AP 8th Physical Science Mock Test 2023 For Chapter – 1 : ” Force ” Online Practice Test

1. This force always acts vertically
2. The force applied on an unit area is called
3. The direction of friction is
4. Find the net force acting on the body

5. Pressure =
6. Abhiram : Force is only pull
Jairam : Force is only push

Whose statement is correct ?
7. Force : Newton = Pressure : _______
8. Remember the activity : Rubbing the balloon with a plastic cover and then bring it towards pepper powder then
9. Which material needed to perform the activity that finding the limit force of a thread ?
10. Magnetic force is a ...............
11. If a book is kept on the table , then friction acting between table and book is
12. The force shown with arrow in the given figure is ......................

13. The substances that reduce the frictional force are called
14. Taking rupee coin on the floor is an example for
15. The force applied by a surface on another surface in perpendicular direction is
16. Which of the following statements is correct about a force ?
17. Which of the following actions involves both pulling and pushing forces ?
18. A disadvantage of friction is us that
19. A sharp knife can cut food much more easily because
20. With the increase in the weight of an object the pressure
21. Which of the following statements about force is incorrect ?
22. Pressure can be increased by
23. Pressure varies with force (F) as [provide area is same]
24. Study the above diagram given . Why the given object does not move ?

25. An action that involves pushing force is
26. Pressure depends on ....................
27. Which of the following statement is incorrect ?
28. Force has ......... as well as .............
29. Play carrom board with your friend . Does the coin move in same direction in each case ?
30. Praveen is unable to lift a box off the ground . The force that makes it difficult to do so is

I. Fiction
II. Gravity
III. The weight of box
IV. The weight of praveen
31. Read and study the given actions carefully and answer correctly to "Where the friction is useful " ................

I. Striking a match stick
II. Writing with pencil
III. Pushing a cupboard from one room to another
IV. Sharpening a knife
32. Siri wants to hit some pins in a balloon game as shown in figure . To do so , where she should apply a force on the balloon

33. Which of the following statement is correct about force of gravity ?
34. Study the figure given below . At what point , the pressure is he greatest ?

35. Pressure exerted by a sharp needle on surface is
36. .......................... force acting upon a falling apple
37. When 2 object are rubbed with each other then force which comes into play is
38. Magnetic force is a ............ type of force
39. The unit of force in SI unit system is
40. ........... poles of magnets exerts a force of repulsion on each other
41. ............................. is a force that acts in direction opposite to the movement of an object
42. ............... materials can return to their original shape after force is removed
43. ......................... can act on objects at a distance
44. Pressure is ............. per unit area
45. ................ is change in position of an object
46. Weight is the measurement of .............
47. ........... is push and pull resulting in motion of body
48. Hitting the ball by using bat is an example for
49. The force exerted by one rubber band is F . Then the net force acting on your finger when 4 rubber bands are used is
50. Brushing is an example of
51. It is possible now to ride a car on the board because ........... force
52. The force which we exert by using our body muscles is called
53. Match the following
  1. Gravitational force      ( ) a. Bits of paper are raised
  2. Frictional force            ( ) b. Fruit falling from tree
  3. Electrostatic force       ( ) c. Heat is generated
54. Match the following
  1. Magnetic force    ( ) a. Horse pulling a cart
  2. Muscular force    ( ) b. Iron nails attracted
  3. Unit of force        ( ) c. Newton
55. Match the following
  1. Force responsible for attraction between two objects                                                                          ( ) a. Magnetic
  2. Force by which the earth , the moon and other massive large objects attracts another object   ( ) b. Gravitational
  3. Force applied by muscles of our body                                                                                                      ( ) c. Muscular
56. Match the following
  1. Force exerted by a surface as an object moves across it     ( ) a. Weight
  2. The amount of substance contained in an object                 ( ) b. Newton
  3. Force due to earth is called                                                       ( ) c. Mass
57. The pull or push between two poles of magnet is called
58. Why are you slipping while you are walking on wet mud ?
59. The force results when there is a direct physical contact between 2 interacting objects is called
60. The force which occurs without any physical contact between 2 objects is known as
61. The force which we exert by using our body muscles is known as
62. The resistance to the movement of a body over the surface of another body is known as
63. The force that a solid surface exerts on any object in normal direction is called
64. The force exerted by a magnet on another magnet is called
65. The attractive forces between any two massive objects is called
66. The force exerted by charged body on other charged or uncharged body is called
67. The algebraic sum of the forces acting on a body  is called
68. The space around the magnet where its influence can be detected is called
69. What is free body diagram ?
70. The force acting perpendicularly on a unit area of surface is called
71. Pressure =
72. What is the units of pressure ?
73. A blacksmith hammers a hot piece of iron while making a tool . How does the force due to hammering affect the piece of iron ?
74. A rocket has been fired upwards to launch a satellite in its orbit . Name the two forces acting on the rocket immediately after leaving the launching pad ?
75. What are the contact forces ?
76. What are the forces at a distance?
77. Stretch a rope or string , the tightness of rope or string is called
78. Why do school bags and shopping bags have broad straps as handles ?
79. Let us say the force exerted by one rubber band is F units and the force exerted by the second rubber band is F units what will be the net force of 2 rubber bands ?
80. Where does gravitational force exists ?
81. How does the earth hold the atmosphere ?
82. Why do rivers flow down to sea ?
83. Why does a stone thrown up into the sky fall back to the earth ?
84. What is the force which pulls the pen down ?
85. Why is pen fall down ?
86. The reason for iron fillings set pattern around magnet is due to
87. Name the space around the magnet
88. What are the forces acting on an object paced on a floor ?
89. What is the net force acting on object in this case ?
90. What forces are acting on object ?
91. What happens if net force acts opposite to motion of an object ?
92. If we apply two unequal forces F1 , F2 applied in same direction and opposite directions(F1>F2) then what is net force ?
93. Taking sewing needle . Rub it with a bar magnet several times always moving the magnet in same direction then what happen to needles ?
94. The change in speed of an object or direction of its motion or both is called
95. The state in which opposing forces are balanced is
96. Size of quantity is called
97. A : Force is a push or pull
B : Tension always pull the objects along the string
98. A : Force can change the state of motion of an object
B : Force may not cause a change in shape o an object
99. " Take a tray . Place a small ice cue , eraser and one rupee coin to stay on line at one end of tray . Now slowly lift this end of tray " then what do you observe ?
100. " Take a tray . Place a small ice cue , eraser and one rupee coin to stay on line at one end of tray . Now slowly lift this end of tray " then which of the objects experiences more frictional force due to more normal force exerted on surface ?