AP 9th Biology Mock Test 2021 For Chapter 3 – ” Animal Tissues ” Online Practice Test

1. Axons of some cells are covered with a sheath like structure called ________
2. The tissue that is responsible for receiving and conducting impulses in our body
3. Normal adult human beings have about _____ litres of blood
4. Average life time of RBC
5. Person with AB blood group can donate blood to person with ________ blood group person only
6. The short projections arising from the cell body of neuron are called
7. Skin is made up of
8. Which epithelial tissue provides mechanical support to the ducts of salivary glands ?
9. Lining of blood vessels and lung alveoli are made up of which type of epithelial tissue ?
10. Hair like projections on the outer surface of columnar epithelial cells are known as
11. Which of the following is not an animal tissue ?
12. Fat storing tissue in our body is called
13. Which of the following tissue helps the internal organs to locate in their specific places ?
14. Which of the following cellular components of the blood is responsible for the production of antibodies ?
15. The tissue present in trachea of respiratory passage
16. Red blood cells : Erythrocytes :: White Blood Cells : ?
17. Observe the a , b statements
a . The flexibility of the membrane to engulf food
b . Amoeba acquires its food by this process only
18. Which of the following is not true about sponges ?
19. Which of the following is not the function of a vacuole ?
20. In order to observe muscle cells in the piece of chicken you suppose to use the following chemical
21. Identify the correct sequence to observe the onion roots while conducting experiments in your laboratory
a . Observe the structure and arrangement of the cells under the microscope
b . Take an onion root tip and place it on the slide
c . Cover it with cover slip and allow to spread the material
d . Put a drop of water and then a drop of glycerine on it
22. Which cells help in blood clotting at the site of injury ?
23. Name the connective tissue present at the joints of our body
24. Bone is not present in these animals
25. Universal donor blood group
26. Because of involutionary function of _______ muscles our heart , intestine , lungs work continuously
27. Universal recipients are
28. Which connective tissue connects muscles with bone ?
29. Identify the granule cells
30. If connective tissue is damaged in our body , what would be the consequences
a . Tissues binding capacity decreases
b . Tissues supporting capacity will disappear
c . Tissues rigidity increases
d . The body defence , body repair increases
e . The transport material from one tissue to another increases
31. Match the following
List - I                                               List - II
1 . Lung alveoli                               a . Squamous epithelium
2 . Lining of organs                       b . Cuboidal epithelium
3 . Gland                                          c . Columnar epithelium
4 . Secretion                                    d . Glandular epithelium
32. Match the following
Group - A                 Group - B
1 . Blood                     a . Give shape and support
2 . Bone                      b . With epithelial tissue and cover body
3 . Brain                     c . Help in carrying body's fluids
4 . Skin                       d . Nervous tissue for stimulus , response
33. Identify the neuron with axon and more dendrites
34. Here ' N ' represents
35. Which of the following organelle is responsible for mechanical support and enzyme transport ?
36. Which labelled cell is found in muscular system ?
37. Name the following
38. What is the following muscle ?
39. The following is
40. Dendrites are present in
41. Cardiac muscle are present in
42. ____________ transfers the message from body organs to brain and vice versa
43. Other name for RBC
44. Which protein is present in RBC ?
45. The function of _________ is to transport Oxygen and carbon dioxide
46. What is the life span of RBC ?
47. What is the number of RBC in blood per 1 ml of blood ?
48. Who are universal recipients ?
49. How can you recognize type ' A ' blood group ?
50. If you want to identify the blood group what material should be kept with you ?
51. Name the tissue that helps in storage of fats
52. Adipose tissue acts as an
53. Name the muscle fibre which contains intercalated discs
54. What will happens when a bone is dipped into HCL ?
55. Blood cells are discovered by
56. Whom do you appreciate in carrying out the activities of an organ effectively ?
57. Monocytes are known as
58. Lymphocytes are known as
59. In which animals nucleus is present in RBC ?
60. what is the name of the connective tissue that connects muscle to bone ?
61. What is the name of the connective tissue that connects bones at joints ?
62. Bone is made up of
63. Which cells help in repair of the tissues when they are injured ?
64. Granular structures in the cytoplasm of cell body of a neuron are known as
65. Cell body of a neuron or nerve cell is known as
66. Unstriated muscles are also called as
67. Striated muscles are also known as
68. Our heart is made up of
69. Which tissue is responsible for movement of hands and legs ?
70. Person with which blood group is called as ' Universal donor ?
71. Person with which blood group is called as ' Universal recipient ' ?
72. Person with which blood group can donate the blood to all other groups ?
73. Person with which blood group can receive the blood to all other groups ?
74. Why does blood not clot inside ?
75. Blood is
76. Columnar epithelial tissues are present in our body  as in
77. Villi is a
78. If your skin is burnt or wounded which tissue would be affected ?
79. The use of axons are
80. The use of dendrites are
81. Striated muscles are present in
82. Unstriated muscles are present in
83. What is the FLUID TISSUE OF THE BODY  ?
84. Match the following
1 . Skin                                                       ( ) a . Cuboidal epithelial tissue
2 . Bone                                                     ( ) b . Stratified squamous epithelial tissue
3 . Internal lining of kidney tubule     ( ) c  . Connective tissue
85. The central hollow portion of the bone is called
86. Gaps or nodes present at regular intervals on myelin sheath are known as
87. Cartilage is a type of
88. Epithelial tissues are __ types
89. RBC , WBC , Plasma and blood platelets are components of
90. Here " C " is
91. Which of the following is Cardiac muscle ?
92. Muscle tissues are
93. Connective tissues are
94. Which type of precautions shall we take in Identification of blood group experiment ?
95. Some nerve cells have axon covered with sheath like structure called
96. Ligament is made up of large number of fibres . these fibres are made with a protein called
97. Osteocytes cells are present in
98. On what basis epithelial tissue classified ?
99. The cells of Striated muscle are
100. Tissue is a group of cells similar in


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