing organisms present in milk is called
75. In which month milk production is high ?
76. Who is the father of white revolution ?
77. Galikuntu is disease for
78. Nattala Vyadhi is disease for
79. Prof.J.K.Korian is father of
80. Milk of Animals are secreted from
81. Why do some persons collect bones of dead animals ?
82. What is the use of leather of industry ?
83. Biogas is used for
84. Biogas produced from
85. Broilers are hen reared for
86. Layers are hens reared for
87. Production and rearing of hens on a large scale is called
88. India produced ....... eggs per annum
89. India occupy 4th position in
90. Name the foreign variety of hens giving meat
91. In which months the egg prices are high ?
92. Why egg prices are more in January to April ?
93. Required temperature for hatchability of eggs ?
94. Name the traditional variety meant for fighting
95. What is life span of natural wild varieties ?
96. How much honey is produced by Indian honey bee ?
97. Which honey bee is produces more honey ?
98. European honey bee produces ................ honey
99. Which honey bees present in honey bee colony highly ?
100. Placing the egg under broody hen to produce chicken is