AP 9th Biology Mock Test 2021 For Chapter 1 : ” Cell its Structure and Functions ” Online Practice Test

1. Basic unit of life is
2. These organelles are absent in animal cell
3. Plasma membrane is present in
4. Cell membrane is also called as
5. What should we add to Rheo leaf for shrinking of cytoplasm ?
6. Cell wall in cells can be observed under
7. Layer present above the cell membrane in plant cells is
8. Why should we put salt solution over the peeled Rheo leaf ?
9. Structure of cell membrane can be observed through
10. Cell membrane is
11. Cell membrane is made up of
12. Which organelle separates cytoplasm from external environment ?
13. Cell membrane is also called
14. Which of the following is function of cell membrane ?
15. Which of the following is unique to plant cells ?
16. Plasma membrane is
17. Main component of cell wall is
18. Control room of a cell is
19. Which of the following cells do not have nucleus ?
20. Which of the following cells do not have nucleus ?
21. Nucleus was called ----by shleiden
22. Nucleus was discovered by
23. The prokaryotic cell has
24. Cyanobacteria is a
25. The fluid inside the plasma membrane is
26. Protoplasm is renamed as
27. Function of Endoplasmic reticulum is
28. RER has ----------------- on its surface
29. SER helps in manufacture of
30. In vertebrate liver cells--------------- plays a crucial role in detoxifying poison and drugs
31. What is the function of Golgi bodies ?
32. Which of the following are called suicidal bags of cell ?
33. Which of the following are called suicidal bags of cell ?
34. A mitochondrion is -----------micro long and --------- micron wide
35. Inner membrane of mitochondria is called---
36. Space between the inner membrane in mitochondria is
37. Power house of the cell are
38. Function of ribosomes is
39. Leucoplasts are
40. Chloroplast containing a green substances are called
41. Type of plastid among the following is
42. Diameter of chloroplast is --- microns
43. Trapping of solar energy is the primary function of
44. Large empty spaces present in a cell are
45. Vacuoles may occupy the entire cell in
46. The scientist who formulated the cell theory is
47. The scientists who explained that cell divide to form new cell is
48. Cell theory states that
49. Which of the following is the function of cell membrane ?
50. Given information is about the organelle , so name that organelle
a . It controls all functions of the cell
b . Containing genetic information
c . Involved in cell division
51. Which of the following is the prokaryotic ?
52. Arrange the following in sequence to observe nucleus in cheek cell
i . Add a drop of glycerine
ii . Place a cover slip
iii . Add methylene blue
iv . Scrap the internal lining of mouth
53. By the given information identify the cell organelle name
" The organelle is made up of several membranes . its function is to pack various substances before they are transported "
54. Match the following
1 . SER             ( ) a . Protein synthesis
2 . RER            ( ) b . Manufacture of lipids
3 . Lysosomes ( ) c . Suicidal bags
55. Identify mismatch
56. What would happen if in a cell all the mitochondria are moved ?
57. Which of the following is true with respect to chloroplasts ?
58. Which of the following is not a principal of cell theory ?
59. Identify the given diagram
60. Plant cell containg
61. Name the following
62. What is the part labelled as G ?
63. What does the following denotes ?
64. Name the given picture
65. What is the following diagram ?
66. What is the function of mitochondria ?
67. The following is
68. What is the function of following ?
69. What is the following diagram ?
70. Which cell consists chloroplasts ?
71. What is the green substance present in leaves ?
72. What does the term Protoplasm mean ?
73. What is Cell membrane made up of  ?
74. The outermost layer of animal cell is ?
75. Lysosomes are called
76. Who discovered cell ?
77. Who discovered cell ?
78. Cell membrane is
79. Cell membrane occur in
80. Cell  wall is present
81. Basic unit of living organisms is
82. The largest fluid filled sac like structure in plant cells is called
83. Nucleus was discovered by
84. Almost the entire genetic material of the cell is found in the
85. Cell membrane :Cell, Nuclear membrane : .............
86. Find out the false statement
87. Which plays an important role to destroy the toxines and foreign bodies that enter into cells ?
88. Identify prokaryotic cell among these
89. Who identify that the new cells born from old cells ?
90. Match the following

A                                                         B
a) chloroplast     (   )    1.Suicidal bags
b) Mitochondria (    )  2. photosynthesis
c) Lysosomes      (    ) 3. Power houses of the cell
91. The function of Ribosomes is
92. Which of the organelles are absent in animal cell ?

i) Cell wall
ii) chloroplast
iii) Mitochondria
iv) Nucleus
93. Identify the wrong statement

i)All the cells occur from same cells
ii)vacuole are power houses of the cells
iii) in prokaryotes nuclear membrane is present
94. The stain used to observe mitochondria is .
95. The correct statement related to autotrophs .
96. Following is the base for classification of cell in to prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell .
97. Reserve food stored in the plants is consumed by plant eaters .
98. Your teacher guided you to bring this plant in order to observe vacuoles of plant cells .
99. The suitable plant material for examining mitochondria.
100. What chemical substance is used to observe mitochondria .
101. The leaf is stained with __________ to observer stomata
102. All living Organisms are composed of cell and products of cells and All cells arise from pre-existing cells Which theory  explain the above statement ?
103. Which of the following statements is true about tissue ?
104. Mention the name of  ' A '

105. Where did you find the following organelle ?


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