AP 9th Biology Mock Test 2021 For Chapter 11 : “Bio-Geo-Chemical Cycles” Online Practice Test

1. The cycles that involve the flow of nutrients in on earth from environment to organisms and back through certain pathways
2. Nitrites are produced mainly by a bacteria
3. CFC means
4. Which gas is responsible for green house effect?
5. .............is an abundant  element next to nitrogen.
6. ............ gas is needed for the aerobic decomposition of organic matter.
7. If BOD increases the demand for oxygen...........
8. Troposphere extends from the earth's surface up to about........km.
9. Ozone contains...............number of oxygen atom(s).
10. The ozone layer absorbs...........region/portion of the radiation from the sun.
11. About .....% of fresh water is permanently frozen in glaciers and at the polar ice caps.
12. Which of the following organism is a symbiotic nitrogen fixer ?
13. Which of the following organisms is a free-living nitrogen fixer?
14. Conversion of nitrites and nitrates from ammonia is called.
15. Which of the following is elemental form of Carbon ?
16. Which of the following elements is common among proteins,carbohydrates, nucleic acids and vitamins ?
17. CO2 makes up about..............%by volume of air.
18. The colour of Ozone is
19. Decomposition of organic. waste requires
20. The percent of salt water on earth is .......
21. Fossil flues are
22. Which of the following is green house gases ?
23. Which of the following element/molecule is essential for aerobic respiration ?
24. Find out the incorrect sentence .
25. Denitrifying bacteria:Ammonia::Nitrobactor:.......?
26. A) Animals return carbon in to atmosphere as CO2B)CO2 is released in to atmosphere by circulation .
27. Read the statements
i)O2 is needed for decomposition of organic waste
ii)O2 is in water in dissolved state
iii)BOD is a good indicator for biodegradable waste
28. Artificial green house is made of .
29. How many times you did repeat recording temperature in the experiment conducted on "Green house effect on temperature" ?
30. Excess of nitrates cause .......in rivers.
31. The purpose of Montreal protocol
32. Causes of ozone depletion .
33. The plants help for nitrogen cycle
34. O2 is returned to atmosphere through .....and helps animals.
35. Major reservoirs of carbon
36. The nitrogen contain of the earth and its atmosphere remains in a perfect balance is done by..............
37. What happens if nitrogen fixation is stopped ?
1 .Nitrogen in the soil is reduced
2 .Nitrogen will not be available to plants
3 .Plants and animals would die
4 .Depletion of nitrogen in the environment
38. The diagram indicates
39. Choose the wrongly labelled one and replace it with correct option
40. Which of the following is not a slogan related to Green house effect ?
41. Which of the following is not an important for human life ?
42. The use of following is
43. The Oxygen play important role in following
44. Where does ultraviolet rays come from ?
45. Which of the following is not correct related to Ozone layer ?
46. What happens if the Ozone layer is damaged?
47. Ozone layer absorbs the ..... form sun
48. What are the human activities which cause green house effect ?
49. Why should we conserve water resources ?
50. Nitrosomonas Rhizobsum is example for
51. Conversion of nitrates into atmospheric nitrogen
52. In nitrification , nitrogen converted into ammonia by
53. Water cycle is also called as
54. Chemical formula for ' Glucose '
55. Too much of algal growth in rivers and lakes is called
56. Which 'forms' of nitrogen are taken up by plants from the soil ?
57. Rhizobium forms symbiotic relationship with roots of which groups of plants ?
58. How many atoms are present in the atmospheric nitrogen ?
59. Most abundant element in the atmosphere is
60. Causes for acid rain
61. Which solvent is called as ' Universal solvent ' ?
62. The most essential and abundant substance in living things is
63. How much % of water on the earth is present in the oceans ?
64. Give examples for fossil fuels ?
65. Fossil fuels like coal and oil are mainly made of which elements ?
66. Expand BOD
67. Expand CFCs
68. What is the main concern of Montreal protocol ?
69. Production of ammonia from nitrates and other nitrogenous compounds are called
70. Which of the following is not a stage in nitrogen cycle ?
71. Ordered the following in sequence
i  . Ammonification
ii . Nitrification
iii . Assimilation
iv . Nitrogen fixation
v . Denitrification
72. Nitrogen makes it way back into the atmosphere through a
73. The whole process in which water evaporates and falls beck on the surface of the earth is known as the water - cycle  is
74. Nitrogen is converted from the inert atmosphere molecular form into a form that is useful in biological processes is known as
75. Sequence of processes through which carbon compounds move from one carbon reservoir or sink to another and back is ................. cycle
76. Which of the following is not a reason for global warming ?
77. The enrichment of .................... by nutrients is called eutrophication
79. Formula for Ozone
80. Which gas is present at a height of 16 - 23 kms from the surface of th earth ?
81. a . Over usage of fossil fuels is hazardous to the nature
b . Burning fossil fuels helps in growth of plants
82. The following picture shows
83. Ozone is a molecule containing .................. oxygen atoms
84. The colour of ozone is
85. i ............. has a strong odour
ii ................has no colour
86. The discovery of an Ozone hole over ................. prompted action to control the use of gases which have a destructive effect on the ozone layer
87. A substance that supplies nutrition to living organisms is called as
88. The warming of Earth's atmosphere and surface by the atmospheric green house gases is called
89. Tallest mountain on the planet is
90. ................... convert organic waste into stable inorganic materials
91. Formula for carbon dioxide is
92. When a plant dies , it is broken down by microorganisms they are called as
94. Which of the following is formula for ammonium ions ?
95. Production of Ammonia from Nitrates and other Nitrogenous compounds is called
96. Human body composed of about ..............% of water
97. What does the following shows
98. Which of the following shows water cycle ?
99. Which protects the earth from UV rays ?
100. Which of the following is very dangerous to living organisms on the earth ?


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