AP 9th Biology Mock Test 2021 For Chapter – 9 ” Adaptions in Different Ecosystem” Online Practice Test

1. The fundamental characteristics feature of aquatic animals
2. The presence of specific feature which enable a plant or an animal to live in a particular habitat
3. The plant that stores water in its trunk
4. Many marine animals have ....................... for insulation from cold
5. In tropical regions some plants shed their leaves before starting
6. What is the most common colour adaption in nature ?
7. Most of the producers in an aquatic ecosystem are ...........
8. The fish absorbs dissolved oxygen by its
9. The plants and animals that live on land are said to live in
10. Biotic components among these
11. Abiotic components among these are
12. Which of the following takes part in symbolic of lichen ?
13. Organisms that can tolerate and thrive in a wide range of temperature are called
14. Which one of the following is a xeric plant ?
15. Nearly 80% of marine flora and fauna are found in this zone
16. Charles Darwin observed variations in structure . he found 13 closely related species of fishes here........................
17. Pneumatophores of mangroves trees helps in
18. .................. plants are grown as ornamental plants
19. The desert animal of North America which can live without drinking water through out its life is ..........
20. In whales and seals oxygen mostly stored in........
21. Electric eel is capable of generating power electric shocks of upto
22. The salt content of sea water is............
23. Symbiotic association is seen between animals of ocean.......
24. Birds have different types of beaks to help them survive in the environment . study the pictures carefully and find out the one that is not considered correctly
25. The diagram shows two water plants
Vallisneria                    Lotus Which of the following statement is true about them ?
26. Based on diagram of the dolphin and fish , which statements are true about their adaptations for movement in water ?
27. Which of the following characteristics helps (s) water hyacinth to float on water ?
a . Air spaces
b . Fleshy leaves
c . Waxy leaves
28. Which of the following adaptations enables the camel to live in the desert ?
29. Golden mole : Desert ecosystem :: Herring : ................
30. a : Marine life has many adaptations
b : Marine mammals have insulators from cold
31. Find out the incorrect statement ?
32. Which plant species stores more water ?
33. Which aquatic plants that are mostly found in our fresh water ponds ?
34. The water floating plant you observed in fresh water body is
35. The desert plant which grow in our locality is
36. Answer the question from below statement
"Abyssal zone of marine ecosystem is dark and cold . Deep sea animal live in this zone . Mostly they are predators".
What type of animal are found in abyssal zone ?
37. From above table , Seas and Oceans coming under which ecosystem ?
38. Find the animal species lives nearby you is the best example for vital adaptations hibernation and aestivation among following
39. The organisms that perform symbiotic adaptation used as flavouring agent in " Biryani "
40. Why plants shed their leaves during summer ?
41. Which sentence is related to desert plants ?
42. Camel protects its eye from sand by its
43. Pick the odd one out
44. Organisms adjusting to diverse conditions of the ecosystems for better survival are ...
45. What is the use of adaptation ?
46. Marine ecosystem is divided as
47. Animals which are active during night  and sleep during the day are called...
48. Which are nocturnal animal ?
49. Which process are prepared carbohydrates ?
50. Transpiration occured in plants through ...........
51. An animals or other organism that feeds on dead organic matter is called........
52. The shallow zone near the shore of     lack or a pond is called as.......
53. Which zone is more comfortable to conducting the photosynthesis ?
54. Which zone is more comfortable to conducting the photosynthesis ?
55. An animals capable of living both on land and in water is called ........
56. Summer sleeping is called ......
57. What happens to the temperature and pressure as depth increases ?
58. How webbed feet helps in aquatic birds ?
59. Which zone do you think when compared to marine ecosystem is absent in freshwater ecosystem?
60. What would be a major factor leading to different types of adaptation in marine and freshwater ecosystems?
61. Why polar bear has thick fur on its bod?
62. Give examples of fleshy leaf plants .
63. Why xerophytic plants do not have broad leaves?
64. Name the structures that help in the root respiration in mangrove plants ?
65. Which oceanic zone is most productive zone?
66. Which is terrestrial habitats?
67. Which is terrestrial habitats?
68. How many types of aquatic ecosystems are there?
69. Example of fresh water ecosystem.
70. Give examples of marine water ecosystem.
71. What are  xerophytes ?
72. Give the example of flora of euphotic zone .
73. How do xerophytes appear externally ?
74. Which animal does not drink water for life time ?
75. Which year Charles Darwin landed the famous ship H.M. S .Beagle on one of the islands ?
76. Pebble plants other wise called ...........
77. What adaptations can be seen in Camel ?
78. Golden mole escapes the heat of the sun by.......
79. Which animal we are called desert ship?
80. What are main needs for living organisms?
81. Which are microscopic photosynthetic organism?
82. How to plankton keep  them float?
83. Which is bright light zone in the marine ecosystem ?
84. Which is dark zone in the marine ecosystem?
85. What is the depth in bathyal zone of marine ecosystem?
86. What is the depth of the Euphotic zone?
87. What are the plants/animals in the Euphotic zone of marine ecosystem?
88. Which zone have most of plants in marine ecosystem?
89. Which zone have have Corals in marine ecosystem?
90. Which zones are dark and cold throughout the year?
91. How much volts generate by   Electric Eel?
92. In which plants are absent stomata?
93. How to form the Lichens?
94. The following figure shows
95. Adaptation to temperature in  following animals
96. The following is
97. Adaptation in some desert animals are
98. The following is also known as living stones , what is that ?
99. The following is
100. Which of the following is not a desert plant ?


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