AP 9th Biology Mock Test 2023 For chapter – 10 “Soil Pollution” Online Practice Test

1. The process of materials being digested and broken down into simple substances , making nutrients available to plants
2. DDT stands for
3. Water logging and salinity in the soil cause
4. The biological remedy to abade or clean up contamination is called ..........
5. Among the given options , which one is not correct for the use of large amount of fertilizers and pesticides ?
6. Top-soil contains the following
7. Major source of mineral in the soil is the
8. Soil is the component of
9. Soil that is best suited for plant growth is
10. Sun causes weathering of rocks through
11. Which one of the following soil is transported by air ?
12. Biological weathering is caused by
13. Wind breaks are
14. Toxic chemicals released by paper industry are
15. Major source of formation of soil is
16. Scientists predicted about causing of many dreadful and unknown diseases due to what factor ?
17. What sequences you can estimate due to deforestation ?
18. If a farmer had an idea of over spraying of pesticides and herbicides , what would be the result you can imagine from his idea ?
19. a : Organic wastes decomposition release methane into the soil
b : Health problems may arise due to organic wastes
20. The non-degradable substances you found in your home
21. What can you obtain from wet wastes such as vegetable and fruit peels ?
22. What is the present role of DDT in terms of killing germs ?
23. What are the chemical fertilizers mostly used in your local crop fields ?
24. The average per capita solid wastes produced per day is
25. Pyrolysis of carbonaceous such as methyl alcohol , acetone , fun gas reduce soil pollution. it is
26. It is
27. The following shows
28. The following flow chart indicates
29. Material that cannot be degraded by microbial action
30. One of the following methods prevent soil erosion along with the plants
31. Materials which are to be re-used ?
32. Which of the following method is not conserving the paper ?
33. Which of the following methods are conserving the paper ?
34. Environment is mainly composed of
35. Indians worship the earth as
36. The % of organic matter in soil is
37. In organic matter it is not a composition
38. Soil is made up of
39. Healthy soil is fundamental to
40. Soil can take .............. to ................ years to form one inch of top soil
41. Soil has .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, types of properties
42. Organic matter in soil improves
43. In one acre ............. earthworms are present
44. Which of the following is not a physical properties ?
45. The above all are properties belongs to
  • Abundance of biological activity
  • Humus available for plant nutrient uptake
  • Cycling of nutrient
46. What is the use of pH ?
47. The availability of following tends to decrease with decreasing pH since conditions which satisfy the soil
48. Major microbial groups in soil
49. Major microbial on plants feed on plant residues burrow the soil  and help
50. Important elements in soil fertility
51. Soil microbes converts the organic forms of elements into inorganic forms and liberates carbon dioxide , ammonia , sulphate then it is called the
52. What are the chemical properties of soil ?
53. What are the physical properties of soil ?
54. Which of the following shows properties of soil ?
55. The plant roots provide sugar for the growth of
56. Per capita wet wastes produced at home =
57. From the following figure which takes major place in pollution ?
58. Bio-degradable waste includes
59. Which of the following is not example for Bio-degradable waste ?
60. Which of the following are examples for Non- biodegradable waste ?
61. e - waste are
62. Which of the following leads to soil pollution ?
63. The process of materials being digested and broken down into simpler substances , making nutrients more available to plants is called
64. What preventions would we take to reduce soil pollution ?
65. Which of the following is not cause for soil pollution ?
66. Soil pollution can be classified into following categories
67. Pollution in soil is associated with
68. The folllowing is
69. BHC means
70. The over use of NPK fertilizers
71. Excess potassium content in soil
72. To kill unwanted population in fields farmers use
73. Why farmers use the following ?
74. The first widespread insecticides use began at end of world ware II that include
75. Name the nutrients which help to growth of plants ?
76. Here vulture is
77. Persistent chemicals-substances that do not breakdown readily in the environment like DDT & BHC because they contain
78. The process of increasing concentration through food chain is known as
79. It is the
80. Underground soil in cities is likely to be polluted by
81. Effects on agriculture due to soil pollution are
a .Increase crop yield
b .Reduced soil fertility and nitrogen fixation
c .Imbalance in soil fauna and flora
82. Which of the following is not correct ?
83. 3 R's means
84. Urban area effect by soil pollution as
85. Suggestions to prevent soil pollution are
a . We can limit constructions in sensitive area
b . Follow three R's
c .Reforesting
d . Reducing chemical fertilizers
e . Reduce pesticide use
86. What is the following ?
87. The process of combustion in absence of oxygen or the material burnt under controlled atmosphere of oxygen is called
88. Pyrolysis takes place under
89. a .Crop rotation improve the fertility of land
b .Mixed cropping  improve the fertility of land
90. What is mean by Bio-remediation ?
91. Gobar gas contains
92. Land pollution occurs massively due to
93. How to conserve the soil ?
94. a .Planting trees reduce soil erosion
b . Planting trees way to soil conservation
95. Crop rotation helps in improvement of soil structure and fertilty
96. Methods to soil conservation are
97. Which of the following is not a method to soil conservation ?
98. Land pollution broadly caused by
99. Physical elements are
100. What are the main components of soil ?