AP 8th Physical Science Mock Test 2021 For Chapter – 9 : ” Some Natural Phenomena ” Online Practice Test

1. Seismograph is related to
2. The person who introduced the concept of different kinds of charges is
3. The earth quake under a sea is called
4. Generally lightning conductors are made of
5. Electroscope contains
6. ____________ is used to find the presence of charge on the surface of an object
7. In the process of earthing , charge is transferred from
8. The outer layer of earth is called
9. _________ is an instrument used to measure the occurrence of an earth quake
10. Generally earth quake is caused by a disturbance deep in the
11. If the Richter scale reading is 7.3 , it is
12. The centre part of earth is called
13. Seismograph records
14. Two kinds of charges are there , they are
15. Identify true statement
16. " Lightning an spark from your clothes are essentially same phenomena " This experiment showed by scientist
17. When the gas rubbed with silk cloth , the charge acquired by silk cloth is
18. The device used to test whether an object is carrying charge or not is
19. The upper layer of earth is called
20. Seismic waves recorded by an instrument called
21. Increase in 2 in magnitude of Richter scale means _______times more destructive energy
22. ___________ is simple device which can be used without any technological back ground o measure the occurrence of earthquake
23. Hyderabad lies in seismic zone of
24. Unlike charge _____ each other
25. Discharge takes place between negative and positive charge which produce streaks of bright light is called
26. _______________ is a device used to protect building from the effects of lighting
27. The outer most layer of the earth is fragmented . Each fragment is called
28. The waves produced by tremors on the surface of earth is called
29. The power of earth quake expressed in terms  of _________ scale
30. ______________ measures energy released by the earthquake more accurately
31. Unlike magnet poles ________ each other
32. Like magnet poles ________ each other
33. The charge acquired glass rod when it is rubbed with silk cloth is
34. The process of transferring of charge from a charged object to the earth is called
35. __________ protect us from a electric shocks due to any leakage of electric charge
36. The seismic zones where earthquakes more likely to occur are called
37. Match the following
  1. Electroscope                    ( ) a. Device used at protect buildings from                                                                   lightning
  2. Lightning conductor      ( ) b. Used to detect charged object
  3. Seismograph                    ( ) c. Instrument records seismic waves
38. Match the following
  1. Seismoscope      ( ) a. Repel
  2. Richter scale      ( ) b. Time to occurrence of earthquake
  3. like charges        ( ) c. Power of earthquake
39. Match the following
  1. Lightning                ( ) a. Produce streaks of bright light
  2. Earthing                  ( ) b. Protect us from electric shock due to leakage of                                         charge
  3. Unlike charges       ( ) c. Attract
40. Match the following
    1. The uppermost layer of earth                       ( ) a. Seismograph
    2. Seismic waves recorded by a instrument   ( ) b. Electroscope
    3. Device used to test whether an object is
      carrying charge or not                                    ( ) c. Crust
41. The process where flow of charge takes place between negative and positive charges which produce streaks of bright light and sound is called
42. An earthquake is
43. Each fragment in  the earth is
44. Which device is used to detect whether a body is charged or not ?
45. What is the lightning ?
46. Lightning conductor is a device used for
47. When a glass rod rubbed with a silk cloth by sign convention the charge acquired by sick cloth is taken as
48. When a glass rod rubbed with a silk cloth by sign convention the charge acquired by glass rod is taken as
49. Destructive energy of an earthquake is measured on
50. The seismic waves are recorded by using
51. Which instrument is used to measure the occurrence or the time occurrence of an earthquake ?
52. A loud rumbling or crashing noise heard after a lighting flash due to expansion of rapidly heated air is a
53. What is thunder storm ?
54. What is tsunami ?
55. What is tremor ?
56. The movement of charge from one place to another place is called
57. The process of transfer of charge from a charged object to earth is called
58. Which of the following can't charged easily by friction ?
59. Like charges attract each other it is
60. A charged glass rod attract a charged plastic straw
61. Lightning conductor cannot protect a building from lightning
62. earthquakes can be predicted in advance
63. When a glass rod  is rubbed with a piece of silk cloth the rod
64. Which place in AP experiences earthquakes most of the time ?
65. Chittoor , Nellore and Krishna have greater possibility of earthquakes because they lie in Zone
66. Which of the following are examples of effects in your daily life caused by transfer of charges ?
67. Can we rub a comb against our palm and make it attract pieces of paper ?
68. Do all objects show the property of attracting pieces or papers after rubbing ?
69. Which of the following does not attract the piece of papers after rubbed ?
70. Why don't some materials not attract pieces of paper even after rubbing ?
71. Inflate 2 balloons and hang them in such a way that they do not touch each other . Rb both balloons with woolen cloth and relax them then what do you observe ?
72. Does repulsion between charged balloons indicate that they possess similar charge ?
73. Does the attraction between charged balloons and a charged refill indicate that they possess different charges ?
74. ____________ is caused by a disturbances deep inside the earth's crust
75. What happens when earthquake occur ?
76. What is the use of earthing ?
77. The destructive earthquake has magnitude ___________ on the Richter scale
78. Name the waves that produce waves on the surface
79. The city of Hyderabad lies in the seismic zone of
80. How do we measure the intensity of the earthquakes ?
81. Which safe place during thunder ?
82. Where does the electrical discharge takes place ?
83. Why does earthing provided in building ?
84. Which of the following are used at buildings acts as lightning conductor ?
85. How does lighting conductor works during lightning ?
86. Core is divided into ______ parts
87. The cause of earthquake is
88. Which of the following produce seismic waves ?
89. What are the indicators before major earthquake ?
90. What are the main instruments used by seismologists ?
91. Who are seismologists ?
92. Is any indicators before coming of earthquakes ?
93. Find the odd one
94. Find the true one
95. Find the false statement
96. Find the true statement
97. The yellow part is

98. Why the papers attracted by comb ?

99. Janu : Earthquake is caused by movement of earth plates
Janvi : Sometimes Earth quake gives signs before coming

Who is correct ?
100. Rishi : Seismologists studied about the earth and earthquakes
Rami : Seismologists used electroscope

Who is wrong ?


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