AP 9th Biology Mock Test 2021 For Chapter 4 – ” Plasma Membrane ” Online Practice Test

1. The structure which controls the entry and exit of the materials into the cell is
2. The smell of flowers reaches us through the process of
3. Water enters the potato osmometer due to a process called
4. The fresh grape wrinkles , if kept in salt water because of
5. In salt solution , salt is
6. The movement of molecules form an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration is known as
7. Allowing only certain material to pass through is called
8. The process in which water molecules leave the cell is called
9. Movement of pink colour of KMnO4 in the water
10. Plasma membrane is
11. A cell placed in solution swells up . The solution is
12. A cell placed in hypotonic solution bursts up . It is
13. Bulk transport occurs through
14. Contractile vacuoles take part in
15. Amoeba acquires its food through a process termed as
16. Plasmolysis in a plant cell is defined as
17. Plasmolysis occurs due to
18. Solute concentration is higher in the external solution
19. A cell placed in hypotonic solution will
20. The semi permeable membrane in the plant cell allows the diffusion of
21. Entry of water into root hairs is an example of
22. You are doing experiments on diffusion in your lab . Find the substances which turns into pink colour when added to water
23. Find true statement
24. If osmosis is not done in villi of small intestine . What would happen ?
25. What will happen if plasma membrane doesn't show permeability ?
a . Absence of mechanical barrier property to protect the cell
b . It allows all particles into the body
c . It exits in all particles throughout the body
26. After the completion of osmosis experiments in the lab , Kachu wrote the procedure in her lab record like this
a . Take the raw potato and boiled potato
b . Peel of skins
c . Pour sugar solution in the potato cup to a level
d . cut cubes shaped cup from the potato
e . Keep the potato cup in the bowl with water
Choose the correct sequence of above experiment
27. You are given coffee powder  crystals of potassium permanganate , copper sulphate , petradish , water , etc.. Using this material which experiment you can conduct in the lab ?
28. You want to prepare a semi - permeable membrane in the lab , you have to
29. Observe the following and  identify what " P " study for
30. Closing and opening of stomata is influenced by ...........
31. Egg is placed in salt water ----> ? ----> external diffusion
32. You keep dry kismiss in a beaker with 100 ml of water in your laboratory .Choose the correct picture that shows the result
33. We feel more thirsty if we drink in summer because
34. In the experiment when you put kismiss into the water it was swollen . what will happen if you put swollen kismiss into the saturated sugar solution
35. When our hands are immersed in dish water for a long time , the skin looks bloated , this effect is
36. Plants take up water and minerals by  which process ?
37. ___________ is used to convert salt water into clean drinking water
38. One egg is placed in salt
39. If an egg is placed in fresh water it becomes swells due to
40. If egg is placed in fresh water it becomes
41. If one egg is in salt water becomes a wrinkles due to which process ?
42. When we pour salt water on these type of animals water diffuses and the animal may die and the animals are
43. CO2 is formed by the process of
44. More soluble substances in a medium diffuses faster than a less soluble substances is called
45. Who worked on diffusion of gases ?
46. The process by which some materials kept in a medium like air and water spread equally through out is called
47. When we pour salt water on leech water diffuses and it may die . This is because of
48. Air fresheners , agarbathi , mosquito repellents work on the principle of
49. when salt water pour on earthworm water diffuses and animal may
50. Which chemical is used to obtain the semipermeable membrane from the egg ?
51. Which is commonly called living flexible membrane ?
52. What are the two vital parts of protoplasm of a cell ?
53. Osmosis does not takes place in
54. Cytoplasm and nucleus are two vital parts in
55. Diffusion is
56. Osmosis occurs in
57. Diffusion takes place in
58. Semi permeable membrane is not required for
59. KMnO4 molecules in water and smoke in air are examples of
60. Semi permeable membrane is required for
61. The outer most , extremely delicate , elastic and membranous covering of cell that separates its contents from the external environment is called
62. Movement of solvent molecules from lower concentration to higher concentration through semipermeable membrane is known as
63. Movement of molecules from ____________ to ____________ called Diffusion
64. Movement of molecules from ______ to _______ called Osmosis
65. If we take water in the potato cup and saturated sugar solutions in the beaker . what change you observe ?
66. How many types can the solutions be classified based on their solute concentration ?
67. The solution which has less amount of solute is called
68. The solution which has sufficient amount of solute called as
69. The solution which has high amount of solutes known as
70. Most concentrated solutions are
71. In sugar solution , sugar is
72. Saturated solutions contain the __________ molecules
73. In salt solution Water is
74. Unsaturated solution has
75. In sugar solution solute is
76. Super saturated solution has
77. In salt solution solvent is
78. Solution contains the
79. Diffusion useful in everyday life like
a . While using room fresheners
b . Killing mosquitoes with repellents
c . Absorption of water by roots plants
80. Osmosis occurs in
i . Transfer of water and nutrients between blood and body fluids from cell to cell
ii . Cooking of fried food with spices
iii . Absorption of water by plant roots
iv . Kidney filter waste material from body
81. Ultra filtration of water by
82. What will happen if cells do not have ability of permeability ?
83. Allowing only certain materials to pass through cell is
84. If the cells are injected with glucose intravenously what will be consequences seen ?
85. Doctors administrate only saline but not distilled water because
86. The fresh water from aquarium enters into the marine fish due to
87. Name the process by which we can get fresh water from sea water ?
88. _________ is a membrane which is permeable to solvent but prevents the passage of solutes through it
89. Reverse osmosis works on the principle of
90. The egg in tap water _________ and egg in salt water ____________
91. Name the following by diagram
92. Amoeba gets its feed by which ?
93. Plasma membrane has other name is
94. Which provide definite shape to semi fluid contents of the cell ?
95. In experiment for preparing semi permeable membrane what materials are required ?
96. _____________ removed salt from sea water
97. Diffusion is used in daily life is it right ?
98. Graham worked on
99. It reveals the
100. Is it possible to separate semipermeable membrane from animal cell ?


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