AP 9th Biology Mock Test 2021 For Chapter 2 – ” Plant Tissues ” Online Practice Test

1. Cells in groups which are similar in structure and perform similar function are
2. Tissues that form outer coverings are called
3. Tissues that form bulk of the plant body are
4. Tissues that help in transport of materials
5. Tissues that bring about overall growth and repair are called
6. Meristematic tissues at the growing tip that bring about growth in length are called
7. Tissues which give rise to growth in girth of the stem
8. These type of tissues are found in areas where branching takes place
9. Intercalary meristematic tissue is also called
10. Meristematic tissue have
11. Which of the following is a type of dermal tissue ?
12. Small pores that are seen in the epidermis of the leaf are called
13. Kidney shaped cells that enclose the stomata are called
14. Inner most layer of the cell
15. In desert plants dermal tissue is
16. Gum is secreted from_____________ layer of gum tree
17. In big trees the dermal tissue forms several layers above the epidermis . it is called
18. Stomata and root hairs help in
19. The tissue which forms the bulk of the plant body
20. Parenchyma which contain chloroplasts are called
21. The parenchyma which contain large air spaces are called
22. Parenchyma which stores food or waste products are
23. The scientists who coined the term ' parenchyma '
24. The tissue responsible for transport of materials away from roots is
25. The tissue responsible for transport of materials away from photosynthetic parts are
26. Xylem and Phloem are together known as
27. Tracheid cells are part of
28. Phloem cells contain
29. Xylem cells contain
30. Vascular tissues carry water to a height of ___ft in Eucalyptus
31. Vascular tissues carry water to a height of ___ft in Red wood trees
32. Match column A with column B
1 . Chlorenchyma ( )  a . Air cavities
2 . Aerenchyma    ( )  b . Thick walled , longer cells
3 . Collenchyma   ( )  c . Chloroplast
33. Which of the following is a function of dermal tissue ?
34. You have performed an experiments by keeping small plant in red coloured water . When stem was observed , you found red coloured portions . What are the portions observed in red ?
35. Which of the following is true ?
36. Which of the following are parts of dermal tissue ?
37. What is the structure mentioned here ? Read the clues and select option
i   . Enclosed by Guard cells
ii  . Essential for gaseous exchange
iii . seen on epidermis of leaf
38. Find the false statement
39. What does A in the diagram denote ?
40. What is the function of tissue given here ?
41. What is the tissue given in the figure ?
42. Identify the tissue given
43. Identify the following tissue ?
44. What does the following diagram denote ?
45. Which of the following is true with respect to phloem ?
46. What do we call xylem and phloem together ?
47. Function of stomata
48. Continuously dividing cells are
49. Stomata is also called as
50. Vascular bundle mainly contains
51. __________ is a group of cells similar structure , performing similar functions
52. Name the meristematic tissue present at the tips of the root and shoot
53. Which portion of the plants is responsible for transport of water , minerals and food materials ?
54. Name the tissue made up of living cells showing the growth all among the length of the plant
55. Name the tissue made up of living things protects the plant from loss of water and mechanical damage
56. What tissue form the bulk of the plant body ?
57. Name the tissue that helps in the transport of food materials
58. If apical meristem is cut or damaged then plant will
59. What will happens if the stomata are absent in plants ?
60. Which types of cell walls are present in meristematic tissue ?
61. How did the cells of the parenchyma appear ?
62. Parenchyma which contains chloroplast is called
63. Name the tissue which has large air cavities
64. Monocot means
65. Dicot contains the
66. Which tissue is responsible for increase in the length of plant ?
67. A nail is inserted in the trunk of a tree at a height of 1 metre from the ground level . after 3 years the nail will
68. Aerenchyma is richly found in
69. The girth of stem increased due to
70. Which of the following element is not present in xylem?
71. Which tissue is responsible for conduction of water from roots to other part of the plant body ?
72. Find true statement
73. Which of the following is not correct statement ?
74. Find the correct statement
75. Tissues that are present at the growing tip brings the apical dominance . if we cut such tissue in the plant then
76. While observing onion peel what chemical substance is used before placing coverslip ?
77. Which of the following are used for observing chloroplast in your lab ?
78. Read the following sentence
" Cortex is the major part of the stem represented by several layers of loosely arranged parenchyma cells ".
What is the significant fact about cortex in plants ?
79. Which of the following tissues provides mechanical support and elasticity to plant parts ?

(A)                                    (B)                              (C)                                (D)
80. Identify the part labelled " P "
81. _______ tissue brings about overall growth and repair
82. Meristematic tissue is made of cells that are capable of _______
83. Which parenchyma helps plant in the preparation of food ?
84. Identify the parenchyma cells which are thick walled and tightly packed without spaces ?
85. When did stomata usually closed down ?
86. Name the IV in following diagram
87. In onion peel 'O' represents
88. What is meant by ' L '
89. It is
90. Name the following
91. Large air cavities in the aquatic plant is called
92. Find the correct statements about cell wall
93. How many types of parenchyma are there in the plant tissues ?
94. The function of storage tissue is
95. Here ' I ' indicates
96. Identify the sclerenchyma
97. Which of the following tissue contain xylem and phloem ?
98. Which of the following is stomata ?
99. Name the following
100. ______________ tissues are thick walled , longer cells compared to parenchyma


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