AP 9th Biology Mock Test 2021 For Chapter – 8 “Challenges in Improving Agricultural Products” Online Practice Test

1. Which of the following is the best method to control plant diseases ?
2. It is estimated that a plant uses only ____ percent of the water it absorbs to form carbohydrate
3. The rate of evaporation of water is more in ______ conditions
4. The stomata is covered by
5. The _____________ nutrients required for the plants in larger quantities
6. Which nutrients required for the plants in smaller quantities ?
7. Chlorine is _________ nutrient required for plants
8. New leaves , flowers arise in faster rate by nutrients called
9. The nutrients that helps in resistance towards pests increases the quality of smell , colour and taste is
10. Penetration of roots deep in the soil to absorb nutrients by a nutrient ________
11. Root nodules are present in ...............plants
12. If a leguminous crop is rotated with a ........................crop , the leguminous crop replenishes up to some extent
13. Absorption of CO2 and evaporation of water occurs through ............
14. Vermi compost is better than.................fertilizers
15. Vermi compost is better than.................fertilizers
16. Over usage of pesticides leads to soil pollution and water pollution and is hazardous to.......................................
17. Water shed is a process to improve ..................water level
18. To maintain soil productivity ..................... forming comes into existence
19. Many insects help in the ................................ of plants
20. Example of mixed crops
21. B.T cotton is
22. GMS stands for
23. NPK ratio in chemical fertilizer
24. NPK ratio in organic fertilizer
25. Groundnut prevents this disease on paddy
26. Krisopa , mirids , lady birds beetles are the example of
27. Peta and 1R-8 are
28. The percentage of  Panchagavya is helpful to grow crops
29. Example of phosphorus solubuliser .
30. Find out the micro nutrient .
31. Find out odd out .
32. To get high yield one of  the methods is  correct .
33. a) Crop rotation method -paddy ---> Black gram--->Paddy .
b) Crop rotation -Red gram--->paddy--->Red gram .
34. a. Bio-fertilizers retain soil health and productivity
b. They synthesize nutrients from environment and soil
35. If you want to prepare panchagavya what ingredients are required ?
36. The weeds you found in your area
37. Ramu wanted to prepare organic manure . what are the required material for preparing manure ?
38. Karuna has planned to prepare green manure . she collected the following plant species
39. From the below table , in which crop % of nitrogen is more ?
40. From the table , what is the percentage of nitrogen from sun hemp per ton of crop ?
41. From table , Blue green is the nitrogen fixer belongs to___________
42. The following graph is indicating .....................
43. The factors for crop productivity
44. The two varieties of maize that you observed in your kitchen are one is hybrid and another one is local variety . what is the nature of hybrid variety ?
45. The following diagram indicating _______________
46. Ramu saw nodules on the roots of leguminaceae plants and he observed it in the lab also . What will be present in the root nodules ?
47. The main challenges of agricultural practices
48. Advantage of mixed crop system
49. To improve soil fertility what farmers should do ?
50. The best method that should be applied by farmers for controlling pests and diseases.
51. What should be known even after using manure or fertilizer in the field ?
52. The following mineral is required in small quantities for plants .
53. Insects that feed on other insects which are helpful to farmers .
54. The things in preparation of  panchagavya .
1 .Cow dung, ghee
2 .Coconut water ,alcohol
3 .Juice of Sugarcane
4 .Urine of Cow
55. The correct statement for organic farming is .
56. Cultivating marigold in mirch field is .
57. Example of farmer friendly insect .
2)Dragon fly
58. This Bacteria kills the larva found on paddy and tobacco crops.....
59. Which concept correct in agriculture control pest on crops .
60. Which is natural insect control methods
a)some predator insects are used to control insects in crops.
Ex;Spiders,dragon fly
b)Some fungi or bacteria are capable of destroying pests like stem borers tobacco
Ex;Tricoderma spicies in fungi .
Bacillus thuringinesis in bacteria .
61. How to form stomata .
62. What the use of mixed crops ?
63. What is a good practice in agriculture to prevent water wastage.
64. Seeds of the weed plants spread throughout the field by .
65. Which type of weed control methods employed by farmers ?
66. Chemicals which are used for eradicating weeds are called .
67. Which crops are more suitable in rich water resources areas ?
68. Which crops require less amount of water ?
69. What is the use of stomata ?
70. Plants growth and development dependable  on.....
71. What is crop rotation ?
72. Which are more useful to maintain soil health and productivity ?
73. What effect to prolonged use of chemical fertilizer ?
74. Which water management practices are developed in dry land crops ?
75. Excessive use of chemicals cause .
76. Which are biological methods of insect control ?
77. Which herbicides selectively kill certain weeds only ?
78. What suggestion to increase the  production of rice to meet global limits ?
79. The body of the organism develops the resistance power against a disease called
80. The bio-fertilizer prepared by the action of earthworms is called
81. What is the major nutrient required for animals ?
82. Unwanted plants which are grown in the crop field along with cultivated crop is called...
83. Alternating of crops preserve the ....
84. The leaves have tiny microscopic holes called .....
85. Which plant Cells are used to transportation ?
86. Organic manure is prepared from.....
87. Name the following
88. It is
89. It is a
90. The following shows
91. The use of Potassium is
92. Phosphorus is used in soil for
93. New leaves and flowers arise fast due to
94. Nitrogen useful to plants as a
95. Example for Root nodules is
96. What is the following figure ?
97. a . Insects helps in pollination
b . Birds helps in pollination
98. Which of the following are related to pollination ?
99. The following shows
100. The purpose of following is


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